Week of May 23, 2012

You need only : arrive on time, totally willing, open hearted/minded/handed in order that you can receive a certain reward *** at last. Once it's evident that your efforts have landed you the opportunity you have long desired, then it's only necessary that you relax enough to be rightfully compensated with what joy you so deserve.

Aries of the Week: Shemekia Copeland

As your season comes to a close, the world will seem to lighten up, paths will smoothen out, doors will be less difficult to open, etc. That's especially due to all the work you did recently, which included heavy thinking AS WELL AS lifting. You won't have to concentrate as intensely now, bulls. Just open wide the windows and b r e a t h e....

Taurus of the Week: Cambridge Chronicle-america's oldest newspaper

Things are about to get toooootallllly groovy twins. Imagine theres nowhere you have to be, nothing you must do, say, or accomplish. You're just rolling on down the river of life, the breeze gently blowing through you, the tides carrying you slightly through the moments, assuring you that for the time being there is no need to over-contemplate.

Gemini of the Week: Alfed Molina

I urge you to utilize one of my most worthy tactics, which I stole from the firemen who used to come to our gradeschool to tell us what to do in case of a school blaze. It's a little trick they call STOP DROP and ROLL. That's exactly what you should do if the flames of anxiety get out of hand this week. Step back, let go and find a steady ground beneath you to absorb the burning angst.

Cancer of the Week: Memphis Bleek

To achieve what harmony would be in your most ultimate best interest, recognize your allies, cats. While you are excellent at both fending for yourself and fending off all those who threaten your almighty powers, you want to be sure you aren't chasing away a potential partner-who adds to your strength as well as provides somethings different from what talents you posess.

Leo of the Week: Jessica Capshaw

No one's gonna do it FOR you, virg. When it comes to expressing how you feel and to whom, it is necessary that you muster the courage, forthrightness, momentum, and clarity to express yourself. According to my crystal balls, you know perfectly well how you feel and all the reasons for it too. There is thus no reason for further delay.

Virgo of the Week: James McCarthy

Go into hiding this week, scales. Not literally so much as spiritually. Shield yourself from the outside world of earthly demands just a little bit more and saturate yourself within the walls of your own imagination. Cocoon your mind from those baser concerns in order to fully unblock your vision, which now needs room to fully unveil its potent self.

Libra of the Week: Usher

You will discover this week that what focus you've been so adamantly placing upon your own soul and psyche was not just so that you could enjoy you. It's so that a divine and functional marriage can take place. All that self cleansing/re-organization/skin shedding was so that you can SHARE your most purified self with other(s).

Scorpio of the Week: Vanessa Bayer

Get your motor running, archer. Head out on the highway, looking for adventure, or whatever comes your way. Be in a rock and roll state of mind these weeks, I mean to say, cruising along the highway, excited about what you have yet to discover. Let the miles go by without interruption, so that the details can show themselves fully off for your feasted eyes.

Paul Simonon

Sagittarius of the Week: "Gone With the Wind"

The upcoming season of wind will assist you in swiftly cutting the ties which annoyingly bind you, goats. Let the air speak to you first and then provide what space you demand right now for your personal growth. Let the breezes carry away the committments which are no longer needful of your personal attention.

Capricorn of the Week: itunes

Sometimes its the things which stare right back at us that are the hardest to see, water bearer. What that means is that you don't have to look as hard as you are. Instead, take notice of what's just in front of your face, beaming right at you with love and understanding. The compassion you seek is more directly in your midst than what you would expect.

Aquarius of the Week: the Mud March

Practice self acceptance, fish, right where you stand. Instead of retreating to a safer place to give you what honor and respect you deserve, do this without running. The less you seek to escape the moment, the more you may benefit from and be nurtured by what it has to offer you...

Pisces of the Week: Randy Crawford