Week of September 17, 2013

Slow your roll, rams. Instead of speeding ahead, take time to notice the subtleties and catch up on your studies. In the meantime, things will come to fruition on their own, in perfect time.

Aries of The Week: Linda Goodman

Be the master/mistress of your craft, bulls. Take both pride and joy in your method, and be willing to teach it to those with a pure interest. You're ready to take such responsibility, and make that type of commitment.

Taurus of The Week: Christian Wargo

Do what you love twins, whenever possible. Let your heart skip along to a playful beat, free for the moment of over riding obligation and suffocating duties. Get a nice big dose of fun before you return to your "agenda", which will hopefully add the right new dynamic to your continued endeavors.

Gemini of The Week: Carmine Coppola

Don't wait around much longer, crabs. The time is right to be pro-active. Push ahead and relentlessly Pursue your goals. Seize your happiness by the nape of the neck, and don't let go until you've rejoined yourself to it. Dont be shy now, just say it and do it YOUR WAY.

Cancer of The Week: Jenji Kohan

Listen long to your inner voice. Take the space necessary to unravel those thoughts and feelings all the way. Then decide what moves are precisely right for you, based on what you hear and discover.

Leo of The Week: Candid camera makes tv debut

Can you retain poise and elegance while grappling with the details virg? Is there a way to persist with your agenda without losing your graceful style? The stars predict you've got what it takes, as long as you're willing to practice the juggle.

Virgo of The Week: Anne Bancroft

Express your burning sentiment, scales, whatever it may be. Let it rip. Your season is upon us, which means all eyes will be looking in your direction anyway. Take advantage of the spotlight and rock, revel, and roll.

Libra of The Week: Chuck Berry

Articulate your plans for us, dear scorp, based on your recent most empathies and your proposed resolutions. Defend those in need of your sharp intelligence and compassionate awareness by firstly stepping out on their behalf. In these cases, you DO know best, that's for sure.

Scorpio of The Week: The goddess of reason

Stick to your truth and maintain integrity, archer. Continue to refuse those loyalties not in accord with your beliefs, while attempting to invest your energy in those areas you are authentically inspired and motivated by.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Horace

Feeling extra hard core goats? Then go with it. Don't hold back your intensity, instead let it act as a springboard, fueling you with the power you need to thrust forward. Embrace your strength and let it undo any obstacles.

Capricorn of The Week: Zack de la Rocha

Just be you, without trying to weasel out or around the cameras. Look directly into the audience, even if it's that's just a crowd of one, and unapologetically reveal your true colors.

Aquarius of The Week: Rebel Wilson

To begin with, acknowledge your state of mind, body, and heart. Then make as many wishes required to make it clear to yourself and the universe what you WANT. What's your ideal world look like, fish. Let's start by you coming up with a blueprint.

Pisces of The Week: Casmir Pulaski