Week of May 6, 2013

Gravity will not just put an end to your confusion, it will also allow you to feel the reality that what you relentlessly seek is actually calmly resting in your lap! Lay your anguish to rest, rams, literally. The jokes on you for a change, in a really good way.

Aries of The Week: Keshia knight Pullman

It's spring, bulls and so it's time to peek your head out from behind the winter blankets,wear less protective garb in general and play with the rest of the budding flowers. Speaking of, it looks like you've acquired some fresh new styles and colors over the cold months. Give us a teaser.

Taurus of The Week: Donatella Versace

Listen up twins. To do this may require less multi-tasking, rearranging, parading, and maintaining. There's a higher call which appears to be attempting to move you away from stifling corners and illusionary blockages in your thinking. Just give those noises your full attention, and allow them to herald what truths are necessary for fuller awakening.

Gemini of The Week: Louise Erdrich

You don't have to go anywhere, or make a scene. Just be clear and straightforward crabs. Don't think of the best way to say it, just let it rip clean. This unveiling is simpler than it seems so don't over analyze it. Just honor your wisdom with your words and by your choices.

Cancer of The Week: Donkey kong

A stubborn approach will get you nowhere right now cats. Putting your foot down to cause a future result is just plain futile in this context. So loosen up, liven up, and stick to the moment at hand.

Leo of The Week: The Saturday evening post

Less work is more in the weeks ahead virg. Private adventure, inner musing, and aimless gazing will cultivate this alternative perspective, which shows you the direct relationship between standing back and reaching a "goal".

Virgo of The Week: The game of POLO

It's sipping time, scales. And by that I mean mixing flavors on your palate, swooshing them around and maybe even swallowing. This is the spring alchemy your mind, body, and soul have been yearning for. So get INTO it.

Libra of The Week: Usher

Ya when you enter the room the music stops. Not because you're strange, but because you're stunning. Not because you're killing the fun but because you ARE the fun. Swagger on scorp and strut your potent stuff. Game ON (for everyone)

Scorpio of The Week: Big pun

You probably gotta get a little more serious than you thought would be necessary, archer. Anyway just lay your law down and get it over with so you can move along. State your truths, draw your lines in the sand, and own your views, regardless if that pleases anyone or not.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Illinois

You're in limbo, cap, neither here nor there. And there are some real benefits to that. Instead of using your mental and spiritual faculties to scale the mountain or guide others along the way, you're just hanging out marinating in your own juices, observing your inner voice and listening to the chirping of birds and what they are telling you. There is much awareness and recuperation to be gained at this time.

Capricorn of The Week: Faye Dunawaye

Theres no need to compete, water bearer. Take what's yours and own it. Fasten your grip on what you worked so hard for and don't release until your authority on the matter has been entirely established. Dont back down until you have claimed what is rightfully yours.

Aquarius of The Week: Jeffrey Schroeder

You're on the road to nowhere fish. Enjoy it. Without a need to struggle getting here or there you can max and relax, chill and enjoy the ride. Who knows where you'll end up, to what interesting shores you might travel. The momentum as well as the mystery are medicinal.

Pisces of The Week: Rudolf Diesel