Week of July 11, 2013

ARIES You couldn't anticipate the awesomeness of the events ahead if you tried. So don't. Let things unfold naturally, so you can not only take in the full breathtaking view but also register the complete magic, inhale the total mysticalness. Roll with the musings, and be thusly fully inspired and transformed by them.

Aries of The Week: World Health organization

Say your last goodbyes, bulls. Give a nice wave, a quick kiss, and be on your merry way. It's high time to put on your walking shoes and skip along. Don't stop to reconsider things on your way out. Ski-daddle to the next destination without a second lingering thought. A well deserved and much over-do delicious fate awaits you.

Taurus of The Week: Horace Mann

Heres my simple advice in the month ahead. (Though I'm hoping you can turn it into an everyday thing) If/when any other(s) don't show the required interest in adding their own mojo to your potent stew, leave them out of the equation for now. This will save you precious energy, increase your sense of self respect and reduce your level of irritation.

Gemini of The Week: El deBarge

To get to where you're headed/ partake in the greatness of your own destiny, you'll not only have to create some clear and precise boundaries, you'll also have to set them in stone. The sooner you draw the line, the less you'll have to fight for what's already yours, crabs. This ain't a new lesson, but the moment to learn it is now ripe.

Cancer of The Week: The first MLB all star game

It's pretty insane that after feeding the world with your fires all day, they'd turn around and bitch about anything. So there's two ways you an handle the situation. Set it right by either re-negotiating your valuable resources and withdrawing whenever you feel under-appreciated. And then you can also/either refuse to be criticized, while continuing to justify your cause by virtue of the fact that you're the one providing the illumination, the fuel, and the glory. Nuff said.

Leo of The Week: Dolores del rio

Theres no two ways about it virg. If you hope to accomplish that wish list in the month ahead, you'll most def have to stop holding certain people's hands, taking responsibility for what isn't yours, and start placing your own priorities, goals on the top of your daily list. You'll have to be inflexible in your agenda and guilt free in your commitment to it, to pull this trick all the way off.

Virgo of The Week: Handels messiah

Contrary to what you or others believe and practice, you dont have to Immediately respond to most situations, scales. Taking your time may be counter intuitive but it's also key to maintaining clarity, accessing creative thoughts, and obtaining a more authentic momentum, at the moment.

Libra of The Week: Graham Greene

When Saturn, the planet of discipline stations itself in your sign, you've really got little choice in the matter but to straighten up, get your ducks in a row, and follow the rules. It's a heavy but a wise hand that lays upon you now, scorp. But I will say this- if you can sit still long enough to hear out the stricter side, you'll soon discover that if you follow suit you're actually gaining more freedom than you're giving up, when all is said and done.

Scorpio of The Week: Larry King

You'll figure things out as you go, archer, like always. But this time take notes. You'll want to remember all the richness of the lessons at hand. Absorb the experiences all the way. Let yourself comprehend the idea as well as the feeling as well as the implication as well as the inspiration.

Sagiattarius of The Week: John Cassavetes

The universe awaits your proposal goats. Bite the bullet when you're feeling up to it in the month ahead and seal the deal. . Once you settle on a plan, the rest is cake, with whatever type of frosting & filling you personally prefer.

Capricorn of The Week: Stephen Austin receives a grant of land in Texas from Mexico

The less concerned you are about being able to "identify" with the old you, the sooner youll be able to welcome and also enjoy the fresh flavor. To aid in the process of unveiling and fortifying the next version, I encourage you to practice. Whenever you have a choice and are given a chance to put your most recent (but less sturdy) attitudes, lessons, and styles into practice, give it a whirl. Those new legs can only get strong if you practice standing on them...

Aquarius of The Week: New jersey grants the first American railroad charter

Theres not a slight but an ENORMOUS difference between being a worry wort and being proactive, fish. And, well it's just time to funnel your angst through the proper channel. At this stage, anything you do is more effective than internalizing your fears and desires. Make it a daily habit in the weeks ahead to express your loving intentions, your highest aspirations, your sincerest goals by any means necessary, noticing how it manages to calm the storm inside you as well as offer it direction.

Pisces of The Week: Kate Sheppard