Week of April 21, 2015

There are certain places in the world where tigers are revered for their natural behavior, even when it involves eating people. Rams, I extend this metaphor to the wild animal in you. While I don't necessarily recommend you go on such a rampage, I do suggest you get back in touch with the less manicured parts of you, connect to those not so reserved reserves, resume the innate and thrilling habits of hunting in the night, and pouncing with what unique agility and remarkable accuracy you possess upon your "prey."

Aries of The Week: Dej Loaf

A wise person once said - Instead of trying to fit so hard inside a tight box, why not just chuck the box? You feel me, bulls? Release outdated structure and let yourself free. You are basically bursting out of your old skin. To remain in the current confines, emotionally comforting though they may be, is absolutely impractical and inhibiting. I know you know this...So now find the courage and the grace to embrace the change that's already happening, in honor of your annual season.

Taurus of The Week: Sharon Jones

This month is all about making novel choices, twins. Challenge yourself not only to learn new ideas and philosophies but to begin to execute those alternative approaches. For starters, choose your battles. Practice NOT taking on certain struggles which seem to be going nowhere yet using up your precious (specifically mental) resources. Couple that with the new attitude of being outrageous, dis regarding the expectations of others, for the time being, as a way of replenishing your SELF.

Gemini of The Week: Cecilia Bartoli/p>

Stay focused, crabs. There's no other secret to unraveling illusion and undoing situations in need of transformation. Keep your own truths and visions firmly in mind, while virtually paying no attention to what distracts or detracts. Though this type of strictness will be strange and difficult at first, any time you refuse to feed what you know better not to, you will be handsomely rewarded in some relevant and encouraging way.

Cancer of The Week: Jeffrey Tambor

Lions, keeping distance and observing rather than trying to steer in any direction right now serves two purposes. Taking that step back first allows you to see certain details pertinent to an enhanced understanding which you otherwise wouldn't be able to detect. Secondly what room you give between you and the situation communicates the breadth of what faith you maintain in your own vision. Not having to constantly defend and represent your point of view lets it be both heard and respected, without extra energy from yourself.

Leo of The Week: Baltimore, MD

It's the season of rebirth for you virg. The more swiftly you let go of your own idea of what you were sure that would look like, the sooner you can experience the impromptu burst of raw energy, rejuvenating and innovative. You will be taken by joyful surprise, regardless of your attitude. But you will enjoy it so much more if you can ditch your mental reservations, like all the way.

Virgo of The Week: Trisha Yearwood

Be ACTIVELY discerning, scales. Live by the truths you've discovered. Let your style be a reflection of your most recent revelation. Consider this method of aligning your intentions with your behavior as a type of coming out. Being the representative of your own theories and beliefs is not only conducive to manifesting your full desire but it's also a fun perk.

Libra of The Week: India Arie

Do pretty much the opposite of what you normally do. Instead of putting extra pressure upon yourself or the situation, let go and embrace the slow simplicity of the times. You will come to see how all that you seek is in your midst, fulfillment is happening now, bliss is occurring right here, Scorp. Remind yourself of this often in the days ahead, so that you don't miss out on the actual experience you've been pushing so hard to have.

Scorpio of The Week: The First Session of the US Congress

There are certain instances this spring where you will have an opportunity to start over, reinvent, and redefine. Pay attention to those chances, seizing the moment. Take advantage of what windows you are given to leap through, what ground you are offered to build on, what support you are granted to fuel you, what connections arise, lighting new pathways by which you can deftly travel.

Sagittarius of The Week: Dionne Warwick

"Tradition" is both friend and foe, goats. As contradictory as this is, the difference is obvious. Whereas some structures, patterns, and ways are limiting expression and thwarting transformation, other times your backbone, loyalty, reliability and steadiness are creating movement, facilitating growth and expanding awareness. Plug the above equation in to whatever scenario and switch things up accordingly.

Capricorn of The Week: Dian Fossey

There's a WORLD of perspective outside your head, water bearers. Even believing that is a good start. Next, take a walk, looking around you at the sights, listening to the sounds, noticing the colors, feeling the vibes. Though your ideas are genius, it's important for you to be inspired by a source beyond yourself, learn new things/rekindle enthusiasm, all of which ultimately lends back to your own creative development, just so happens.

Aquarius of The Week: Chris Rock

Get your boundaries in place, fish. By that I mean : don't squander your energy, go on another persons "trip" and/or let your balance be rattled by the goings on. If that seems tough, here's some pointers : practice trusting your instinct and letting it lead you away from soul sucking scenarios, IMMEDIATELY. Next, build in time for your own projects before you make other commitments and stick to that plan. Finally, shake off whatever extra sensations you do pick up by channeling it in any way using whatever artistic medium you fancy.

Pisces of The Week: Christian Eigner