Week of June 27, 2012

An "ally" is not necessarily someone who tells you everything you want to hear, sugar coats the truth, or even kills you with kindness, rams. If swallowing the pill of truth means gaining a reliable/trustworthy friend with a sharper than average set of eyes who isn't afraid to say what they see, then do what you must. It'd do you more than a little bit of good at the moment.

Aries of the Week: Gerry Rafferty

Like the tree from which all life stems, and flourishes, you are the steady groundfrom wherecreation ripens. In the weeks ahead, your garden will flourish. I urge you to take notice and extra pride in those developments. As well, bask in your own personal blossoming, which will occur alongside the rest.

Taurus of the Week: the end of WW 2

It's officially summertime, twins, where the living is easy(er), fish are jumping, and for you country folk, the cotton is high (?). To continue with the psychedelic metaphor, even if your daddy isn't rich or your mamma good looking, you are entering a period of wellness, smooth living, and beautiful times. GROOVY.

Gemini of the Week: Courtney Cox

Good things DO come to those who wait, crabs. So dream big and then bear down. Your wish is at your own command. And plus this month you'll have greater access to your own momentum, fortitude, intelligence, and sense of humor, which will make the building of your dreams a less daunting, and actually formulaic enterprise.

Cancer of the Week: the first Masonic Grand Lodge

You are blessed in a certain way, cats, because even when you don't have all the pieces to the puzzle, you can still get straight to the heart of the matter pretty instantly with your killer instinct. That being said, it'd still be worth finding out the gritty details. Combining your brazen approach with the facts at hand will only lessen the backlash, and eliminate all possible margins of error, tightening your reign and claim.

Leo of the Week: Richard Adler

Let someone else captain the ship, virg. You gohave a rest in the corner or out on the deck, taking in the sights and letting your mind run free. Without having to concentrate so severely on the course of the road, you can do some exploring of the inner and outer galaxies, release the tension in your mind and soul, and do some more necessary fantasizing. Sound good?

Virgo of the Week: IBM introduces first computer disc storage

A true artist would not and could not alter their inspirations so that theybe better understood by the crowds. And they definiitely SHOULD not. Let your revelations unfold, without interruption. May your "design" retain its pure form, unraveling its full intricacy and complete shine.

Libra of the Week: Virgil

Be your own best friend, scorp. Serve yourindividual needs. Heed the voice in your heart which aims to please itself. Honor the whispers in your headthat warn you of the vampires. That will steer you clear of whatever traps may lie ahead, keeping you free as a burgeoningbutterfly/bird.

Scorpio of the Week: Arman

If there's something you're after, you won't be able to attain it simply by charming your way into its arms, archers. This particular goal will only bereached withless trickery, more honesty, reduced temper tantrums, more dynamics, less dodging, more committment. You get the point.

Sagittarius of the Week: Aztec Calendar Stone

Welcome those you love with open arms, goats. Forgive them their wrongs and shower them with affection. That will keep it clear that they are missed, wanted, and appreciated. Be warm and direct, letting passion take the lead. Showing you care gets the ball rolling in the direction of curing and correcting the situation.

Capricorn of the Week: first use of insulin to treat diabetes

Games are fun and especially whenone is as inherently good at playing them as you are water bearers. But it's important to choose the ones that are most worth the effort. After you make that selection, you should also consider the different ways of competing, specifically striving to maintain personal integrity as well as improve overall conditions.

Aquarius of the Week: Thomas Paine

Before you advance to the next level of evolution, rid yourself of all futile attachments.. Cut all those chains that are holding you back. Take leave of what darkness is keeping you down, and walk towards the light. Take steps, fish. It will be easier and easier as you go.

Pisces of the Week: Marcia Ball