Week of June 11, 2012

You should no longer avoid the obvious, child. It doesn't matter whenor for how long the "appointment" is, (the one you've been trying to skirt around), but just that you show up, fully present of mind and heart, poised with spiritual precision, taking full ownership of your thoughts, feelings, opinions, desires, and decisions.

Aries of the Week: Ken Griffey Sr.

Don't worry about the "results" right now. First solidify the bonds, making your intentions clear by paying extra love and attention to those people and things you care about. Feed what you wish to grow. Nourish your fruits by the light of your love and thesteadiness of support. Concentrate on that for starters.

Taurus of the Week: Ian McCulloch

Face the music, twins. Don't fear its truths, which serenade you with their potent sincerity. You've done your "homework" , therefore nothing you hear, feel, see is outside of what you already know. This news is only a reflection of what understanding lies deep within the cells of your being. Recognizing/dancing with it is only a way to come to full terms with those facts, i.e. embrace their reality.

Gemini of the Week: Liam Neeson

Make an attempt to translate thebliss you've been especially privy to in the last few months especially. Push the issue if that's what's needed to get your point across. Be driven to the goal of broadcasting your point of view. The cosmos guarantees that as long as you give in to the momentum, you shall continue to gain what speed, prowess, and force you may need to carry your message. Act as if you can fly and magic wings shall appear.

Cancer of the Week: DJ Shadow

Though you've been faithful in your heart and loyal in your stance, oddly enough you havent been exactly explicit. That's the sublte but crucial point upon which all your future fortune and current success now hinges. So sacrfice grace and posture if it helps you to express your full unbridled self. Don't keep the length and strength of your sentiments even slightly secret.

Leo of the Week: Champagne

Doing things all on your own is not only getting boring, but it's also more difficult and at times can even lend to rather than absolve the confusion. Anyway, virg, you've spent plenty of time by yourself, gleaning all the wisdom and energy you need from within. So stop missing out. Join the party, bringing what gifts you have to bear and receiving in kind. Tis the season of exchange, my dudes, NOT solitude.

Virgo of the Week: Rebecca miller

Take a good, long look at things, scales. Use your peripheral vision to notice the whole picture, and ascertain a complete point of view. Acknowledge the past, recalling its lessons, be still in the present, recognizing its power, and glimpse ahead to the future, taking full view of its blooming potential. After you comprehend all that,zone out and relaxxxxx.

Libra of the Week: Ashanti

Your most recent studies, investigations and research have granted you with what extra wisdom you'll need to hit the proverbial target, scorp. You've held your horses long enough to accumulate the strength and awareness necessary to be totally effectiv-er. Now you canaim with precision, from a grounded place of pure focus. So let your arrows fly free towards their destination, making direct and immediate contact.

Scorpio of the Week: Western Confederacy of American Indians wins major victory over US in Battle of Wabash

Try not to get "caught up" on any glitches in the system, archers. Just glide along, past all drama, spectacle and heresay. Instead of attempting to correct a situation, cruise forth, maintaining the intensity and specificty of your agenda. Whatever happens, stay loose, not frozen. Wander openly, breathe wide, and attach less.

Brian Bell

Sagittarius of the Week: "Gone With the Wind"

If you must make more effort than usual in order to speak on the behalf of your own ideas, then summon your courage goats. Experiment with standing your ground in the weeks ahead, letting your voice persist past all inner and outer resistance, to assert itself in an uncomplicatedYET potent/fieryfashion.

Capricorn of the Week: Showboat, the first american musical

To what dimensions and ethers do you have access, water bearers? Now is an ideal time to build the bridge between us and the otherworlds. To go betwixt the planets and speak through dreams etc, just be yourself, without a second thought about it's extraordinary-ness. Let your freak flag fly higher than average in the days ahead, mostly so that others who want to climb aboard your psychedelic cruise ship know where to find you.

Aquarius of the Week: Lil Jon

Im eager for you to try on your new pair of "shoes", fish. That's code for your participation on earth, where you march along with the rest of us in a parade of persons. You're like a mer-human who just won a pair of legs. But don't worry. Your fins are re-attachable. You aren't destined to live without them forever. Now you just have the option whether you want to be standing or swimming. And since you already know the benefits of the deep sea well, why not learn the joys of dry land?

Pisces of the Week: Desi Arnaz