Week of September 19, 2012

It's high time to remember the potential of the universe/ re-identify with your own starhood. To get you in the mood, just take a          pause. Let exhaustion prop itself in the lap of the nearest pillow, couch, etc. Melt into bliss like ice cream drips from a cone on a hot summer's day, it's only choice to give in to the gravitational momentum of life's natural blaze.

Aries of the Week: Vincent Van Gogh

Don't take anything for granted, bulls, from either your own point of view or anyone else's. Be as persistent in your attempt to speak as you are to listen. Ring the bell and if no one's home come back later and try again. Articulate clearly on your own behalf, and at the same time allow the other party to express themselves with a similar frankness. According to the galaxy, your adherence to this formula puts you in a WIN WIN ad infinitum situation.

Taurus of the Week: Jerry Seinfeld

Lately Ive been working through the night, getting up the next day and doing it all over again. Luckily, twins, I love my job, so it's not as grueling as it may sound. That said, I still have to take precation enough to make sure Im not over-doing it, fun notwithstanding. If you fall within the category of someone who also appreciates their work, I advise you to do the same- paying extra attention to your body and remembering to bathe. If, on the other hand, what you do for money leaves much to be desired, then let this serve as a flat out WARNING. Find a way. Your life's magic depends on it.

Gemini of the Week: Curtis Mayfield

Be not shady, crabs. A more innocent approach makes for a healthier, less complicated existence this fall. The less prescribed you are to those under the table deals, the freer and more mobile you remain. If currently, you are compromising that which you feel is not ultimately wise to bargain with, then.... Get the hell out of that limiting situation, once and for all.

Cancer of the Week: Anne Morrow Lindbergh

There are so many ways to play the "game", cats that I can imagine it's overwhelming at times to determine the best move as well as decipher the appropriate timing. The good news is there are plenty of signs around you which are pointing the way. However, they might be obscured by all the noise and clatter. So draw the curtains this month. Drown out excess sounds so that you can make solid contact with the less antsy, more world wise, long term type of thinking.

Leo of the Week: Iman

Most of your fears are totally unjustifed, virg. But Ive gotten to know you over the years, and have noticed that action is always a better teacher to you than theory. So be it. Luckily the universe knows it too and is all geared up to disprove any idea you might have that the tides have turned against you. So try and believe your eyes this month, k? Then you can also enjoy the positive message and what gifts it bears you.

Virgo of the Week: Oliver Stone

If you go this way, it'll be good. And then if you head that-a-way it'll be great. The point is, you can't lose right now scales. Any way you toss the dice, the results are awesome. Your karma is even steven, so theres no chance of losing at the moment. Thus you need not hesitate at the crossroads, weighing the options so meticulously. Both paths lead to the same pot of gold, in this case.

Libra of the Week: Julie Andrews

Hey, who turned the lights out? Right as you were getting back into your groove? Who's throwing wind your way just when you were riding high again in the saddle? Well, it makes no diff, scorp. You've got extra mojo this time around, a side stash of nourishing juices, and a wiser, more life learned attitude for a backbone. Therefore you will be neither easily fooled, trampled, waylaid, or swayed.

Scorpio of the Week: Martha Plimpton

Channeling messages from the earth and surrounding planets still fascinates me after all these years. Because Im just the conduit, really, a beacon for light and information. I learn things about the world, galaxy, myself, the sky, moon, dirt, sun, etc. I just stand back and let it all come through, archers. Remember that when you are trying to decide what to "do" this month. Step all the way off so the mystical ness can come all the way in.

Sagittarius of the Week: Mary Todd Lincoln

I find teaching to be a total blast, goats. It's one of my truest loves because its work travels far and wide, just the type of longevity and prosperity Im in to. I plant seeds of knowledge, watch them grow, struggle to thrive and make the best use of themselves, finally blooming and then starting the process of farming all over again on their own. Its incomprehensibly far reaching. The possibilites are infinite. Illumination is guaranteed. Hard work is a given.

Capricorn of the Week: E.L. Doctorow

Don't stop to talk, water bearers. Proceed towards your destination. You can chat with your friends and admire the flowers later, but this month you've got some immediate business to take care of. Take whats pressing off the back burner. Make those negotiations your top priority in the days to come. Iron out the details, long as it may take. Go with the flow of organization, as it will provide long standing benefits.

Aquarius of the Week: Billy Ocean

To make sense of the "dark forest" of your mind, I urge you to tear it down. Instead of trying to understand the twisted brambles, just cut those trees right down. It's only excess, leftover baggage, possibly your own, maybe someone else's, either way un-necessary and not pertinent (but actually inhibitive) to your growth. Clip the hazardous and suffocating weeds so that a new life of ideas can spring forth.

Pisces of the Week: Elizabeth Taylor