Week of February 23, 2014

The waves are ever turning in the dynamic Pi-sceas. To gain the most from the tides at hand, be willing to travel wide and entirely, letting waters undo and lift you to the next redeeming shore. Open your heart to be cleansed by the currents of pure healing force.

"Then, turning to the world without preconception, we can learn to see everything as a celestial paradise."

Romo Shrestha, Celestial Gallery

DIY, Rams; Training wheels off and hand holding at a minimum. It's time to face the music on your own- remember your rugged skills and start using those muscles again, making life's magic happen on your very own.

Aries of The Week: Julia Alvarez

The next item on the agenda: letting people know how you really feel, "breaking up" if it is necessary for growth, and refusing to go with the flow if that doesn't fulfill you. Be selective in your choices, so that your surroundings may actually reflect your true intention.

Taurus of The Week: The National Gallery

You are precious real estate, twins. And you decide what to invest your energy into. The omens predict that this is a ripe time for changing who you do business with. If there are those alternative options that respect your resources and are promising safety and fairness, I advice you to seal those deals.

Gemini of The Week: Benazir Bhutto

To change the circumstances, revolutionize your own protocol, crabs. Instead of waiting around, MOVE. Rather than accepting less than what you're worth, DON'T. Last but not least, STOP taking emotional responsibility for anyone else's "stuff".

Cancer of The Week: Andrew Bird

Maintain focus, lions. Hold your burning light steady. The moment at hand does not demand risk or a greater show of faith- just that you remain firm, communicating that your bright intentions are neither to be squandered nor negotiated.

Leo of The Week: Vera Farmiga

Don't repeat yourself, Virgo. And if your inspirations, points of view, or reasoning is falling upon deaf eyes or ears, so be it. Let others come to terms with truth on their own watch. In the meantime, you can use all your time to keep discovering and coming up with clear solutions and impeccable inventions.

Virgo of The Week: John Herschel takes first glass plate photo

You need no further observation to confirm your awareness, scales. You have witnessed things sufficiently and are prepared to choose a direction based on those accounts. Turn the page, then, and gain a chance to see what you have not yet glimpsed, trusting that what truths are missing in one place do exist elsewhere.

Libra of The Week: The Space Age

The energy of the new moon which will last well into the first week of March is all yours for the taking, Scorp. You've been mentally and emotionally preparing yourself for months to switch positions like this, so it's not a blind leap as much as a well researched move to make a formulaic jump out of the asphyxiating box you never actually agreed to occupy, but somehow ended up in.

Scorpio of The Week: The Walking Dead

You've got all your wits about you, Archer, making your victory not only imminent but complete. So clear-headed, ample-bodied and well-protected are you that resolving things, getting what you deserve, and remaining drama free are executed with remarkable ease.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Black elk

If going along with the program just to be nice or not rock the boat is making you sick, giving you the creeps, or tweaking you out, find another mountain to climb, Goats. Trust yourself when the self tells you it's fed up and be not afraid to put those needs unequivocally first.

Capricorn of The Week: Jonah Hill

Rise and shine, water-bearers. Time's up. You're out of the woods and into the city where the bright lights are flashing and calling your name. You are healed enough and more than well equipped to join the living. So that's that.

Aquarius of The Week: Monopoly

Take a break from watching over things and have an open swim, fish. Restore your imagination while things have a chance to grow on their own. The energy you use to nurture is also what you need to dream. So zone out for a spell, until you feel groovier, anyway.

Pisces of The Week: Aaron Paul