Week of October 23, 2013

Less than one hundredth of one percent of the deep sea has been glimpsed by humans. That's about how much exploring you have yet to do within your own self, rams. Similarly, there is a whole other world below the surface which Remains untapped. And just like the sea, it is vast, regenerative, mysterious and fascinating.

Aries of The Week: Jessica Lange

Whether you're feeling confident or anxious, the solution is the same, bulls. Leap forward, live in the present and act on your instinct. Let improvisation solve the riddle as you go along. Open your eyes/ears and move unpredictably about.

Taurus of The Week: Tina Fey

Youve got all the tools you need to make decisive moves in whichever direction you choose, twins. So practice acting on your own behalf rather than reacting to others needs, expectations, and fantasies. Notice that as you begin executing your own plans, regardless of whether or not it gets the popular vote, your own sense of clarity, calm and coherence exponentially grows.

Gemini of The Week: Lana del Rey

Create a winter power totem for yourself, crabs. Who/what is the symbol of the magic you wish to cultivate over the inner months? What skills and qualities does it posess? What is its mantra? How is it dressed? Where does it come from? What is its personal myth?

Cancer of The Week: Jaden Smith

Eastern medicine is based on the Tao, a principle of impartiality which makes no personal exceptions in its determinations. Make this your own credo, lions, in the months ahead. Do what's truly right, which may or may not necessarily be "kind". It ain't even about that. Just Keep it real, my dude.

Leo of The Week: New Democratic party of Canada

Ceremonial magic takes place within a circle for a few good reasons. Firstly, it affirms an equal balance with your work, all points being equidistant from the center. Secondly, it affirms the limitations implied by your devotions, and that you are no longer wandering about aimlessly. Keep in mind virg, that this circle can be the size you want it to be. Make the bubble either big enough to make room or tight enough to be more exclusive. There's a time and a place for each.

Virgo of The Week: Evan Rachel wood

You will most likely discover that even the situations which appear to be working against you are NOT. Even those most challenging of events are meant to unlock something in you scales, lead you to a higher realization, and trigger deeper awareness. It may take time for the positives to manifest, but when they do you'll appreciate the trials, for all the strengths that are born of them, regardless of the struggle it comes along with.

Libra of The Week: The Beatles first single-"Love me do"

Maintain your posture, scorp. My galactic sources tell me that these final moments in whatever particular ongoing battle you've been enduring come down to your stance. Keep your position and don't sweat it. Hold your energy for this final haul. It's nearly over, but won't be complete without this final love-muscle test.

Scorpio of The Week: Once upon a time (the series)

If you see "silver twinklies" in someones aura, apparently this is a sign of fertility and creativity. I bet if I read yours, archers, I would see something like that. Youre beyond prolific right now, and I advise you to both enjoy it and take advantage. Get things done and also experience the joy that comes with your renewal. Have fun with your fires but also put them to use, while they are teeming.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Caroline Myss

Embrace your fate on a daily basis, goats. Not only will doing so erase certain longstanding tension, it will also relieve you of the tiring duty of always having to figure things out for yourself. The universe has some ideas of its own, and believe me when I tell you that those are in your best interest. The only difference is that you dont have to figure anything out. Just show up.

Capricorn of The Week: Malcolm Young

Can you name your allies, water bearer? Make a list and have it to me by the end of the week, including the reasons behind it. You'll thank me later for the task. Just get to it right away, for two main reasons. First, I wouldn't want you to place your trust in the wrong person. And more importantly, I wouldn't want you to underestimate, overlook, or undermine the right ones.

Aquarius of The Week: Apollo theater reopens in Harlem

You know what's true, fish and your target is in clear sight. So take leave and take aim. If stepping away from the "group" allows you to focus better, then make your exit. Leave the distraction and the responsibility to be your own agent for the time being. This move is one that's long overdue so now would be ideal.

Pisces of The Week: Holly Hunter