Week of November 28, 2012

First, develop a "rapport", rams. THEN let the powerful forces of the universe work through you. Don't mind if that slows your steps. It's all still in total alignment with your master plan. Building trust in that way makes it more likely that once your medicine goes down, it stays there. So let time be your most constructive and cleverest ally.

Aries of the week: Percy Faith

It is a common eastern belief that what merit you've made receives you "as a family does the return of a beloved relative." Now, if we could only get you to stay open to receiving your just dues, that totally awesome Karmic reality of yours would not have to bang so hard on your door, or chase you down so insanely on the streets.

Taurus of the week: New Orleans

Your mental muscle is not only imperceptible to the typical naked eye, its also beyond any ability to measure, ever infiinite and shape shifting in its expression. Neither you nor anyone else should under-estimate the expansive yet sharp nature of your mindscape this month, twins. That way we all stand to benefit.

Gemini of the week: Jessica Tandy

To prepare yourself for the "dark" time of year, I urge you to perform a pagan ritual in honor of the horned God's powers of wealth and nature. Beat a drum and sink into a slow, steady, rhythm after the sun goes down. In other words, get your groove on crabs. Turn the lights down and lay low enough that you can feel the powers of your own glorious SOUL.

Cancer of the week: Ringo Starr

In the Hopi tradition of the Southwest, winter is a time for ritual and prayer, as preparation for the summer harvest. I figured I'd let you cats know that not only is it alright to chill, but its also recommended at this time, as it goes along with the natural wheel of the year. Gather your thoughts and set your intentions, offering them up.

Leo of the week: Gordon Zahn

In certain cases this month, your amnesia will serve you well, and allow you to move forward without a hitch. In other scenarios, forgetting could work directly against your progress. It doesn't seem like you need to think too hard about the distinction, virg. Just don't play dumb when you know you're not supposed to and in the moments when you know you're just hanging on for hanging on's sake, let it gooooooo.

Virgo of the week: Elizabeth I

Osho, a Zen sage, advises that you "Do whatever you are doing, but at the deepest core remain at ease, cool, calm, centered." Take those wise words unto yourself, scales. With conviction and passion walk your walk and talk your talks, but keep your center. That way your notions can be fully translated and totally digested, without stealing your own personal peace of mind.

Libra of the week: first chartered railway in the US

You are like Obatala, the Brazilian god, always healing those wounds that are harder to see as well as correct. Combined with your newly formed self awareness, the boundaries necessary to continue working miracles while remaining unharmed yourself lets everyone experience your specific and strong powers while also keeping you at a manageable arms length.

Scorpio of the week: The Ensisheim meteroite, oldest with known date of impact, strikes Alsace, France

Rachel Pollack describes the Salvador Dail version of the classic tarot card 9 of pentacles as a symbol of the disciplined mind, someone who has imposed his own will on life, not isolating himself from the simpler joys, but using his will to bring them into line with the world hes created for himself. Make the description your totem, archer, as we enter your personal power month.

Sagittarius of the week: Damien Rice

The time has come for you to marry your intellectual fireworks to your physical courage, goats. To bring your greatest ideas to life, those need the fire of life breathed into them as well as the firm form of the material plane. Ignite your will, and then plant it firmly into the ground where it can fully root its excitable self.

Capricorn of the week: Italian flag

Being brought "to your knees" is not a sign of disgrace. You are not being asked to repent or retrace your steps. It's just a way to break down walls, and gain an opportunity to start from the ground up. So don't fear the gravity. At this point, you're desperate for the transformation it will immediately and inevitably provoke.

Aquarius of the week: Sinclair Lewis

Apparently, it's mad easy to build your own telescope. All you need is a mirror, some other parts, a thick cardboard tube, a Dobsonian mount, and some plywood. I would do that if I were you, fish, because using other people's eyes to see is getting pretty unreliable, you feel me dudes?

Pisces of the week: Kepler Space Observatory