Week of October 24, 2012

Come to terms with the losses, rams. Notice how I didn't say the tragedy was necessarily YOURS, or has anything to do with you, even. But it's still important to examine the mess which was made. That way you can know best how to step around, over and beyond it. The stars in scorpio are poised to assist you in direct and precise confrontation. Skirt not any issues this month. Then said troubles can literally fall by the wayside (forever)

Aries of the Week: Apple 1

You will receive help in the form of several mysterious strangers, bulls. Don't be afraid to lean back and learn, taking plenty of extra notes. These teachers will specifically demonstrate how to go about taming the wild beasts more smoothly than your usual method of charging. You had thought of ALMOST everything except the approach that will cause the effect you are seeking to have. Even though a less pushy, more hands off manner is not exactly natural to you, its ironically also the only way to ensure success.

Taurus of the Week: National Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Children

As the season of the witch approaches, the time to come all the way out of the mystic closet draws ever near, twins. Reveal thy magic self in all of its glorious salvation. Your knowledge is redemptive, your maneuvers a dancing dream. Spread your wings and in so doing cast your wise light upon the land, transforming ignorance into bliss, as you unveil the truth of what perfect essence the cosmos is comprised of.

Gemini of the Week: Kenya's soveriegnty

You COULD lament the inequities, and no one would fault you for it. You'd be entirely justified, crabs. But you might benefit more from an alternative perspective, one that sees the current circumstance as an opportunity to be free, start new, and form your own unique agenda. In other words, if they arent holding up their end of the deal, then by default you're also off the proverbial hook. I vote for letting this be a spring in your step rather than a snag in your swag. Consider misfortune as entirely relative...

Cancer of the Week: Vittorio DeSica

Before you advance forward and collect any "rewards", pay off the rest of your Karmic debt Lion. Doing a good deed without the expectation of anything in return is the only way to even the score, sooooo if-when the opportunity arises, jump on it cats. Give back what you took before you take again. It's nothing personal so dont see it that way. Just settle up so that you can swiftly resume your poetic lifestlying.

Leo of the Week: Sara Teasdale

Open yourself all the way to the moment, virg. You won't be disappointed, shocked, or hurt. Maybe at first it'll sting a little bit but thats just because you havent exposed yourself to such fresh, raw energy in a while. Giving up your "protection" is not a trick designed to mock or divert you. There are certain feelings like love, peace, and acceptance that you can only have once you are totally susceptible to having them. ! So relax and get in the mood. Slip out of your shell. It's safe and glorious too.

Virgo of the Week: Florence Welch

Step into the blinking limelight. This entire month is basically an invitation extended towards you to take center stage. Bask in the attention while gaining strength and motivation from its momentum. This particular period is not so much about keeping the peace and equilibrium as it is about traveling the fresh, open road, tapping into your artistic grace, honing your creative instinct, fortitude, and will powers.

Libra of the Week: Phantom of the Opera

I see you intend to shed an ENTIRE skin this season, scorp. This must be a major evolution because I can also tell how much extra privacy you are demanding to do it. That says a lot for a sign thats already typically inclined towards such personal space. It's almost as if once all eyes are upon you, the magical process comes to a halt and you disappear into thin air. While thats a noteworthy show, deserving of its own applause, to unfurl your butterfly wings in the here and now posesses its own mystical intrigue. Revealing the more refined version of yourself in a raw setting is the ultimate challenge, just the kind that suits your type of elegant muscle.

Scorpio of the Week: Nasim Pedrad

Protect your most precious resources, archers. Ill admit that for a sign as natrually generous as yourself, it's not the simplest task on the list. But at this point its crucial to create boundaries and set limitations, so that your fires can still generate heat but also function more efficiently. Even if you don't see the point right now of being so crystal clear about things, you will soon stand to gain from your own sharp insight. Don't let any one situation be the straw that broke the camel's back. Act with prudence, even if it goes against your own grain.

Sagittarius of the Week: Paul Simonon

Less strategy, more improv Capricorn. Reduce your calculations and commence your creative sense. It's time to put your life back into spiritual balance. As the season of scorpio enters, let your calendar fall a little more by the wayside. That way there is some room for healthy surprise and out of the blue joy, which Im absolutely confident that once you get even the smallest taste of you'd break all kinds of rules to make happen again. (Give it a shot)

Capricorn of the Week: Ernst Mahl

Let your feet come all the way down to the ground, water bearers. Thaaaaaaats it. Easy now. A total transformation, which includes the full use of your physical body, will only take place once you are all the way anchored to the floor. It might feel a tad painful at first, since you're accostomed to the space of the vast skies as opposed to the limiting arena of the human form, but there are benefits to be had by making the sacrifice, for example what warmth, chemistry, and complete knowledge that come only with such direct/intimate contact.

Aquarius of the Week: the Devil's footprints

Use your ticket to ride this week, fish. Leap without even looking. Leave behind the "safety" because it's also absolutely stifling. Stop using all your mental and spiritual strength to bang on closed doors. Replenish your energy by bathing in the light. Engage no further with those who fight your enlightened message. Swim along, playful one. Let go entirely so that you may express your lovely self most fully.

Pisces of the Week: the first article in the American colonies calling for the Emancipation of Slaves is published