Week of April 23, 2014

What once was lost but not forgotten will soon be found again, Rams, confirming your hard fought efforts. So settle down, and position yourself to receive your reward. No further struggle is required. Just hold out a steady hand to communicate an unwavering acceptance of your "reward".

Aries of The Week: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This is a wise and favorable time to commit, Bulls. Assume what responsibilities are necessary, and abide by the oaths which apply. You have made up your mind, and are ready to stake your claim. So put that foot down like you do so well, and dig your heels all the way in to make the point that you aren't going anywhere fully clear.

Taurus of The Week: Indian Rebels seize Delhi

Express yourself, twins, but with even more extra flair and confidence. Pizzazz is part of your style, so let it come through, uninhibited in its shine and sparkle. Let your knowing groove unravel in its totally glorious storytelling rapture rhythm in these opening spring days.

Gemini of The Week: Paul Gaugin

Fight not the multifaceted feelings of thine heart, Crabs. There's much conversation at the moment occurring within. Rather than try and control, practice actively listening first. Figure out the implications later. Change is inevitable, and already well on its way to taking place. Surrender is advised, natural and beneficial to you at this point.

Cancer of The Week: The First MLB AllStar Game

Let your mane down, Lions, and make sure you have plenty of extra stretching room this month. You are releasing many energies as well as welcoming in new fortune. You will need room for both letting go and taking in, so prepare yourself by stepping back, sprawling out, and laying low. Remove yourself from the direct spotlight. Find a less crowded spot where this type of big magic can happen.

Leo of The Week: Oregon Territory

Open your heart all the way, Virgin. Take deep breaths, and on the exhale, release old grievances, pre-occupations, anxieties, woes, and skepticisms. Once you shed your innermost self of these barriers between you and your bliss, connecting to joy will be technically possible. Allow your old protective structure to dissemble in order to gain complete access to a pleasantly overwhelming light.

Virgo of The Week: Memphis Slim

Consider the multi-forms of creation that surround you, each as their own oracle, revealing in their own way the endless secrets of the infinite universes. Seek prophecy in the trees, sky, rivers, laughter, tears, and birdsong. Be thorough in your listening, aware of the rhythms, cadence, tones, twists, and undulations. Find the message within those patterns.

Libra of The Week: Joe Girardi

As a personal exercise in fully recalling your own comprehensive healing powers, lean into your pains. Surround the wounds with your embrace, and remember again how the strength of your own love can overcome all pressure and angst. To be sure you experience this phenomenon of your own transformative powers, don't hold back. Give yourself one hundred percent of your unconditional love.

Scorpio of The Week: Ezra Pound

Humility is key, Archers. The more down to earth, community minded, and team oriented you are these days, the more pathways will be available to you. Consider yourself as part of the whole- act on its behalf, and the whole will support you back, offer new roads, vehicles to travel it with, and places to stay along the way.

Sagittarius of The Week: Janelle Monae

Hold your head up high enough to take pride in your achievements, but not so elevated that you don't notice the beauty and elegance of your surroundings. This month will demand less ambition and concentration on your part. Simply observe, take part, and nourish yourself with the freshness of the life that blooms in your direct midst.

Capricorn of The Week: Ralph Fiennes

The days ahead will challenge you to respect yourself, hold your ideas in the highest esteem, and endure what patience and fortitude it takes to see your wishes through. Honor your expression, and treat your desires as a thing worthy of complete fulfillment. Maintain an attitude that you are deserving of what you ask for, and allow the universe to prove you right.

Aquarius of The Week: Nicolas Copernicus

Do a ritual of closure, Pisces. Include your gratitude for the lessons learned, a willingness to move on from past mistakes, and lastly, enthusiasm for the unknown that lies ahead. Let the cosmic forces know that you are grateful for the knowledge and experience but are ready to participate in the next adventure without a hitch.

Pisces of The Week: Aziz Anzari