Week of July 23, 2014

Being de-throned is vital. I mean that literally, Rams. The less of a high horse you ride on these days, the closer you'll be to the ground, making it easier to root down, spread out and get a chance to grow bigger, stronger, and taller, fortifying you before your next "quest".

Aries of The Week: Robert Downey Jr.

With a new reality, old fantasies do come to die. As you adjust to the compromise, bear in mind that the dreamscape you leave behind was becoming impossibly tricky, and was exhausting your resources rather than contributing to your fulfillment. Hopefully when you are able to recognize the illusory nature of that imaginary world, it will be easier to acknowledge the transformation occurring as an opportunity to no longer be deprived, even if it requires you to stay more present.

Taurus of The Week: Emilio Estevez

Get your business in order, twins. Start by fully admitting your worth. Then assign to it the proper and fair value. Flesh out the terms and be specific. Finally practice waiting for compensation and/or your way by refusing goods and services until either your vision is respected or those requests are met, withholding your life sustaining energy in order to regain clarity, restore balance, and ultimately, re-establish personal power.

Gemini of The Week: Judge Rheinhold

Last month was so huge for you in the sense of letting go, and surrendering to the greater will, even when your attachments were holding on. The good news is that the days ahead will be charged with inspiration toward the next beginning, reminding you that release has paved the way to receptivity; your openness has recreated the chance to connect back to the greater cosmic forces that will shower you with whatever love, strength, wisdom, and beauty you need.

Cancer of The Week: John Cusack

Now that it's the season of your birth, there's little room for excuses, lions. Celebrate, have fun, and be you. Don't let anything stand in the way of your most generous roar, wildest jungle dance, warmest embrace, or most open hearted adventure. The streets are yours for the rowdy taking, at last.

Leo of The Week: Christian Slater

Pursue your passions, Virg, whether or not honoring those wishes suits or pleases anyone else. This is a perfect time for you to get in touch with the more raw, less refined parts of your being. Pay attention not as much to your obligations, more to what your heart is telling you in each moment. Seize your happiness by the you-know-whats.

Virgo of The Week: Steve Guttenberg

Before you set sail, make sure the boat is in working order, Scales. Shape up your ship and take your time about it. There's no rush- your dreams aren't going anywhere, and right now those wishes need you to maintain things in a less grand, more task oriented way. Take care of the basics, and do that with your whole effort, patiently enduring the chores required. Filling those duties will give birth to a necessary awareness of the importance of the practical aspects, the way that method, consistency, and commitment hold all the magic together.

Libra of The Week: Chris Penn

You've been working extra hard these days at cleaning your emotional house, making sense of your heart's history and aspiring towards the next evolution based on those imprints and experiences. Before you set anything off, Scorp, sit back, relax, and take a breather. Let your spirit absorb all the time and energy you've put into unleashing unconscious patterns. Swim around for a while in your new skin before you sign up for the next all-encompassing endeavor. Rest on your spiritual laurels, and fill yourself up first, because as you well know, making your own needs and desires a priority is a major part of the future program.

Scorpio of The Week: Ralph Macchio

All the pieces are coming together, Archer. It's like every day is bursting with total enlightenment. Along with that awakening comes a quickening of pace, a ripening of situations, and therefore a revelation of possibilities. Enjoy the movement, look ever towards that dawn which reflects back what hope you've been holding on to. Continue to think your bravest thoughts. The universe will rapidly respond, and shed light upon the open path.

Sagittarius of The Week: Richard Pryor

Take some time for yourself this month, Goats, away from EVERYONE. Go far enough out of range that you can't hear their voice and they can't hear you. That way you can hear your OWN SELF again, as it seems it's lately been more difficult to tap into. You have all the answers, just as usual. Face your contemplations, thoughts, plans and wishes without fear, then. Listen all the way to what self has been trying to say. Get really quiet and tune in entirely to the innermost rhythms/messages.

Capricorn of The Week: Patrick Dempsey

Admit you don't have all the answers all the time. It's as simple as that. Who said you have to know it all anyway? NO ONE. So lighten up and take gleeful solace from the fact that you aren't the only pilot- the responsibility to see straight does not lie exclusively upon your shoulders, and that's the best news you could ever get, right now and for the rest of your life. Now get out there and have some fun- we've got this covered. BYE.

Aquarius of The Week: James Spader

Fish, if you haven't already, you're about to experience a major boost in momentum. Take advantage of the push, even if you simply choose to cruise along for a while. At the very least, the wave of energy will give you back some mojo and, in the best case scenario, it could take you to the next levels. So get those flippers ready to rock and roll in the great, wide, refreshing sea, which is soon to be extra lively, muscular, and fluid.

Pisces of The Week: Sean Astin