Week of March 23, 2014

What a coincidence, Rams. Here in the season which annually marks your entry into the world, you are scheduled to make your re-appearance. Take the stage and reveal thy wiser, but still groovier, self. It's your moment to come out and show off your latest shine/swag.

Aries of The Week: Empress Matilda becomes first female ruler of England

You've been gearing to lighten up your load for a while now, bulls. In fact, you've already significantly reduced your labors. This month, let go a little more, practice handing over the reigns, and enjoying the role of the skipper in lieu of captain. This shift in responsibility is necessary not only to your personal health but also to attaining bliss. Becoming less mired in "duty" returns your energy to you, giving you the chance to do other, more pro-creative things.

Taurus of The Week: Rudolph Valentino

As usual, you're about three million steps ahead of everyone else. So, instead of running or hiding, own it, twins. Do your thing, according to what you know and see. You have cosmic permission to keep to your own beat. Your Mercury winds in the coming eclipse season may be even more forceful than usual. Don't hold back the gale; let it rip.

Gemini of The Week: Charlie Watts

The first step is being honest with yourself about what you are no longer willing (or even able) at this point to withstand/tolerate. Once you've been all the way clear, cease supporting that system which is draining your resources. After you stop feeding it, everything should steadily get better for you again.

Cancer of The Week: Matthew Fox

Protect your valuables and don't compromise your values, Lions. Use your muscles to uphold your standards, rather than attempting to strong arm anyone into position. This posture is not only less work for you, but also more effective in communicating your extremely specific point. Instead of waving your sign, place it firmly in the ground. That way it's less live an invitational banner with room for negotiation, and more like a clear resolution/statement/boundary.

Leo of The Week: Simon Diaz

To reverse old voodoo that's been working against you and reclaim your rightful territory, just zoom into focus and don't take your eye off the ball. This is a test, but one you can easily win when you wake up and pay attention. Playing dumb won't work here. It's catch a tiger by the toe time, that one that's been sneaking in and out of your garden at night while you were sleeping.

Virgo of The Week: The Battle of Marathon

Are you ready to be surprised, scales? This is the month of receiving good karma for you, so relax, kick back and expect good news as well as rewards. All the seeds you've been relentlessly planting over the last three-ish years are coming to bloom this spring. So take notice and receive your due parts.

Libra of The Week: Gillian Welch

You are a master at solving puzzles, Scorp. Now, the question is: can you apply what you know while you let others hunt for answers on their own? Instead of trying to persuade everyone else to see the grand pattern, riddle them accordingly. Challenge each to think independently while you sift through the multi-dimensions of your revelations.

Scorpio of The Week: Amsterdam

Embracing the alternative, integrating your nemesis, and considering opposite points of view may change your game, Archer, but it's not meant to trip you up. Instead of thinking about it like a duel, imagine this as an opportunity to make up for what you lack, despite whether or not you had any clue you were missing something.

Sagittarius of The Week: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

You can't alter the past and the moments are happening too quickly right now to try and impose your ambitions. But the future is yet to be molded. So focus on devising those next ideals, goats. Let your creativity and determination blaze the trails forward and be in constant service of your EVOLUTION.

Capricorn of The Week: Joseph Strauss

Get all the way in touch with your inner goddess, water-bearer. Find the tender parts, connect to the infinite source of creativity within and seek ways to express feelings of joy and abundance, without reservation.

Aquarius of The Week: Heather Graham

To throw unsolicited energies off your track, switch it up, fish. If you typicaly hang around, move on. Where you normally cruise, pull back. Alternate being high profile with disappearing from the map. Show up in the places you've been absent. But, most crucially, heed your most persistent instincts, which are always communicating your wisest moves.

Pisces of The Week: Susanne Sundfor