Week of June 23, 2014

Let the month ahead be a period of rest and rejuvenation. Pause in your actions, allowing your system to shut all the way down. As you grow quiet, the chaos will subside, giving your mind a chance to re- organize itself, acknowledge results, and experience satisfaction. Halt, reflect and appreciate during the slower season of cancer.

Aries of The Week: Lady Gaga

Come out from wherever you are, bulls. It's time to join direct hands with a romantic, supportive fate. You're finished being behind the scenes. It's time to start engaging. Personal and specific blessings are in your midst. Be receptive, and yield to the moments. Get blissfully carried away by the boundless joy and rapture of the present(s).

Taurus of The Week: Adele

The sooner you resign to the fact that there's no quick fix, the simpler your situation (s) will miraculously become. Chill OUT, long enough to see and feel that there are no hidden forces working against you. On the contrary, the universe consistently supports you. If you can manage to take a long enough break from your typical hustle and bustle, you'll come to know exactly what I'm talking about. Hush up and settle all the way down to steady, supportive ground.

Gemini of The Week: Iggy Azalea

There are a plethora of moves you can make which would work to protect your mojo and permit your uninhibited growth. First there's the old play dead trick. Eventually , after getting no response , the nuisance will go away. If that ploy is too boring for your taste, try my favorite which is to keep on cruising. Don't stop to explain yourself, just shimmy on, above, beyond, out and over that which stands in your way.

Cancer of The Week: Missy Elliot

Do what's right but don't defend it. That prevents the aggravation potentially caused by expending what energy you'd rather not, and therefore gives you the time and space to directly reap the benefits of choosing on the behalf of your brightest instincts instead. Power is taken , not approved of or agreed upon. Remember that, lucid lions, and don't think twice.

Leo of The Week: Whitney Houston

It's probably one of the hardest things in the world for a Virgo to acknowledge a realized goal. For a few reasons: first your perfectionist/work oriented mentality will have to switch out of hyper critical labor mode in order to accept the fact that there's nothing left to be done or considered. Next you'll have to stop helping others out with their individual struggles for long enough to realize that your own have come to an end. This is neither a season of trial, tribulation or woe, virgin but rather of vision, purpose and harvest.

Virgo of The Week: Cassie

Take a much needed break from all dat drama, scales. Withdraw from the games, the excitement even and catch your breath. Chances are good that as you remove yourself from the firing zone, you will once more be able to see clearly. Your inner resolution/voice is easily accessible after you pull back some.

Libra of The Week: Gwen Stefani

You're about to receive in full throttle the answers to what questions you've been asking. Particularly when you are open to it, but even if you're not, all will be revealed to you in the days ahead. Whatever truths have been hiding in the shadows will be unveiled, providing you with full knowledge of who/what's been holding you back, including your own self defeating tendencies.

Scorpio of The Week: Ciara

Ok, sag, be ready this time, to exhibit courage, honesty, and willingness. As long as you give your best show of those qualities the universe will provide you with the chances you need to make things happen. I advise you to not only anticipate how you can best act on the behalf of your greatest intentions but start practicing that attitude out loud, every day for as often as possible. GO.

Sagittarius of The Week: Christina Aguilera

Imagine you've been blindfolded. You are thus unable to lead, but well prepared to follow. Instead of planning and foreseeing where to go, you are only pursuing rhythms, trusting your body and continuously relinquishing control. Exercises like this are key to your evolution right now, goats. Less like a military march, more like an intuitive wandering.

Capricorn of The Week: Mary J Blige

If your world gets turned all upside down and inside out that's ok water bearer. It'll just give you a chance to re-learn that you are refuge enough. Look within and be nicely surprised at what you find there. Get a taste of the solace, wisdom, friendship and vision you are ever offering out for your self in the days ahead. Become re-acquainted and re-enlightened on your personal worth and awesomeness.

Aquarius of The Week: Brandy

Hold your sea-horses, fish. Progress will actually be made more smoothly and perspective more easily gained when you stop the hustle and start the flow. It is during your musings and dream time that you will experience understanding and come up with your best ideas. It's alright and strongly recommended that you be still at this time.

Pisces of The Week: Yolandi Visser