Week of September 23, 2014

Tell me what you want, what you really really want, Rams. Now tell yourself. Finally tell the world. Release your fear of not having by not trying to control it so much. Leave your worry where it stands and walk on through the open, expanding doors.

Aries of The Week: Arturo Rivera

Come out from your secret hiding place/personal lab and stand proud & tall, bulls. All your enduring labor is about to pay off. A struggle is done. Be ready to receive the spoils of your victory. The arrival of your rightful harvest is totally imminent.

Taurus of The Week: John Muir

Sometimes a backslide into old, barren territory is the most powerful and clear reminder of what is necessary to continually achieve and maintain growth. In your case, it's relatively simple twins. Refuse to sacrifice what is most vital to your well being, stop having patience for baloney, and keep swimming forward with the tides if the feeling ain't right.

Gemini of The Week: Ana Tijoux

Denial may keep you from having to make any uncomfortable shifts in routine but it also prevents you from EXPERIENCING self respect and all the uniquely valuable perks that come along with it, crabs. Instead of continuing to use your energy to keep a certain facade going and receiving nothing extra in return, you are guaranteed to gain all the mojo you need by first just letting things crumble to the ground.

Cancer of The Week: Mike Birbiglia

Don't preach, just DO lions. Lead by flamboyant, persevering example this fall. Follow your instincts in each moment and let your feet fastly carry you to where they desire to go. This not only gets your mind and heart back in proper shape but it also exorcises some old, cranky energy which you are needing to get out if the way, STAT.

Leo of The Week: Lincoln memorial design goes on US penny

You've been gearing up mentally and otherwise a long time for this. Even if in the past several months you've only listened to the instinct, without really knowing how you would pull it off, that was enough to set you up for the real thing. Now in real life you'll be stepping away from certain (draining) roles and responsibilities , taking your eye off the ball and re-energizing yourself by simply enjoying your right to BE.

Virgo of The Week: Discovery of petroleum in Titusville, PA

You are well aware of what you DONT wish to reproduce, scales, and as we step into the light of your season you'll be granted with extra grace, agility and fortitude with which to establish boundaries, speak truths and act on your behalf. It's time to stake the claim you require to plant your particular seed.

Libra of The Week: Laura Dekker

This month you are moving into a long awaited phase, Scorp, and it's not the temporary type. This is a moment to receive back the light and love which came from what nurturing, loyalty and faith, though tried, remained present and generous . Welcome the rewards of your persistent care, dear one. Be renewed by the spirit of what YOU made grow.

Scorpio of The Week: Mary Travers

Listen closely for the next cue, archers. Exciting and exclusive News of what's to come will announce itself to you when you are truly listening. Turn your attention to what's calling you forth, even if it takes time and focus away from the daily dramas. It's meant to do that...

Sagittarius of The Week: Neon lighting

Before you turn your eye back outwards, turn it in, goats. You've got some inner lense cleaning to do. There are certain ideas, philosophies and thought patterns that it's time to lay to final rest. Then you'll be back with a fresher perspective.

Capricorn of The Week: Julia Ormond

In the weeks ahead you'll re-member that it's been up to you the whole time. You have chosen everything up until this point and you will continue to do so. In light of the recent de-constructive events , you return to your decision making more certain than ever of where to lend your energies. You've wisened up. Trust yourself to be the boss again, with those (in)valuable lessons now under your belt.

Aquarius of The Week: Ed Burns

Whether or not anyone likes it or if it's in the service of future diplomatic relations, has no bearing whatsoever on what's right for you, fish. So don't let those concerns stop you from putting an end to patterns which are exhausting you. Cut your losses. What does not come to fruition in these situations will make up for itself in different circumstances, which are easily brought about once you get movin.

Pisces of The Week: Emile Hirsch