Week of October 23, 2014

No level of aggressive demands will make a difference, rams. No brand of showy boldness, sleight of hand, clever manuvering or pushiness will yield results. The magic ingredient lies somewhere between patient persistence, detailed task mastering, and perfect trust, so look for those resources within instead of strategizing about how to move things along externally. That way you get the added bonus of some new skills/muscle as well as realized goals.

Aries of The Week: International Labor Organization

It's "cut the fruit from the vine" time, Bulls. It's "sit down to the table of your harvest hour". It's the moment to receive the rewards from your labor, so come dressed for the occasion, ready to partake in the festivities, poised to drink from the cup that overflows with the love of, respect for, and joy in your hard work. Bring your whole self to the party, which is in honor. The universe looks forward to overwhelming your senses. Radical earthly pleasure awaits you-- see you soon...

Taurus of The Week: George Lucas

You know from experience that taking more responsiblity than the other party, in any regard, leads to a dead end. So now that you are aware of such folly, practice not giving MORE and letting things unfold more slowly and possibly more mysteriously. Allow the moments to reveal themselves to you in their own time and way, dear Twins. You are sure to be amazed and excited when you discover how little extra effort is required to get what you want and need.

Gemini of The Week: The Supreme Court Officially Constitutionalizes Interracial Marriage

You've got a ticket in hand to be ferried over to the next island, towards a realm which is simultaneously as enchanted as it is sustainable and away from a limiting terrain. So just step aboard. You won't be needing any heavy luggage, second thoughts, or fuel of your own to get there. You've earned your seat, but theres only room for you. The less weight, the easier it'll be to set sail to your dream destination.

Cancer of The Week: Buju Banton

Its true what they say that you cant please all the people all the time. And at this stage in the game, you will only lose out because of trying to do just that. Take a cue from the sign of the season, one of the most arguably un-diplomatic of signs, your old ally the scorpio, and make the necessary boundaries, cutting to the heart of the matter, and sacrificing the need to have your audience understand or applaud.

Leo of The Week: The Edge

You have done so much inner gazing, and cleaned yourself from the inside out, Virg. There is nothing blocking your path from within. The chaos as well as the sensitivities that were limiting your chance to connect have been exorcised, transformed, modified. You are therefore ready to be your updated self, present your latest ideas, and execute your burgeoning designs. You have much novelty as well as innovation to offer to any group, partnership, project, with a clarity both keen and specific. You're on cue, Virg.

Virgo of The Week: Rachel Price

Let's try a new tactic, scales. Instead of bartering or charming your way through the door, why not simply walk right in? You've got the gumption, and the motivation to seize the day, and take charge of your life. However there IS one important sidebar : if you want to wield that type of total personal control it's absolutely necessary that you cease all under the table dealings, Backdoor negotiations, etc. Any exchange that is keeping you afloat but not exactly getting you directly to your goal is probably more than likely delaying your vision more than you realize, whether directly or circuitously.

Libra of The Week: Paul Cezanne

You're the type that typically works so hard and holds your own so well that when the situation gives and changes for the better you sometimes are too exhausted to play and enjoy the results. I urge you, fellow scorpions to at least glimpse the clearing in the woods, even if you are too tired to walk through it. Know it's there. Be glad. The struggle has come to a finite end. Let the thought at least lighten your heart, like a bird which perches on your weary shoulders singing a new, bright tune of love and release.

Scorpio of The Week: Seth McFarlane

Pause. Reflect. Take stock of your most recently open eyes, which has lent itself to a Renewed focus and an overall feeling of connectedness. Share your joy with the blowing breezes, setting suns, rolling hills, changing leaves, colorful vistas. Dance for the sake of it, shaking off all the old skins, and feeling from head to toe the fresh sensation that is now birthing itself.

Sagittarius of The Week: Sia

To win this game once and for all, you'll have to stop playing so to speak. Stay as close as possible to your own instincts and let those intuitions tell you how/when to draw your energies in, slide and tumble through, rest, and recollect awareness. No matter what, your best moves are simple and aimed at maintaining understanding and fluidity, rather than conquering any mountainous quest. Gather your bearings and count your blessings, for the purpose of staying centered and open in the face of whatever challenge.

Capricorn of The Week: Kate McKinnon

The message has been loud and clear for a long while, now water bearers. Certain loyalties of yours are outdated, unsupportive and at this point, quite frankly DANGEROUS. As soon as you stop all the hemming and hawing, you can remove yourself from this silly bind. You don't need to compromise with delusions, or cow tow to lack of reasoning. Let swiftly go of anyone, thing, notion that isn't jiving with your genius. Stop trying to convince the mud to move. Give your engine back it's wheels, ultimately safer and more fun than being stuck and/ or trying to protect yourself from what you are bound to attract in that stalemate position.

Aquarius of The Week: Frank Darabont

Unplug, Pisces. Take yourself all the way off the clock, letting your mind and body go totally slack. Stop moving, hustling, cruising and just float in the deep, relaxing waters of your old friend, Scorpio. Give your heart a break. Step back for the purpose of gaining perspective and healing your spirit. Hands off is your mantra this month. Practice not reacting, engaging or even adventuring. Find your balance, by conserving and preserving. Chill out until you feel your pulse slacken significantly.

Pisces of The Week: Cherokee Phoenix