Week of May 23, 2014

Love will come to you, rams. And when it does, be hospitable. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, in other words don't try to have a race with it or outmaneuver it. Receive the blessing, in whatever form. You're in need of the medicine it carries. Trust me, and be open to what's being offered, no further sass or suspicion.

Aries of The Week: The First Elephant Arrives From India To The US

Your intentions are clear to yourself, bulls. Now follow up on your decisions when the time comes. You don't need to prove yourself, just to consistently act on behalf of your intentions , whenever you are obviously being called to as well as in the subtler moments, taking the lead on your cause of your own accord.

Taurus of The Week: Aidy Bryant

Happy birthday to you both. I hope that each twin gets what they deserve. You've got the powers to make things happen as well as undo what you so wish. Speak up, move swiftly, extra uninhibited in your movement and expression. Take the entire floor. You're due for it.

Gemini of The Week: Gwendolyn Brooks

Crabs, I challenge you to move FORWARD ONLY for the next thirty days Do less reflecting, more leaping, spend fewer moments second guessing, more time creatively enterprising. I predict that if you get a good dose of knowing what it feels like not to slide backwards, you will be more inclined and naturally adept in this progressive practice than you had any realistic idea of. Jack White

Cancer of The Week: Jack White

This month will be an exercise in taking the high road but not being a sucker and/or enabler. Word of advice, the closer you stay to the moment, the simpler it will be to discern the proper move. Take each situation as it comes, with its specific nuance. Let your senses indicate what/when/how to use your muscles (or not) depending on the context.

Leo of The Week: Edward Furlong

You've got all that you need to "break the spell", "crack the code", literally. With mars direct, the entrance of the sun into electrical Gemini, the cosmic atmosphere will be overly conspiratorial in the unfurling of your plans. So simply stay out of your own way, virg. Neither avoid the steps nor tiptoe around. Pull the clutch and relinquish the energy that's been holding you back.

Virgo of The Week: Salem, MA

Scales, don't be alarmed. It makes sense that you'd be so taken by what is raw, seduced by the rowdy and fascinated by the unkempt. The belligerent is a foil to your pristine senses, the chaos is soothing to your overly organized mind. It's a perfect time to dive into the experience. Blending with your "opposite" is invigorating, healthy, life affirming, and extremely interesting. Go for it.

Libra of The Week: James Blake

The Mars retrograde, which we are now emerging from, makes all the recent difficulties seem like it was all just in your imagination... Consider it a period of learning, unmasking and de-programming the defense mechanisms that work against you , recalling that you don't hAve to always push as hard as you are sometimes apt to. The galaxy spins in perfect harmony with you, even as it clangs or clashes.

Scorpio of The Week: Halloween

My work days are long and dynamic. It's important to take breaks as I go, rewarding myself with an electrifying tune, a refreshing moment in the sun, or by the open window. I advise you to take my lead, archers. Rest on your laurels ocassionally, re charging your battery and decompressing in between tasks and adventures so as to keep things smooth.

Sagittarius of The Week: Arhundati Roy

You've reached an impasse, goats, but it's in fact just an opportunity to set down some of your heavy baggage. The extra weight will not be relevant or useful to your next ascent up the proverbial mountain. Don't let your ego stand in the way of doing what makes sense. Kindly remind yourself of the greatness of the goal, how it's purpose lies beyond your individual earthly attachments and yet supports what you care about most deeply.

Capricorn of The Week: Redwood Forest National Park

The first completely beautiful day in my neighborhood I awoke to major construction which lasted throughout the day. As massively irritating as it was, it forced me to move, shake, rattle and roll. The aggression this idiotic move inspired I managed to channel outward and get some shit done. I urge you to do the same, water bearer. Roll with the punches and let them push you to the next action. Don't waste your time trying to fight other peoples unwise choices. Use the fire to cook up groovier plans.

Aquarius of The Week: YouTube

It takes time to solve puzzles, as it requires first the acquisition of parts and then the assembly. In real life, the pieces don't come in a box and there's no completed photo to use as a blueprint. So enjoy the quest of gathering information and continually zoom in and out to be sure you are seeing the details as well as the big picture, doing your best to make sense of things while at the same time letting there be time and space enough for increased awareness.
Best of luck.

Pisces of The Week: Giacchino Antonio Rossini