Week of January 28, 2014

Let the old fire go all the way out, rams. That way you can give the fresh new sparks your full attention. Those dying embers are merely ashes now. Tend to the flames that are burning where you stand. Jump into the current blaze, without further adieu.

Aries of The Week: William Wordsworth

You'll soon have much to celebrate. Not that you didn't bust your bull balls to make it to that point. Goddess knows. So when the moment of victory comes at long last, rejoice even louder, to make up for all the trial and tribulation.

Taurus of The Week: First all-female Japanese team to reach the 8000 ft. summit of Mansalu.

Figure out the economics of the situation(s) and wa- la, things can be as you wish. Start making conscious and thoughtful investments of your energy and fulfillment is possible. Cut off those relations which are neither relevant nor beneficial and feed the ones that are. The results are magic.

Gemini of The Week: Robyn

Sometimes you gotta turn things around to set them straight, hang upside down to gain perspective , get lost to be found... Etc. You see what I mean, crabs? This month you are advised to take an alternative route, shake up your schedule and break out of old paradigms, ultimately.

Cancer of The Week: Kristin Bell

There's no need for you to so adamantly defend your point, cats. In fact, it's better if you don't even try. That way you can spend your time and talents feeding your passions and bringing them to fiery life.

Leo of The Week: Damien Marley

It's true that no one can "help" you. They can assist you, ease your mind and enhance your aura but it's you who is best equipped to strategize for both the short and long term. Own it so you can get on with your planning.

Virgo of The Week: Rachel Bilson

You are entering one of your most prolific periods, like ever, so stay open to the process, scales. This is not just a roaring good time but it's also a spiritual creative evolution. Be inspired at these moments and also present enough to tap the gifts within them.

Libra of The Week: Re-opening of London Bridge in Lake Havasu, AZ

You're a smoother sailor than ever, so keep to the course. You know innately how to cruise those curves. Move with full speed/electricity/momentum now scorp, while maintaining grace, agility and accuracy. It's your forte, actually.

Scorpio of The Week: Drake

There's oh so much more to learn, archer. The world awaits your discovery, of alternative sights, sounds, philosophies, and art forms. Pursue new experience and give each your best efforts.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Julie Delpy

The climb up that last mountain was arduous, even for yourself. So take a restful pause, and just breathe, goats. Reflect in the richness of that journey and let the new awareness give birth to the next dream.

Capricorn of The Week: First long distance message from the Eiffel Tower

Sometimes you learn best what you want by remembering what you DONT. So take it all in stride, water bearer. You are just in the process of clarifying and then re-clarifying. ( how you feel / your true desires)

Aquarius of The Week: Pride and Prejudice first published in the UK

Beating around the bush will get you nowhere, fish. Speak up, loud and clear so there's no mistaking your specific demands. Practice putting your own needs first in both word and deed. It's due time.

Pisces of The Week: First indoor ice hockey game, Montreal