Week of May 20, 2015

Keep your energy to YOURSELF, rams. Use this month's retrograde to re-charge, re-organize, re-build, in that order. The cosmos will be continually guiding you to temporarily be prudent in what you offer up, committ to, and participate in, all for the purpose of giving you a chance to put your efforts and energies in a new improved order- one which more accurately reflects/honors your personal intentions.

Aries of The Week: Jackie Chan

The retrograde this month is set to flip everyone's script, and that includes even the likes of you, oh unmoveabull one. Hyper vigilance will not be necessary now. You won't need to keep fighting at what battle you've been so long toiling with. Chill out and let your destiny unfold with sweet ease before your widening eyes. Lean back and let it happen, Hun.

Taurus of The Week: Barrington Levy

The world is your oyster, twins. It has everything to offer you and you it. Translation : whatsoever you need to carry out your missions will be magically granted, just so long as you continue to bring your best self to the occasion. Be brave in your assertions, clear in your attempts, and use all the colors on your canvas to paint a vibrant picture. Give it all you got, and the situations will match your efforts. Rise to the challenge and the road shall open wide.

Gemini of The Week: Rod Argent

The mercury retrograde will give you a chance to nip certain things in the bud, crabs, stopping an out of control scenario from going any further. So go on and grab a hold of the wheel. Keep steering until equilibrium is restored. There's no need to let things go any further down this wily course. The spirits will come to your aid as you put your foot down, helping you swim against the tides, until you have successfully broken the unhelpful pattern, and dispersed it's momentum.

Cancer of The Week: Stewart Copeland

There's not a whole lot left to prove, understand, or test out cats. Embrace the change during this retrograde, relinquishing your mental reservations, and giving in all the way to the transformation. Join yourself wholly to the moment, letting it's power overtake you with the exactitude of it's loving focus. There's no need to calculate, or devise. There will be plenty of time to strategize later, after you've integrated these fresh, life altering vibes.

Leo of The Week: Louis Vuitton

As you may be aware of, every retrograde is a period of rearranging things, in a seemingly chaotic manner which is actually not random at all, but with perfect awareness of what edits are necessary. For you, dear virg, these galactic energies will be prompting you to carry out your agenda, without compromise, or sacrifice. Instead of turning your game upon its head, you're asked to take up the role of boss, and captain the ship all the way. Hold on to the reins, especially and more tightly in the face of resistance/opposition.

Virgo of The Week: BB King

Dear scales, this retrograde will not be an easy one for you IF you continue to put up a fight...The less you protest, the easier it will be to accept the gift of the experience, which is meant to bring your active mental energy all the way into your body, anchoring and thus bringing focus to those ideas, reducing chatter and providing a space to rest easy.

Libra of The Week: Jay Pharoah

Not to say that you'll be sitting pretty during this retrograde, but there's no shocking news either on the personal front or in regards to others. You are deeply tapped in to the shifts that are already occurring and are privy to the rhythm of the various waves which are set to undo, flatten, rekindle etc. Your job is to keep doing what work is required of you in the middle of it all as well as remind others of what they can do to align themselves with the happenings, to achieve a greater, more sustainable harmony.

Scorpio of The Week: Sarah Bernhardt

The theme of the retrograde won't be any different than what you've been experiencing, archer. It will just give you less room to squirm away from what's being offered to you. Truth is, you have little choice. Integrating perspective and style that is opposite to your own is currently the ONLY chance you have to resolve and to grow. So swallow your pride and then swallow the medicine.

Sagittarius of The Week: Mike Mills

Prepare to be lovingly knocked off balance goats. This retrograde is sort of coming for you, all set to match your strength, which has the effect of shattering certain longstanding illusions, as well as patterns of behavior. I don't expect you will take this all lying down, but you should know that surrender is the key. Submit to the greater forces this month. That will release you immediately from any "gridlock."

Capricorn of The Week: Haruki Murakami

As one of my favorite Bjork lyrics promises - "Its not up to you, no it never really was." You heard me right, water bearers. This retrograde will absolutely pull the omnipotent rug from under you, taking certain situations right out of your hands. This is not a torture tactic, but rather a reminder of where your responsibilities lie and where they DONT, what is yours to decide and what is NOT. In the end, the whole thing will be totally humbling but totally freeing/relaxing.

Aquarius of The Week: Kansas

Holy sacred cow, Pisces! It looks like this retrograde is a free pass for you. While everyone else is being put in their place, and hustling to resolve shit, you'll be manifesting some beautiful results. These backwards electric forces will be speaking loud and clear to you, pointing the way towards opportunity. Your only task is to heed the signs and continue moving in the golden direction, gathering various relevant fortunes along the way.

Pisces of The Week: Lance Burton