Week of October 22nd, 2015

It is a Jungian concept that illumination is dependent upon our ability to make sense of the psychical unconscious. Before you try to make heads or tails of a thing,though, Rams, first try to take it all the way in. Chances are high that as you fully face and accept what is a recurring theme, it immediately becomes less complex. At least half of the resolution is achieved once you stop battling against what's speaking from within. As for the truths requiring further reflection and possible action, those too will be better understood and managed only AFTER you agree to listen.

Aries of The Week: Taran Kilam

Forget not what you were born innately knowing so well, Bulls- that the continuum of consciousness is essentially without beginning or end. Linear order is a modern human concept, albeit useful and clever, but also ultimately superficial in comparison to the ancient eternal cycle of death and rebirth. Honor the season of the sign of complementary Scorpio by joining yourself to her more cosmic rhythm. Throw your modern clock out whenever possible and let your spirit dance ecstatically along to otherworldlier beats.

Taurus of The Week: Trent Reznor

For the time being, go straight to the source, twins. Get statements from the mouth of the horse itself and let your own verbal, artistic and emotional incantations be a precise reflection of those face to face encounters. Take nothing on heresay and by the same token, let no one speak on your own behalf. This simple method should clear up the remaining clusterfuck of communication in the short term while in the long term will work to restore your direct connection to the divine electrical forces of the greater Galaxy. (Phew)

Gemini of The Week: Gregg Kinnear

It makes sense that during the season of your long time water sign ally, Scorpio, symbol of all things seductive, you would be encouraged to not only liberate your libido but also to let it lead you, crabs. Take that literally as well as connotatively, pursuing your passions while also surrendering to any spiritual urge to perform what alchemy the act of sex actually represents, either in your creative endeavors, your familiar relationships, or your connection to the greater magic. Now's the time to relinquish your inhibitions and let your inner tides rejoin you to the wild and dynamic sea from which you came, re-inventing things as you go.

Cancer of The Week: Mick Fleetwood

Leo Keeping business seperate from the dreamtime will prove effective on many levels, cats. To start, it will remind you that your future plans need attention and nurturing, in the form of musing. When you don't have to wear the pants, use the space to imagine, conjuring ideas. Let your brilliance reveal itself all the way before you impose any logical limits. Permit your heart to speak to you about what it requires for fulfillment, without interruption. There will be plenty of time to maneuver your wishes into existence AFTER you allow them to be entirely heard.

Leo of The Week: American Bandstand

First take a moment to reconnect to your team, Virgo. Whether that's literal family, spiritual mentors, or like minded friends and colleagues, recollect where you're coming from and why. The tasks before you are no different than ever, asking you to see past illusion and administer your pure truths and philosophies. But it will be easier to swim against the current of resistance if you are properly aligned with vital sources of mental, creative, metaphysical, and earthly support. Lean into those places that ARENT making it difficult to do your job. Draw strength, inspiration, clarity, and direction from here.

Virgo of The Week: On the road - Jack Kerouac

I urge you to take personal advantage of the muscular Scorpio sequel of the time, and go fully rogue, scales. Move over and let a less diplomatic, yet entirely effective fire lay waste to what stands in the way of the hearts desire. Despite your angst that things could get messy or even worse ...UNFAIR..., in the end the goal remains the same. The Scorpio achieves the perfect endpoint by whatever means available or necessary to bring tall notions into existence. Along the live birth route, things are bound to shift and adjust, sometimes dramatically. Don't sweat it: Lay low and trust the powers of the universe to take righteous shape in their own time and way.

Libra of The Week: Desmond Tutu

Predicting that you will enjoy the coming weeks of your individual zodiac period would be a gross understatement, Scorp. Your delight as well as your efficiency shall know no bounds. Not only will it be easier than ever to rock all the way out, releasing any longstanding tensions of the last few months, you will also experience higher than ever levels of motivation, permitting you to swiftly execute action, completing small term missions in an uncannily timely manner, and exponentially expediting and expanding your bigger picture agenda. Happy birthdays!

Scorpio of The Week: Statue of Liberty

Sometimes life takes us all the way to the edge and asks us to take new risks. Sometimes we take ourselves to the limit only to discover how uncomfortably far we've pushed it. I predict that the extreme Scorpio season will present you with a bit of both in the weeks ahead. Use common sense and be honest with yourself about the difference , embracing the lesson either way. When you're being cosmically challenged, notice your own fears and resolve to evolve beyond. When it's you that's driving so hard, consider how you could put that energy to better use, in light of the aforementioned revelations.

Sagittarius of The Week: Nicki Minaj

The night time is the right time for you, goats. By its cover you can : let loose, re invent yourself, and slip into the circus of life without notice, content to ride the tides. The moon -ish season of Scorpio will provide just such an opportunity to get in touch with your deeper, darker side, which, according to my own calculations, has been attempting to debut itself for a good while. Well there's no time like the present, especially under the influence of a sign that is hell bent on living in the center of that intensity.

Capricorn of The Week: George Ballanchine

The journey itself is sacred, water bearers. The seafaring ways of the Scorpio are just in time to remind you of the richness that lies within each moment. Dare to open yourself to the raw and unpredictable, letting your own emotions be unkempt, and allowing the circumstances to remain untamed by you. Without having to correct or judge the scenario you are given the chance to experience it, in all its vastness. It's overly ok to get sidewinded this month. In fact, it's THE thing to do.

Aquarius of The Week: The Weeknd

Pisces, there is much for you to gain from your brethren sign of Scorpio in the weeks ahead. Mainly, you'll be offered the backbone you need to cut through some blockage, and move finally forward. All you have to do is stay willing to look things in the eye. The period of avoidance is over and the time is ripe for confronting certain issues. Keep in mind that how you are received is not as important right now as your efforts to represent your own best interests with specificity and perseverance.

Pisces of The Week: Robin Thicke