Week of December 30 2013

To reach the next plateau in your righteous struggle, ally yourself with the proper support, rams. Shake hands with the friends and partners who not only endorse you but extend a true offering. Gather enthusiasm, as well as knowledge and muscle. Use the energy and wisdom to establish yourself more securely.

Aries of The Week: Spelman College

You've got all the material and immaterial you need to make it happen bulls. The way you put things together is left to your own creative device. Have fun mixing and melding, inspiring a sIgnificant and positive chemical change in your respective atmosphere (and beyond).

Taurus of The Week: Aidy Bryant

It seems you'll soon run out of excuses, twins. Dont see that as a bad thing, necessarily. The limitation is only further evidence that it's time to begin anew. Take the opportunity of being stopped in your tracks to get all the way into your body, which lets you be more real, which causes you to relax, which is awesome.

Gemini of The Week: Blackbear Bosin

You're a dynamo in so many ways,crabs. That's a well proven fact at this point. But even superstars need to rest, despite the show at hand and/or whether anyone is depending on you to do this or that. Kick back cancer. Take yourself all the way off the clock and bask in the free, wild time.

Cancer of The Week: Camille Pissarro

True to form, the end of the year will be all about resolution, cats, but not so much the type that demands sacrifice or begs for promise, but in the more authentic sense of the word, as in fuly accepting the past and moving onward.

Leo of The Week: NASA's "Phoenix" Spaceship

The motif is harvest. Regardless of its winter swag, your garden is blooming, virg, overflowing with color and strength. When you're through being enchanted by the charm and beauty of your own great work, start making plans. You're sitting on a metaphorical gold mine, dearie.

Virgo of The Week: Amy Adams

I love when a venue matches my own personal aesthetic; when the scenery, vibe and crowd aligns with my own taste. I predict that you will encounter kindred souls and hearths these weeks scales. Let that which you encounter warm you with its welcome, strengthen you with its community, and uplift your spirit with grace.

Libra of The Week: Robert de Sorbon

There are many offers in your midst, scorp, including secret admirers and unique opportunities. Not that I'm surprised, what with all the natural allure you posess. No it's not so much the multitude of options that is unique but rather the quality of the choices that makes for an interesting time. Here's my advice-sit pretty and see what more each has to offer. Wait it out and then make your "decision."

Scorpio of The Week: Jonny Greenwood

The sooner you unclench your fists, the swifter you'll be able to connect to the resources that surround you. There is plenty of assistance at your disposal, which comes in the form of humans, plants, animals, and stars. Those entities will provide all you need, but not one second before you relinquish your old wounds and hang ups.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Taylor Swift

Let the new dawn all the way break, goats, severing what ties stand between you and the next horizon. You've retained all the most vital lessons, so move ahead in the direction of passion and progress. Take the risk with ease knowing that you carry along within you an enhanced wisdom and an ever evolving skill set.

Capricorn of The Week: BJ Ryan

I wish for you plenty of touching, cuddling, cooing and such this new year, water bearers. May you indulge in the affection, relish in the sense of harmony and bask in the safety net of caring energies. Aim for that type of sweet, golden interaction. Because you deserve and also need it.

Aquarius of The Week: Elizabeth of York

You're just re-entering the playing fields, I see. That's fabulous news. We missed you. You're an invaluable member of the team and we look forward to learning once more from your uniquely arranged point of view. The floor is all yours, fish. Give us the inside scoop, like you always so naturally do...

Pisces of The Week: Mario Monti