Week of August 13, 2013

What becomes of a dream deferred, rams? Well it just keeps a-spinning along waiting for you to find it. Sooooo um take the hint. Step away from the broken glass, I.e "missed "opportunity. You've experienced the emotional loss of being divorced from your fate as well as understood the reasons behind it. With that clear perspective you can now therefore move in the right time and rhythm.

Aries of The Week: The first space shuttle space walk

To get exactly what you want you'll have to be precise, bulls, straightforward and not awkward about your intention. Protect yourself less and be more honest. Stay true to your desires by speaking on their behalf. No other charm or beguiling is needed to make your point. Leave out the frills, be genuine and do right by you and everyone involved.

Taurus of The Week: Emma Darwin

Don't sweat the crowds, twins. You're waaaaaay ahead of the curve. So instead of wondering when the others will catch up and get it, take advantage of your lead and rejuvenate. Since you've already done all the tasks, marvel at the cosmos for a bit, stroll in the winds, try not to think too much about tomorrow, enjoy the scenery of clouds/sunsets/twilight as they roll in and out, and take lots of random dance breaks.

Gemini of The Week: International surrealist exhibition

Theres no weaseling out of what your own intuition is asking you to do, crabs. At this point you either prune the fields or remain stuck in the tangled vines. Keep in mind that life can neither grow nor thrive in the midst of such density. So would you please kindly pull the weeds that are obstructing the light. ? Theres really no other option, so that should make it easy.

Cancer of The Week: Babe Ruth's debut in MLB

I recommend the following, cats::: should you realize you, in fact, NEED a certain person or thing, then be not prideful, clever or lazy. If it turns out that obtaining this turns out to be more difficult than you were anticipating, don't grow stubborn, moody, or demanding. You might be left hung out to dry for an uncomfortable minute or two but it will be enlightening. Plus having to wait will build endurance. Consider it a worthy spiritual test to remain patient yet not pushy, trusting but not testy.

Leo of The Week: Audrey Tatou

I know you are never one to fall into the trap of glamor, virg. Please, youve long been immune to the temptation of fools good. Youve never needed the approval or attention of others to verify your careful designs. Still, the amount of extra notice and invitation you're about to receive is higher than average, so I just want to advise you to stick to your design, and don't sign any new contracts as those will most definitely benefit the other party more than you for the time being.

Virgo of The Week: The locomotive JOHN BULL

You won't gain any actual power by either posturing or being mysterious, scales. Skip the attempts to flex and perplex. Be real and stay that way. Show yourself and the rest of the crew that you're serious by remaining present, dealing with the highs and the low as they come, but without losing the ground you stand on. There's no short cuts so save yourself the time and energy. The route is a lot smoother once you committ to it all the way.

Libra of The Week: Julia Sweeney

Unplugging, taking time off from your emotional responsibilities, and unwinding is for strictly transformative reasons, scorp. Stepping out will reverse what holding patterns have been preventing your full movement, awareness and expression. What you're actually experiencing as angst is just the precursor to a rather electrical breakthrough, which just needs a little more space than average to unleash its full, potent self.

Scorpio of The Week: Jeanette rankin is the first woman elected to the house of representatives

Got any total getaways planned for summers end, archer? I predict that as you retreat into the wild, you reawaken certain more mystical aspects of yourself. Removed from the confines and obligations of society, you'll rediscover freedom of movement, levitate beyond the illusion of limitation and return with a more keen sense of joy and the wings it uses to carry itself.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Modern neon lighting

Chill-ax goats. Release your grip and try floating for a change. Walk like youre on the moon, relinquishing the importance of gravity. Without the need to steer things in a particular direction, you can explore the galaxy, inhaling it's many wonders! While you're serenely touring the scenes, don't even let me catch you looking back over your shoulde at the duties you left behind. Everything will be just as it was when you return, I promise. Just let your imagination take the reigns, or in this case, NOT take them.

Capricorn of The Week: Diego Luna

It's not a race or a competition, water bearers. The sooner you stop wrestling and/or hustling the easier it will be to connect to the tremendous fortune at hand. Keep the beat but stay out of the circus. Without the need to prove yourself or solve the paradigm, you'll have more energy to travel and invent with, my dear. And aren't those just exactly the hobbies you are wishing to give more attention to? Hmmmm?

Aquarius of The Week: The first apple Mac goes on sale

Acknowledge all the partnerships you've got, fish. That will help you to feel less lonely and more balanced. It will also cause you to remember the other side to things, recall an alternative perspective, and learn to rely on its wisdom as a necessary complement to having a complete point of view. Add your opposite, work with it, and integrate its wisdom and posture. Doing this will promote health, permit clarity, and provide proper support.

Pisces of The Week: MC solaar