Week of August 14, 2012

A magical fate awaits you rams. So surrender your fears now. Relinquish all stubborn stance. Let resistance melt away into the ether. Your life thus instantly increases in fun while at the same time becomes gracefully more anchored. Giving in to the changes at hand lends just as much stability as it does dynamic. (!)

Aries of the Week: Marc Jacobs

Bulls, may you swiftly slip out of that old skin to reveal the new luscious you that lies sucklingly beneath. Without all the protective armor, you'll have plenty of room to express your emerging spirted self as well as make direct contact with what pleasure and radiance exists in the atmosphere too. **wink-wink

Taurus of the Week: Casey Kasem

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do right now, twins. In fact, don't even wait an extra few minutes unless its absolutely necessary. Seize the moment, without hesitation. That paves the way to your "future", which is, as of right now, not entirely determined, as it is patiently waiting for you to infuse it with fiery direction.

Gemini of the Week: Tennessee

Join the party, crabs. The cosmos encourages you to fully participate in the weeks ahead. Let the building of community remain your top priority. There is much to gain from your direct involvement, including the experience of unparalleled joy as well as the rare opportunity to learn alternative trades and funky new tricks.

Cancer of the Week: Wimbledon

To do what your own instincts are telling you may require a few sacrifices. You probably won't win any popularity contests right away. Given the potent nature of what sure solutions you've recently come up with, the medicine may not go down easy at first. But you shouldn't worry about that, cats. You're in the right. Trust your sentiments despite the feedback (or lack thereof).

Leo of the Week: Whitney Houston

The best and most effective way of demonstrating your partnership is to emulate those characteristics you most admire in the other. In other words, put your money where your mouth is, virg. Seek to integrate those traits you value into your own daily routine, even if (and most especially) it threatens to decimate the system you live by.

Virgo of the Week: Al Jardine

In the Looney tunes paraody, the wily coyote can either leap from the cliff or not. If he chooses to refrain from jumping, a piano falls right on his head. Consider this simple metaphor, scales, which is currently over-apt for your situation. You can pause, which will inevtiably lead to another sort of disaster, or you can take a chance, carrying yourself away from such impending doom, traveling onward to the great wide open- its gifts as of yet unknown.

Libra of the Week: Rekha

You are presented with a once in several lifetimes opportunity, scorp. If you can just manage to choose the easy road, which requires you NOT to fight for what you're worth, you can alter the course of your evolution in a permanent way. Take the cosmic advice and opt for the hand that clearly extends itself towards you, as opposed to chasing the shadow of a fluctuating, most likely empty palm.

Scorpio of the Week: Bert Jansch

Use your imagination, archers. Think outside of the box that you typically operate from. Let the vision come from within and speak to you without interruption until the entire picture is totally clear. That way, when its time to insitiute your ideas, you won't have to go back and review any "details".

Sagittarius of the Week: France passes a law separating church and state

Loosen up, goats. Your posture is outdated. Instead of swimming upstream against the tides to make a point, get lost in the river. Such meandering will do your mind and body some deep good right now. Take a break from upholding the standard for the time being, in exchange for some less concentrated breathing room.

Capricorn of the Week: Zebulon Pike

No one knows you like YOU do, water bearers. That being said, if certain people who claim to "care" should prove they understand little to nothing about where you are coming from, who you are, and where you intend to go, then don't give them any credit thats undue. Be true to yourSELF, even if it bursts their particular bubble.

Aquarius of the Week: Pennsylvania Hospital-the first in the US

You are just about through with what rocky transition you've recently (as in the last few years) been experiencing, fish. That means less hiding, more exposure, less licking of wounds, more whole hearted exchange, less waiting around to see when you might feel better. Realize that a certain stormy part of the journey is now finished and your physical/mental/spiritual health is miraculously better than average.

Pisces of the Week: Jonathan Tropper