Week of January 2, 2013

It's only natural for you to "fight", rams. Being ruled by Mars, the action oriented planet which is ever exerting its fiery pressure upon you to engage in battle, makes it even more difficult to trust any less thrilling ride. But you can only actually turn your whole situation around once you lower your dukes. That makes your hands available to RECEIVE what you are most hungry for. Release your anger for the sake of nourishment. Don't think of it as a surrender of your foxy fire, rather consider this a way to rest your flames thoroughly enough that they can resume a more precise focus.

Aries of the week: Dennis Quaid

Less vigilance, more swiftness, bulls. Don't think twice. For the new year, let being less suspicious be a big part of your resolution. Open your eyes, ears, and the remainder of your orifices to the magic of RIGHT NOW, which is bursting with potential and flowing with abundance. Travel lighter so that the cosmos has direct access to you and your heart. Be filled by the novelty, bliss, and spirit of renewal that is in your total midst.

Taurus of the week: Nina Garcia

Hand over the keys for a while, twins. Take your eyes off the road for a spell. Let loose and dance. Revive and replenish your spirit and also be reminded that despite the magnitude of your brain, you aren't the final boss. It's nice to know there is a power even greater than you, watching over in the same way that you keep such a close eye on others, and just as willing to intervene when the time is right. Revel in the opportunity to listen, dream, and celebrate while the universe pilots itSELF for the time being.

Gemini of the week: Geronimo

Suddenly it will HIT you, crabs, and you'll know exactly what to do and how. My advice to you at that point is to waste no further time. Once your fire has been lit, just let it happen and follow the excitement. This awareness and sense of empowerment has been a long time coming so there's no need to squibble squabble over fine print. You've got about as much momentum as a rocket, so let it propel you outwards. There's no cause to check your instinct and/or hold it back in the days to come.

Cancer of the week: The United States Interstate highway system

Don't fear your emotions or (over)sensitivities this month, lions. Even if their storm knocks you down and over for a while, it will also help you to get to the heated heart of the matter and penetrate past the obstacles once and for all. Its a fact that the only way to unravel certain mysteries and release longstanding tensions, in this case, is to experience a vulnerability that allows you to get all the way in touch. Sure, that may blindsight you for a small minute but it will also wipe away particular confusions, delusions, illusions for GOOD.

Leo of the week: Victoria Jackson

You've done the work, virg. And, as always, you've been successful. Not that anyone would KNOW, humble as you ever are. But that's beside the point. This is just a note to say that you don't have to settle. If there isn't the right place to plant your seed, the perfect home for your plans, the exact road you wish to travel, or the ideal partners to team up with, keep looking, and swimming against the tide. Continue to turn the pages until the horizon that reflects the true expanse of your hopes and dreams reveals its familiar self to you.

Virgo of the week: O Henry

It appears that the same old (mis)communication issue continues to replay itself over and over. Therefore I suggest getting to the root of its cause and pulling the weed from the core. You can do it scales. Be forthright but keep your foot down. Don't mince your words, but do make it clear that your concern is sincere. Address the underlying pattern while in the same breath introducing the plan you believe to be more effective. Do away with what is no longer relevant but also replace the paradigm with a one that is more updated and comprehensive.

Libra of the week: Annika Sorrenstam

Ok, scorp, you're getting what you wished for, just a little bit after christmas, because it's more like a NEW YEARS present, being a symbol of the fresh new start you've long been hoping for. SO: when that dream does come true, be not afraid. Acknowledge its presence, then join hands with it. Be neither guarded nor anxious. Look the gift you so deserve in the eye, and allow the waves of both serenity and excitement to wash over and ripple through you.

Scorpio of the week: Diplo

Don't think you KNOW something, archer. That will prevent you from learning it. Keep your gaze not so much focused on whats next, but what is currently happening. Use your excess courage to bravely face the moment, and travel along with it, step by step. Projecting your concentration beyond the immediate is the only thing that keeps you from catching that proverbial fish. Resolution as well as "union" is only possible once you connect, answer the phone when it's actually ringing, ready to greet the here n now..

Sagittarius of the week: Joan Didion

In honor of your birthday season, the universe has something extra special planned for you goats. Well it's more of a friendly warning than anything else. Skip the pretense and drop the superfluous skin. If you don't do so on your own, the cosmic forces are gonna do it for ya, and it looks like they will pull out all stops to remove whatever layers are no longer needed. The good news is that you know exactly which of those facades to let go of. Now just be not stubborn this season and welcome the change...Because either way, it's comin...

Capricorn of the week: Aaliyah

Owning your ethereal-ness is just another way of letting your body protect you. Lean back water bearers. Rest in your skin and be supported. Give your ideas a backbone. Trust that the world and your own Godess given structure can contain the breadth of your light. By doing that, you create a chance to harness your shine, defend your power, and direct your sharp will.

Aquarius of the week: Margo Timmins

Go alllll the way into yourself, fish, diving to the bottom of the bottom of the ocean. You won't disappear down there, I promise. And there's nothing lurking there other than your own heartbeat. At some point its rhythm got so overly wild and loud that either you or someone else shooed it away to where it could be less intrusive. But now you must go get it back. Because that's where the answers to questions that its now become more crucial than ever to retrieve the answers to AWAIT.

Pisces of the week: Wolfgang Van Halen