Week of March 22, 2015

Romance is in the air-ies. So you may want to suspend your tight agenda to make room for some improvisational love and fun. In the long run, the adventure you join in on now will ultimately inspire a more massive, all encompassing, and more satisfying momentum, even if it does cause you to change directions. James Garner

Aries of The Week: James Garner

The next several months will be a personal harvest season for you bulls. What flowers you fed will come to bloom, what fruit you protected will spring into new life. Congratulations. Enjoy the results of your consistent hard work, and unswaying dedication. Sit down at the table and eat of your own abundance, as a daily, joy filled ritual.

Taurus of The Week: Elle Kemper

Each day will seem like yet another plot twist, twins. But I assure you, no matter how much it changes the game, it's to your benefit. Such detours give you an opportunity to duck down from the drama, get some much needed breathing room, and have a chance to dream up the next chapter in your life, rather than follow the boring (and potentially soul sucking) path of conventionality.

Gemini of The Week: Brandi Carlisle

Work it crabs. Every time you do, profits will accrue and doors will open. Put in the labor required and you will yield what results you are seeking. There's no secret remedy other than providing your time, focus, and rhythm to the tasks. No need to watch the clock. You'll know when you're through.

Cancer of The Week: Anjelique Kidjo

Happy spring, lions. For you the change of seasons will be a time of reflection, rejuvenation and replenishment. That's because you gave a lot of yourself over the winter, bringing light without the help of the sun, casting out darkness all on your own. This next few months is for you to play, indulge, and nourish, so be prudent with your energy, as a recompense for all you recently provided.

Leo of The Week: Annie Oakley

It's time to set the records straight, virg. Neither beg nor borrow nor steal. Don't give an inch more than what you're getting, and by the same token, make sure you aren't taking more than you're giving. Let things move at a snails pace or be reduced to a stalemate if that's what it takes to even the scales. Equalizing the terms is crucial not only to the resources involved but to purifying communication, facilitating resolution and ensuring creativity, just as much.

Virgo of The Week: Santigold

The challenge this month will be to not only remember where you end and another begins but to also honor that breathing room. Doing so firstly fosters mutual respect and moreover provides an otherwise unavailable perspective on suffering, thusly creating an opportunity to lift one another from the depths of circumstance, as opposed to wallowing dangerously together.

Libra of The Week: Stevie Ray Vaughn

Go boldly and The Lord of Karma will come to your aid, Scorp. This time the idea is backed up by the goings on in the universe, honey. With Saturn making his final tour in your sign in retrograde motion, you have a chance to act courageously on the behalf of your sincerest intentions for future prosperity. You've done the research required. From now until the end of summer, the objective will be to do whatever it takes to rise to the challenge, noticing how much more energy, confidence and charm you gain as you go from what greater forces are constantly supporting your goals.

Scorpio of The Week: Minnie Ripperton

Start thinking in terms of what part you have played in the current circumstances, archer. With Saturn poised to resume a lengthy position in your sign in a few months, it's wise to reflect on the past as well as current circumstances, specifically considering the ways you either did or did not support your own specific intentions. Understanding yourself as your most powerful accomplice is the first requirement in manifesting your desired reality.

Sagittarius of The Week: Antoni Tapies

Find a quiet space of your own, away from the constant meaningless chatter, goats. Let the incessant spin of information fade away, and resume personal concentration. This is a time to focus, but not in a hyper way. Once you take your head all the way out of the fire, you'll be easily able to once more peacefully weave your private dreams.

Capricorn of The Week: JK Simmons

Be honest with yourself about the areas in your life where you aren't being as pro-active as you could or should. That way you don't fall into the false trap of victim hood. Pay full attention to the parts of your routine that need an overhaul, and then get off your tush and make it happen. You already posess the key of wisdom, now let its will propel you towards the door.

Aquarius of The Week: Lana Turner

There's no going back, fish. But why, pray tell, would you WANT to? Embrace the undoing, let the veils drop and the truth unravel. That's all a necessary pre-amble to the rebirth about to take place. Let the transformation ripple through you, taking with you what is no longer life giving, to make room for a space to bloom and boom.

Pisces of The Week: Nancy Wilson