Week of February 3, 2013

It's clear that any attempts to short-cut or by pass haven't landed you what opportunity you seek. So why not approach this in a style that is more suited to your own anyway, rams? Instead of side-swiping, aim straight for your target. The difference in result is staggering and not sublte. Whereas the underhanded maneuevering continues to elude you and thwart your mission of attainment, direct honesty and admission of goals gets you at least one solid foot in the desired door.

Aries of The Week: Easter Island

Wait it out, taurus. And as you do, contemplate and reflect. That way when spring arrives, you can act with precision, handle your business, and rule the world how you do. Take advantage of the breathing room, and use it as a means to dig your heels in even deeper. Some of those ducks will just have to get in a row on their own, but that doesn't mean you can't be super ready for when they do...

Taurus of The Week: Queen Beatrix of the netherlands

I have a grand idea. Why not let your worries hang out on the line while you come inside and fill up on some rest and TLC. I predict that as you provide some much needed nourishment to yourself, those anxieties will dissipate on their own, re- ripening the fields of your mind to prepare for a pure, angst-free enlightenment.

Gemini of The Week: Ben Frankling discovers lightning is electricity

Take responsbility for your sentiments and musings, crabs. As you do, illusion evaporates. In following the rhythm of your heart without question, you are once more able to attract towards you that which you most truly cherish and desire. Remain open to inner undualtions, and its sea of dancing dreams unfolds itself exponentially before you.

Cancer of The Week: Andy Warhols Soup Can Exhbition

At this point, having a co-executive, i.e. someone to help oversee and add alternative viewpoints to the vastness of your kingdom will not only get the ball rolling in a much needed way, it will also avert disaster/breakdown from too much pressure. So if sharing the throne means sacrficing some of your own rigidity, cats, rest assured it's worth it, in both the short and the long run. You'll immediately see.

Leo of The Week: Lincoln Memorial Design on the US Penny

Although it feels like you're walking a tight-rope while hauling concrete, virg, this is just an (albeit excruciating) way to help you tap all the way into your secretest powers. IN this case, maintaining concentration is a matter of grace and prowess. Be reminded in these moments of your own mental muscle, grabbing full hold of its depth in fortiutude. This is only a chance to experience and remember all the way the miraculous strength of your own backbone, which is also the key to your bounty.

Virgo of The Week: Temple Of Jupiter

Be ruthless in your attempt to build a home for your dreams. Collaborate with those that add vitality to its design. Continue to operate from a place of awareness, consideration, progressiveness and perserverance. Add structure to your vision so that it can thrive, letting what ideas you've so long cultivated come to brilliant, lasting life.

Libra of The Week: Air France

To experience the wealth you deserve, believe in it scorp. To attain what you justly deserve, expect such results. To achieve the value of what you are worth, be open to receiving it. To taste the fruit of your reward, accept those gifts. Sit with confidence at the table of your own harvest. Simply recognize the abundance as your own, and its yours for the taking, sweet pea.

Scorpio of The Week: Russell Means

Let go and let live, as they say archer. The month ahead bears the theme of relinquishment and replenishment. Not so much labor intensive as it is relief-oriented. The point is to accept the times when there isn't always an objective or a goal, and to surrender the need entirely to control the outcome. You may find this silly at first, but after a while chances are you'll be feeling so extra groovy, you'll wish you'd adopted this attitude all the sooner.

Sagiattarius of The Week: Richard Pryor

Step down from the lawmaking platform, goats. Resuming a fresher posture is essential to your mental, emotional and physical health. So scat, and take that literally. Having no rhyme or reason to things is also how you'll be able to determine your next steps, giving you the freedom to explore what new way you'd like to relate to your world. With eyes still wide open, but without having to vigilantly guard your agenda, hop along and smell the flowers for a lil while.

Capricorn of The Week: beginning of SUMMER OF LOVE

If there is some negotiation, rivalry, competition, or parlaying that you feel is well beneath the vastness of your own higher esteemed scope, then shimmy on water bearers. Not only are you guaranteed extra mojo in the season of your personal birth, but you've already got plenty of rocket fuel to begin with. You've never got caught in the tangles of trifling, base matters ever before and have always played by your own NON rules. These times are no different. So scoot. Or shall I say, ASCEND.

Aquarius of The Week: Snow white and the Seven Dwarves

Don't budge until you get what you came here for, fish. Don't you dare move an inch until your requests have been taken seriously. You've tried all other moves and this is the only card left to play. The good news is, it'll WORK. So practice stubborn endurance. Sit still for a good cause, acting like a rock with no timeframe in mind particularly, just for as long as it takes until your needs have been heard and actively respected.

Pisces of The Week: International Women's Day