Week of January 21, 2015

You're back, rams, inner fires renewed, this time with a fierce clarity. So bright is your light that you could see for miles in the dark as if it were day , able to locate your target, and/ or the road. Let the passions of your heart continue to illuminate the pathway, fueling /mapping you closer to "home", I.e your wild desires.

Aries of The Week: Steven Sondheim

Wheresoever you are bored, or un -enthused, you are asked to turn it (inside) out, bulls. Re- arrange the circumstances according to your own will. Be the boss of the situation, not the other way around. Own your truths, and be ready to do anything it takes to bring them to existence, which may just require an unflinching commitment to your OWN ideals, an inner reconciling of the fact that you have all the resources required to take full charge.

Taurus of The Week: Anthony Quinn

As we move into sun in Aquarius, it's a ripe time to re- connect to the wider universe, twins. Relinquish your expectations, and focus your attention on the twinkling stars. The sky has the floor and it'd behoove you to recall how fluently you speak it's language. It seems it might have been a while since you noticed the bigger picture and it's infinite dimensions, so distinct from the everyday drama, bringing the medicine of perspective, beyond what we are privy to on the mundane level.

Gemini of The Week: Mike Myers

Smoky quartz is a stone which is known to help bring dreams into reality. I recommend getting yourself one, crabs. Let it be the symbol of your own preparedness to release all excuses, even if it causes temporary disruption, putting your own heart uncompromisingly first, and thereby making clear to both yourself and the universe that you have every intention of bringing your dance to actual life.

Cancer of The Week: Ginger Rogers

Not only does the challenge to be honest and forthright about your values and ideals continue, but additionally there will be extra cause for and pressure to fight on the behalf of those aspirations, and yet without using up your resources. My advice? Use your instinct, as well as your muscle, to suss out the situation, and claim your stance, but don't dwell or be pulled into any ego power games. Push em back but don't play tug of war. Such games will only drag down your light, which needs to be at full throttle to accomplish your spectacular and specific plans.

Leo of The Week: Vivika Fox

Having such a direct line to the divine forces basically means you don't have to struggle in the silly little squabbles of mortals nor participate in their made up system of code and law. You represent the real thing and that's pretty much what you're here to show by your words and actions as much as through your silence and inaction. It's only important that you stay dedicated to your calling, (not that there's any reason to think you wouldn't). But it's a nice reminder nonetheless.

Virgo of The Week: Leslie Jones

Logic got you far in terms of respect, and making clear your expectations, boundaries, and code which you intend another to abide by. But there comes a time in the story of love and friendship where its necessary to be vulnerable, unwitholding, and tolerant. To get you in that kind of mood, start letting your heart govern, making decisions which either do or do not make sense. Just keep trusting, questions aside. See what satisfaction it most easily ushers in.

Libra of The Week: Charlton Heston

Seize your joy, and revel in the jubilation, Scorp. You've done the work, which now works for itself. You've carved yourself a new groove into the universe and now the rhythm takes place on its own. I know you aren't used to not having any immediate worries to consume you, but settle in. You're so far ahead of the game that you don't have to hustle like so. Instead I suggest you recline and be lifted by what rewards/opportunities have come home to roost.

Scorpio of The Week: Lucia Pop

How shall I put this? Stop banging your head against the same wall. Allow time to consider alternatives before choosing the same old predictable fate. Recognize where you are wasting resources and move swiftly on. With Saturn now a month into your sun sign, you are to review what isn't working and release resistance. The rest of the trip will be about what chances you are free to take once you free up the space.

Sagittarius of The Week: Geoff Barrow

Your own individual wishes may surprise you, straying as they might from the expectations you hold either of yourself or the ones others keep for you. It will be a challenge to first listen to and then heed your own unique voice with it's specific wants. But it's of major importance right now and the pay off is well worth the struggle.

Capricorn of The Week: Stephen Stills

It makes perfect sense that mercury would go retrograde in your sign, water bearers. What you are in need of most is a break from the chat, the stream of information, and the incessant interaction. A nice long dose of nothingness, a trip to the abyss of silence to restore your sanity. A period of stillness to undo the tension of mind and heart. A month of reflection to process, adding perspective to your decision making.

Aquarius of The Week: Hannibal Burress

Sacrifice nothing at this time, fish . Reverse the martyr scheme by holding on tightly to your time, energy, and convictions. The current planetary trends, including a mars in your sign combined with a bunch of important planets in boss Aquarius as well as Leo mixed up with a mercury retrograde basically means it's time to flip the script, specifically putting you back in charge. So take advantage and put into action your "other" plans which have less to do with compromise, everything to do with refusing to.

Pisces of The Week: Hozier