Week of July 18, 2012

First remind yourself of WHY you are doing this, what your righteous aim is, who/what cause you seek to defend as you attempt to fortify your position. Committ yourself a little more to your agenda in the weeks ahead. That could mean less going along with the crowd/people pleasing. I absolutely urge you to sacrifice popularity for integrity in this case.

Aries of the Week: PGA

It's time to set sail, bulls. Your ship is leaving, with or without you. So you can either jump on board now to ride the waves and visit new lands, or you can stay behind in a place which clearly bores you. You've got plenty of fuel with which to travel by and lots of desire to go forward. There's thus no need to wait.

Taurus of the Week: Glaciarium, world's first mechanically frozen ice rink

You've done your homework, twins. It's therefore time to act from a place of deep inner conviction. Gather what confidence you need to fearlessly express your profoundest, most mind shocking, heart blowing sentiments. Shout it loud enough that we can hear, and don't mince your words so that you are understood precisely.

Gemini of the Week: the International Surrealist Exhibition

Your submission to the greater will serves many different positive purposes. Even if you end up lying on your back, you'll also be properly stopped in your tracks where you can rest , i.e. cease to engage in futile hamster in a wheel type labor, broadening/elevating the use of your personal energy beyond the mundane towards the more existenstial and providential application of your thoughts and talents.

Cancer of the Week: Max Libermann

Let your fire flare, cats. It's the season of ultimate flame and you are its marvelous mascot, who is most learned in the ways of passion, power, and playing. Strut your stuff, like the wild one that you are. Be braver than usual, and even less afraid than normal to take off all your clothes, literally and symbolically speaking.

Leo of the Week: Antoine Duhamel

Widen your vision, virg. Open your eyes/mind all the way, and make sure you are seeing peripherally as well. You'll need the use of your total faculties to gain access to what information, experience, and insight you need. Let the doors of your heart be left open, swinging with the times in an un-governed rhythm.

Virgo of the Week: Julian Casablancas

You can let go now, sweet scales. It's safe to surrender. There's zero risk involved in this particular situation. You are safe in the arms of other(s). So bring your guard all the way down and let your hands/head rest within the comfort and care of one or more who is equally capable, conscious, and cool.

Libra of the Week: the Daughters of the American Revolution

The challenge these weeks lies in being neither too agressive or passive, scorp. To make definitive statements which establish your point of view but without being incessant so as not to wear yourself out and/or build un-necessary resistance to your position. Be determined yet unphased. Experiment with new ways to act, which are simpler and suaver yet still filled with pizazz.

Scorpio of the Week: Vivien Leigh

There's a new dawn on the horizon, archers. But to take part all the way, first be willing to burn all out-dated contracts to ashes. Throw out the agreements which were based on past needs. Relinquish the attachments to a former self, and create a joyful, expressive symbol of the next you-the up and coming fresher style, and soon to be more future like existence.

Sagittarius of the Week: Galileo Spacecraft arrives at Jupiter

Your agenda is intact and aligned. All the major bullet points have been specified. So the next phase is less about investigation and organization. Settle in to the new system, goats. Let the beauty of such a flawless arrangement impose and institute itself. Let the pieces of your master design fall gracefully, magically into perfect place.

Capricorn of the Week: the Pentagon is dedicated

With a less suspicious attitude, you'll actually be more likely to discover the mystery(s) at hand. By donning a more playful and less poised stance, its more probable that you are able to unravel complex truths, reducing things to their innocent-est forms. With a more light-hearted approach, unveiling is done with much greater ease.

Aquarius of the Week: Codex Sinaiticus

Being less at the whim of others will just require a little bit of discipline on your part, fishes. Reduce your willingness to compromise in certain affairs. Thats the secret trick of being taken seriously. Make your grip just slightly firmer, in order to clearly communicate that you neither need nor want anyone else to drive your personal car/space vehicle/cruise ship.

Pisces of the Week: Tim Kazurinsky