Week of March 6, 2013

Ok so things arent unfolding in exactly the way you either hoped or imagined. But no matter the route, the destination remains. Don't waste any time trying to figure out if the gods are testing your faith or your cojones. Theres no need to panic at the curves in the road. Reaching your goal is inevitable. In fact its so secure, the universe intends to use the extra time to hone your muscle and sharpen your focus via a variety of obstacle courses, which, once you stop watching the clock, Im certain you'll quite enjoy.

Aries of The Week: Kristin Stewart

School's in SESSION bulls. And The more unusual the subject, the better your time spent studying it. Instead of applying your mental energy towards solving what riddles you already know the answers to, attempt to tackle those mysteries you have not yet begun to unravel. All thats required of you is a mind open enough to absorb the richness of facts. Curiosity will lead you to the hot spots.

Taurus of The Week: Alan Ball

There must be a cure for the boredom at hand, twins, but how, what, when, where, why? Well for starters let's do away with the notion entirely. If you look hard enough, it's pretty obvious that everything is interesting in its own right. Therefore the question becomes not what is exciting of its own accord, but how can you present it as such? Get a head start on your inner genius, Gem. Spring into the season with a fresh attitude, inclined to re-invent and re-arrange what lies within your personal range of vision.

Gemini of The Week:Jake Johnson

Is there really any such thing as "quaint", crabs? Im not convinced that there is a person, place, or thing, which genuinely embodies this concept. Beneath the facade of peaceful restraint, there is always either a clawed beast being held forcibly at bay, an unpredictable temperament kept in check, and/or a volcanic tension ticking like a time bomb, My point is, don't fall for that bullshit. Pry deeper until you get the raw answers. Look beyond the pristine organization. Read between the lines, especially the ones that are stacked so neatly.

Cancer of The Week: Arianna Huffington

Every freelancer has a spot they go to get sh---t done, cats, particularly those of us that inhabit small NYC apartments. Theres a few Brooklyn joints I like to frequent myself. In the day I gather my inspiration from a coffee lounge with Swedish espresso, hot tatooed boys, and lotsa green plants. And at night I churn it out at a grubby diner with free orange juice refills and posters of horror movies donning the walls. Thats where I go to get down with my shadow side, gritty and unrefined. I recommend you take a similar approach in regards to your business and creative life, thriving by way of both airy progressivenss and marginal discovery.

Leo of The Week: Jessica Capshaw

There couldn't be a better time to take a break from the media, pop communication, intergalactic business, etc. With your ruling planet in retrograde, trying to do your usual rapid conversion will likely not go as smoothly, and will actually probably cause more trouble than its worth. If you havent discovered this to be true already, you will soon enough virgins, so don't push it. Spend more time dreaming and less trying to make sense. Answers will arrive, just not at a lightning pace. Stay patient and enjoy the extra breathing/musing room for a change.

Virgo of The Week: Chris Tucker

This is one of those months, pardon me one of those YEARS, where things will never seem to remain in perfect balance. That's not to say they won't be smooth, but it's the season of the snake who slithers round, up, down, backwards, forwards, etc. So instead of seeing this as a constant disturbance, let it BE scales, and consider yourself off duty. It's not your job for now to make sure everything remains in an immaculate equilibrium. Use the time to explore and invent, giddily reaching beyond your own creative limits.

Libra of The Week: Jimmy Fallon

There are SOME roses which doth not fade, scorpio. There's a certain type of ecstasy which makes endless returns. So don't give up and do believe in the immortal thrill. You are ruled by the 8th house of change, and therefore you can innately grasp the "death" cycle as an authentic, sublime, continuous and orgasmic phenomenon. So embrace the potent swell, even in its pointed-ness, and remember that the beauty and the dramatics always go hand in hand.

Scorpio of The Week: Edwin Booth

You could keep analyzing, looking over the spilled milk, OR you could sweep up the pieces, throw away the trash and see what's happening right around the corner. Not only will you be greeted by some surprising new findings, and means of abundance, but you'll also find there some fresf allies, with some uplifting, encouraging and perhaps even exotic vibes to get you in the mood for the days AHEAD.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Steve Biko

Take the hand that's offered, goats, even if it means traveling beyond your limits. It's a passage to adventure, plain and simple. So let it happen. Pack light. And, oh, if by chance you lose any baggage along the way, consider it the universes polite way of saying you didn't need that actually..

Capricorn of The Week: Sweet dreams (are made of this)

There's a higher call, which beats louder than reason, even, water bearers. Simply be a beacon of that awareness. Lend an ear to the message, pointing your energy in the direction of its calling. Just represent the clarity that sheds light on the path of true progress, by remaining totally tuned in.

Aquarius of The Week: Dave Davies

It would behoove you to trust your own intuition, 100 percent, fishes. Despite the ebb and flow of its momentum, it knows what it's doing, it's rate and speed changing in proportion to the obstacles at hand. Those rhythms are skipping to whatever beat is necessary to avoid danger, and-or maintain access to the flow. So trust and please cooperate with the tides.

Pisces of The Week: Justin bieber