Week of August 25, 2014

Don't fake it till you make it, rams. Don't fake it at all. Be real. That way it's easier to connect, get the support you need, and carry on with authentic hope and a more genuine courage. Lay your burdens down, and reach out for what you (emotionally) need, before you proceed.

Aries of The Week: Natasha Lyonne

All systems are a go, bulls. You are ready to plant your magic seed in fertile fields. This is the start of a longed for legacy, one which requires you to be present only in this moment. A certain hustle is over , so release your doubt and recognize the potential of what solid ground you stand on.

Taurus of The Week: Alison Goldfrapp

Keep moving through the tides of existence, twins. Do less explaining and more hang gliding. Speak your truths but don't worry whether they are appreciated, agreed with or understood. That will keep those enlightenments from getting tripped up and it will also keep YOU from imploding, darling.

Gemini of The Week: Sam Smith

You're just DONE with certain things , crabs. So that's that. Take a break from all the drama this month and infuse your mind , body and spirit with some inspiring new sights, sounds and sensations. If you feel like you should fly under the radar for a while until you've had a nice long dose of freedom, then DO.

Cancer of The Week: Washington, D.C.

This month is all about purification, lions. The more of a gentle but firm grip you can get on those flaming desires the easier it is to be you. Somewhere between ignoring the issues and being anguished by them is a workable middle ground. Cool your jets so you don't work against yourself or solutions. Take long, uninterrupted breaks to balance out mental tension, for starters.

Leo of The Week: Kind of Blue, Miles Davis

Play for the sake of it, virg. Sometimes balance is best achieved by letting the scales tip. This month will provide the chance for you to let loose, mingle and enjoy yourself without worrying as much about the consequence. It's time for some R & R & R, that is, rest, relaxation n recreation.

Virgo of The Week: D.H. Lawrence

Things are on the verge of suddenly and rapidly coming together, scales. So let go of your fears and stop beating your head against the wall. All the efforts will soon be integrated, and harmony will occur pretty naturally. You don't need to do much, except for believe and when the time comes, participate.

Libra of The Week: Optical phonograph

You are the guardian of some extra unusually potent awareness right now scorp. In the spirit of the prudent VIRGO, you are advised not to feel the need to respond right away. As the holder of information which is born out of direct personal experience, and endurance through certain trials, for now you need only to reflect on the depth of your revelations, and practice gazing out of your newly knowing eyes, marveling at the way such wisdom changes your perspective on basically every front.

Scorpio of The Week: NYC's MoMA

Don't let someone else take care of the flowers in your garden , sag. You will only reap the benefits if you do the nurturing yourself. In general the less rigid and more compassionate you can be right now, the easier it is to "attain" your goals and desires. Open up and let go of all hang- ups. That keeps the positive vibes swinging back and forth, between you and the environment.

Sagittarius of The Week: Sheila E

Trust someone else drive the car for a while, goats. Give your mind a long rest. Besides pushing through to the next challenge is not as necessary as taking emotional space right now. Without having to worry about how to navigate through this or that terrain you are free to feel, and figure things out as you go based on whatever comes up.

Capricorn of The Week: First General Assembly meeting of UN

Before you can move on, you've got to make peace. Before you make peace, you've got to face the issue. Before you face the issue, you've got to admit there is one. Before you admit there is one, you've got to stop trying to maintain a controlled front. Hope that helps, water bearer.

Aquarius of The Week: Abbi Jacobson

The only thing left for you to do is DECIDE, fish. That said you and I both know how historically difficult that can be for you to do. So until you have a better idea of what you want, I urge you to at least keep exploring the options, and making the DISCOVERY of what's right for you a top priority, dedicating time in your daily schedule to look within and around you to see what's going on or not.

Pisces of The Week: Rob Reiner