Week of April 4, 2013

You neither need to fight nor push nor be guided nor perform any magic tricks to get to experience the especially beautiful bounty of the moment. Just remain present, ram. Sit still and open up. Kick off your steel toed boots and  Join the dance of your own personal harvest. All your labor has been made into love. Now ENJOY.

Aries of The Week: Dolores Huerta

You're in need of a good dose, bulls. So shake it up, jump into the blaze and eat the fires whole. Be receptive to the electric current of transformation thats kindly offering itself. It will even your scales.

Taurus of The Week: Robert Smith

To continue momentum as you turn this major corner, keep cruising twins. Don't over think it, or stop to do extra business with the flowers. It's not important that you check the guages or mess with the knobs. You've got plenty of fuel so just keep going and going until your wings get tired, which, according to my calculations shouldn't be anytime soon.

Gemini of The Week: H.B Reese

It's a balancing act, crabs, but one that is ultimately absolutely worth your time. Your swift evolution depends on your ability to coordinate your dream space with the earthscape, which includes but is not limited to actualizing such notions, following through on the plan, and doing the physical work required. Blending the pragmatic with your fantasy gives you what backbone you need to travel even more swiftly and smoothly.

Cancer of The Week: Bob Fosse

Every end is a beginning, cats. And so on and so forth. So to usher in the dawn, let the nighttime fade away completely. And vice versa. There's a new tune being sung, sugar and if I know you like I think I do you wouldn't want to miss it for the world. So relax and follow the flow. Your overarching efforts are not required. Just let it unfold.

Leo of The Week: Jennifer Lawrence

Virg, if I've told you once I've told you a billion times. Don't nail yourself to that old rusty cross please. Not only is it dangerous, it's also a cop out. Your self imposed suffering drives a literal wedge between you and others, making an authentically balanced exchange virtually impossible. So cut the storyline, skip the demonstration of devotion and service and just do what you feel WHEN you feel.

Virgo of The Week: Howard Zinn

Be "unavailable" in the weeks ahead, scales. Now is the aries season of selfishness, as opposed to the usual diplomacy you are accostomed to. This attitude adjustment couldn't come at a better time for you. Removing your energy from the field will remind you and everyone else exactly what you bring to it, give all a chance to remember exactly how important, helpful, and brilliant your inner light.

Libra of The Week: Lindsey Buckingham

Consider yourself officially off duty, scorp. You've gotten every sign in the world pointing in that same direction. Now, for the purpose of your mental, emotional, creative and sexual health please heed it. Before you return to your life giving ways, zone all the way out. Duck under the radar and do not return until you feel a genuine urge to do so.

Scorpio of The Week: Ad-rock

Oh So you're strutting your stuff as usual and your bow and arrow hits a heavy, immovable stone. What to do? Well you could just remove your tools and keep on keeping on. Or you could acknowledge the fact that you met this target for a reason, polar opposite as it may be. Even if your interactions are not so fluid at first, I urge you to stay, learn from your opposite, exchange strengths and work it out slowly, TOGETHER.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Margaret Cho

The truth is cap, you've been sending mixed signals for a while now. So stop that. Do you or don't you? Instead of calling things towards you and then running off, try to remain in the presence of the energy you are requesting. It will indeed knock you clean off your frigid throne of reasoning and calculations, and yes you'll have to roll around in the mud without your shoes on, and drink of the earths nectar, which is really sweet goats, not poisonous at all.

Capricorn of The Week: Zora Neale Hurston

You've made the necessary choices, water bearer. Everything is in its right place. You cracked the code and now its time to move on to fertile ground and plant the new seed. Turn all the way towards those opportunities and lean into the horizon. The spring, summer, fall: yours for the taking .

Aquarius of The Week: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Act on your instincts, fish. Say and do what you feel. Let what is bursting arise forth, your movements natural and spontaneous. Dis regard the need for perfect presentation. Just allow those spirited notions to work through you. Rock it rockets.

Pisces of The Week: Rhianna