Week of November 23, 2014

Thanks to my landlord who doubles as a computer wizard and managed to "Frankenstein" parts, I still own and use a Mac laptop from 2002. Its miraculous to me that with some minor adjustments it's still kickin. Despite that amazing fact, it is old and needs a certain amount of maintenance, TLC and down time to keep functioning. Is there something valuable you thought was broken that with some simple attention and know-how, can be salvaged, rams? Could you be more resourceful? Think it over.

Aries of The Week: Jane Goodall

One of my clients recently told me it feels like Hawaii in my apartment. Unbeknownst to her (or me), I could receive no better personal feedback, because rather unconsciously that was the precise vibe I was hoping to encapsulate. What about you, bulls? What image are you trying to project as we look towards the coming year? What materials, attitude, energies do you need to cultivate that ambience?

Taurus of The Week: Kate Mulgrew

Twins, because it's been a while since you've been in such pure form, with mojo flowing so continuously, I urge you to take these special moments unto yourself. Let down your hair, Reveal your flair, and take the dare. Make zero apologies, excuses, or concessions for your poetic expression, clever decision making and/ or divine undertaking. Commune at your leisure with those galactic forces, and let that light guide your actions, and non actions like. You are back in your magicalest element, free to play/perform/ plan at will.

Gemini of The Week: Kendrick Lamar

I'm still doing my spring cleaning from last year, crabs. Purging is a process. Once you take it on, it's usually more time consuming and intricate than you guessed. To extricate blockages, you've got to retain the patience as well as the courage to recognize and then exorcise those inner and outer limitations. You've got to Stay brave, and focused, Acknowledging not only the victories but the way it actually feels without that irrelevant thing in your space. Celebrating the "loss" will work to re-enforce the new habit, making it then easier as you go.

Cancer of The Week: Lana Parilla

I recently got back into Kurt Vonnegut, a reading experience which is not only enjoyable but also a refreshing anomaly to other forms of mental stimulation I'm engaged in at the moment. I look forward to curling up with the strange yet poignant tone of an otherworldly but blunt storytelling, stark in contrast to the howling of the time yet adding perspective back to the current issues. Anyway, cats, I urge you to seek inspiration, truth, entertainment and point of view in those places you might not think to look, yet are rich in content, possibly holding certain unique clues to your own puzzle..

Leo of The Week: Shunda K

This month I couldn't wait to write my monthly horoscopes. I'm lucky in the way that I love my job, and fully enjoy the tasks it requires. With an abundance of Virgo in my chart, it's a good thing too because our sign just so happens to be the one whose sense of personal fulfillment is primarily related to our relationship to life's labor. So, virg, if you don't feel that way already about what you do, pursue your craft. Your happiness, sense of connectedness and overall well being are, in fact, totally dependent on it.

Virgo of The Week: Leslie Feinberg

Balance is an unshakable portal/timepiece within you, scales. Therefore you can explore freely, unafraid of losing a quality that is essential to you. To release your focused posture will bring relief as well as inform you of a greater depth and breadth which you aren't able to attain while in a state of total control. I challenge you, dear Libra, to be in an alternative mode of constant and unquestioning receptivity, taking it all in without restraint. Let "other" ideas and energies all the way in , so as to nourish and motivate you.

Libra of The Week: Carrie Brownstein

Just when you were getting used to Saturns pressure/presence, he's about to bid you adieu. Not to worry Scorpio. The effects of the past few years will endure. The lessons won't be forgotten anytime soon. Especially once you start applying them. Let the coming year be an opportunity to rely on your newly fortified backbone and give your fledgling wings room to spread. Begin to put in practice your latest brand of firm grace, levitating directly, peacefully, resolutely beyond the barriers to your hearts goals.

Scorpio of The Week: Peaches

Happy mirth day, archer. Enjoy the party because soon Saturn will enter your sign, ready to get down to business. Don't fret, it'll still be fun, but in a different kinda way. I have total faith that you will benefit from this training. You have reason to be eager for the adventure of attaining pure wisdom. For what knowledge you gain will sharpen your focus, which let's you aim with precision, ultimately bringing your most elaborate wishes to fruition.

Sagittarius of The Week: Gustave Eiffel

The new year is coming, goats. Muse for a bit. How do your pass your time in a way that is continually inspiring? Who is there with you? What colors, sights and sounds surround you and fill you with their glory? I advise you to fully indulge in the aforementioned imaginings WITHOUT considering the practical aspects. Tap all the way into your deepest desire FIRST. Fill in the details later. To strategize beforehand would be to disturb the process of birthing your wildest aspirations, at this stage.

Capricorn of The Week: Kiesza

As you likely already know, this winter will be all about learning, water bearer. You'll have the chance to brush up on what skills you already have, and acquire new ones as well. Stay open but diligent in your research and study. Be as willing to take on grasping the unconventional and enigmatic as you are ready to meet the challenges they pose. Make extra effort to decode those foreign tongues and then try to speak it back, like an ambassador of sorts.

Aquarius of The Week: Ellen Page

Listen to the messages going on around you, fish. Pay attention to the signals of the sea, which are ushering you towards a fresh beginning. Doubt not the synchronicities at hand. They are indeed trumpeting the tones of a new dawn. Pay attention, specifically to the goings on AROUND you ( as opposed to listening to the tired ghosts in your head). Let the sometimes whispering sometimes howling winds clear out those old stories and fears, pushing you to hear the exciting next news.

Pisces of The Week: Sharon Stone