Birdie Lawson had her first experience as a soothsayer at the age of 7. Her initial encounters with the world consisted of a pronounced intuition, prophetic dreams, and sharper than average insight. Her life as a child was a unique existence of constant vision and uncanny clairvoyance until as a young adult she discovered and became an avid student of the tarot. She now uses 31 different versions of the deck as her primary divination as well as diagnostic tool. Birdie has worked as an oracle at home and abroad since 2002, in Chicago, Barcelona, San Francisco, LA, Austin, and her current headquarters in NYC. Birdie pulls from eastern as well as western traditions, including astrology, native american myth and medicine, chinese medicine, witchcraft, Jewish mysticism, the Order of the Golden dawn, pagan tribalism, Psychomagic, coyote medicine, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Kabbalah to treat a broad range of patients from the critically ill to the slightly curious.

Birdie works to assist each seeker in connecting one's state of being with the consciousness of the mind and heart as well as facilitating an acute awareness of the external factors surrounding the patient such as environment, diet,lifestyle, upbringing, and individual relations.One on one, she guides the seeker in maintaining the clear vision, strong faith, practical wisdom and creative spark necessary to manifesting personal salvation. She functions as a holistic doctor and teacher, letting the proper direction of your own strengths act as the main source of empowerment and illiumination.She works in conjunct with such elemental sources as the stars, planets, seas, wind, sun, and moon. As a channel and seer, she may provide what knowledge, inspiration, peace, and determination required to achieve optimal physical and spiritual health.

Birdie is available by appointment in Brooklyn at her private office and in Manhattan at the offices of Satori Holistic ( 7 days/week.

She is available by phone from anywhere in the world.

She offers basic instruction of the Rider Waite tarot deck year round and is available for house calls upon special request.