Week of June 10, 2013

They say you sleep when you're dead, right rams? Well why wait till then? Adding a little r & r to your agenda and/or enlisting what type of support you need to more smoothly execute your moves is just a way of practically ensuring that you reach those goals. So open up to the notion of efficiency, embrace it, and integrate it into your practice. Let it modify the extremes and ground the process, making everything MUCH more do-able.

Aries of The Week: Journey of reconciliation, first inter racial freedom ride

Pack it up,bulls. You're going on a journey not so far away technically but spiritually it's leaps and bounds from here. So lighten your load starting now-ish. The less betrothed you are, the easier it will be to float forward. Cut the ties that overly bind you, blind you, and hide you. Step out, signifying that you are absolutely ready for the glorious freedom that awaits.

Taurus of The Week: Labbatt park, oldest operating baseball grounds

Let the clang and clatter do what it will twins. Whether or not, like myself, you happen to live in one of the worlds loudest cities, there will be jabbering and buzzing, maybe some hollering and howling. Regardless of what type of ceaseless activity occurs, practice your zen mindset, which is still and calm in the face of turbulence, wiser yet in the midst of ignorance, resolutely peaceful despite the cacophony, consistently aware of the harmonies within the so called chaos, and ever able to maneuver your ways around and about them.

Gemini of The Week: Chicago L train

So a bunch of planets just moved into your sign, including mercury, which changes the air waves significantly. The communication climate switches from one of quick mental firing to more fluid dreamlike transmissions. Theres a tendency to bob around, cruise, croon, and sometimes withdraw completely. I'm not telling you crabs about anything you don't already know. I'm just re-iterating that you should feel right at home about all this.

Cancer of The Week: The first cultured pearl

One of my clients recently had an aha moment. I realize, she exclaimed with relief and satisfaction, that when truly dis engaging and attempting not to lend energy to anything I do not wish to grow, meant contributing no extra thought as WELL as no literal attention to it. Cats, I couldn't agree more. To take away the momentum of a thing entirely,it's necessary to detach psychically as much as physically. That includes no musing, pondering, or considering, even.

Leo of The Week: Charlotte Ronson

I met a Virgo this week who was about to take the graduate record exam, seeking to know what he should "do" in the final week of preparation. The answer was simple. Relax, breathe, trust yourself, and don't let your desire for the win cloud your focus. Just go in and let the answers flow. It's no longer a matter of preparation, but of maintaining access to what skill and wisdom you already posess by remaining chill.

Virgo of The Week: Benjamin Orr

Sometimes when I can't sleep, I go hunting for lost treasures, letting my instincts guide me through the city streets towards various destinations which always end up revealing truths, nourishing my imagination, or confirming my on going dialogue and conspiracy of cultivation with the universe. So when you require some perspective or are feeling curious, scales, wander about and let the whispering winds usher you towards the awareness you seek.

Libra of The Week: Triton, neptunes largest moon is discovered

You know better than most that for new life to begin, there must actually be a complete letting go, right scorp? Well even if that's a more natural concept to you than everyone else, that's not to say you wouldn't need a little help every now and then releasing. Even you, oh sign of death and regeneration, may find yourself forming attachments that block the necessary transformation. Luckily your heart knows what's up and when it's time to relinquish. As long as you don't fight the currents that are rising within you, trying to exert control over the vibes, it will all go down rather easily.

Scorpio of The Week: Santa fe trail

The term slow your roll is taking on a whole new meaning. And well not to take pleasure in your pain, but I think it's just what the doctor ordered for you. A big heavy dose of composure, reflection, and zoning out is so key to your growth right now. So let the lullaby soothe and groove you. Without doubt or resistance, adopt your most playful attitude and frolic in the waves that are washin over.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Aztec calendar stone

Break up the monotony why dontcha cap? Instead of forcing it when you don't feel the "magic", create some new energies to feed yourself with first. Switch it up, and then go back and feed your projects. Gather alternative perspective(s). Increase your awareness. Electrify your senses. Whatever it takes to turn things round.

Capricorn of The Week: Kay Francis

The blueprints are in order, water bearer. No further sketching is required. So come on and get all the way out of your head. It's spring,after all. Birds are chirping. Flowers and trees are showing off. Sun is shining. Planet is fresh. And winds are freely flowing. Follow suit and just bloom ON.

Aquarius of The Week: Charles Dumas

Should you stay or should you go? To be honest, fish, at this point it doesnt even matter. Just choose a direction and go with it. Either way you'll figure it out as you adventure the course. Which leads me to the next point, of taking things as they come, staying willing , curious, and cognizant of all that you are able to understand by just being on the path. There's room for exploration, fish, so take advantage of the learning curve by first committing to the experience.

Pisces of The Week: Dakota Fanning