Week of February 22, 2015

Stop what you're doing. Notice the bright horizon a yonder. Pause to take in the beauty and profundity of the sight, breathing in, then out. Learn to be in the presence of that shining reality , without rushing to the next task , taking in it's full beaming potential all the way for total consideration first. p>

Aries of The Week: Babyface

You aren't starting from scratch bulls. Over the course of a certain amount of time, you've established a unique foundation for some solid building. Sit in the sturdy seat you fashioned, see for yourself how deeply it's rooted, how supportive it's limbs are, how protective it's edges; the perfect place for something to safely grow, yes?

Taurus of The Week: Barbara Streisand

You are advised to defend and protect your Qi, twins, a term used in eastern medicine to describe the life force or essence within you. Be vigilant and straightforward while remaining gracefully lighthearted in your fearless attempt. With a direct confidence, own your thoughts and choices, making no apologies for your lack of apology.

Gemini of The Week: Chris Pratt

Ironically, To arrive at the precise point of transcendent truth, you've got to consider all sides,because within those varied stories are all aspects of veracity. So , as tedious and momentum-less as it may feel to pour over those details, it's only after completing the labor of pouring through that you will reach the freedom of the highest understanding. .

Cancer of The Week: Dennis Brown

You currently have plenty of opportunity to lean into the strength, wisdom and compassion of others who are well suited for the job, lions. There is at least one if not a few candidates at hand. To prepare yourself to be on the receiving end , (which is not your usual position,) think of it like just taking a much needed break, one that will make you an even better, stronger, less worn out leader receiving some necessary and deserved support.

Leo of The Week: Belinda Carlyle

Unless you reside in those parts of the world where it's always summer, and even if you do, practicing what Tibetans call the "inner smile" is a wise discipline for you To add to your diet, Virgo. Before you show your face to the world, start your day by finding a strain of happiness within, something that makes you laugh from inside. Feed yourself on those notions. The philosophy behind it is simple- as you love yourself, you are more able to love others and henceforth be more life effective.

Virgo of The Week: Virginia Madsen

Switch gears, scales. Go from the head to the heart, specifically. Count on your intuition rather than measuring out the exchange. Trust and follow the dance within you. That will take situations out of the abstract realm and into the physical. Become a living/loving part of the moment, giving and receiving in a natural rhythm, creating balance AS WELL AS inspiration.

Libra of The Week: Mike Royko

Perceiving the world and it's circumstances objectively, in a way that is not mediated by ones own personal concept, demands constant effort. But striving to see with a clarity beyond your past experience, current strife and future concern is a cause especially worthy of your focus right now, Scorp. For it is in changing that illusory pattern that you will gain access to what resources and opportunity actually exist.

Scorpio of The Week: Lucy Hawking

Possessing such full awareness as you do, you are adequately prepared to head off in a wiser, but yet adventurous direction. It's an auspicious time for you, as they say in the East, to charter new seas, using what you learned on your previous quests to keep the sails evolving forward, while anchored in the knowledge of past lessons. Keep your grip firm and your eyes peeled forward.

Sagittarius of The Week: Billie Jean King

Happy Chinese New Year of the goat, goats! Though it's true you are a different type of animal, there is much for you to gain and learn from your cousin in the months ahead. The primary teaching is about authentic partnership, which can be achieved through total balance of opposites. Though it will be trying to accept and integrate what is not the same as you , this is the specific path to both unyielding co-creative growth and inner personal transformation.

Capricorn of The Week: Nigella Lawson

The medicine Buddha is a perfect totem for you this month, water bearer. It's an embodiment of both protection from illness as well as the offering of an antidote. Discipline yourself to the practice of maintaining boundaries while simultaneously giving of what is most needed and valuable. Such a multi purpose yet highly focused exercise would obviously require you to start by becoming fully present in the now, moving not forward or backward but just HERE.

Aquarius of The Week: Bebeto

The tides are certain to bring in their normal swell of emotions and thoughts, fish. Take what inspires you and leave the rest. Cling not to the feelings and thinkings that hold you back. Stay open and serene as the varying seas swirl around you. Take advantage of the motions that lift you while letting those that are unhelpful pass you right on by.

Pisces of The Week: Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti