Week of May 7, 2012

No more than basic trust, willingness, and receptivity is needed at this time rams. There is nothing obstructing a balanced exchange once you so allow for it. Now is not the time to act as a warrior, even if it's what you are more accustomed to. Assume a peacefuler, passive pose, while still remaining alert and electric. That stance makes it possible to give of what light you've got as well as get what support the other has to give.

Aries of the Week: US Pony Express

Your personal evolution has been steadily increasing for months now. This week you are invited to take a leap. If a magical bridge should suddenly appear, encouraging you to venture forward, I predict you will find that you are prepared for the journey. If fate happens to provide you with a winning ticket, consider it the universe's way of acknowledging your worth and value. This week it's super obvious that in the season of your birth, you are being showered with what gifts you justly deserve.

Taurus of the Week: Minnesota

Embrace the "opposite" way, twins. In so doing, recognize the limitations of your own cleverest manipulations. Open all the way up to the reverse way of thinking, which, although more traditional and less cutting edge than you're used to, provides what order you require to lessen confusion and delusion. Let the voice of reason impose what boundaries you are not familiar with, to protect as well as usher you onward. It's the most loving thing you can do for you.

Gemini of the Week: The Freewheelin Bob Dylan

To achieve ultimate insight, take your time. These revelations won't happen in a flash. Spend time away from the chaos, so that can easily discern vital truths. Let your non human guides show you the way, and when finally you can see totally clearly, try not to weasel out of what stares back at you. Let the divine testimony speak its whole self to you. Inhale the power and fragrance of such pure sights and sounds.

Cancer of the Week: James Van Der Zee

Listen first, THEN speak. It might take a while if you're doing it right, so count not the mintutes. These transmissions require soulful cooperation, i.e. willingness to hear, feel, sense, and eventually ***know. The effects of last weekend's "super-moon" will endure throughout the rest of the month, so take advantage of the respite. Instead of being called to lead and conquer, you are asked only to recline, retreat, recharge, and remember. AHHHHHH.

Leo of the Week: the first program constructed calculator

Romance is in the air, virg. Can you feel the love swirling all around you? No, you don't need to have your eyes checked. Cupid's arrows are indeed pointed directly at you. The music being played in the background, openly declaring admiration of and for you is in fact blaring loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. So, if you can skip being overly bashful about it, and jump on board, I'm confident you'll enjoy the "ride" ahead.

Virgo of the Week: Elia Kazan

Certain regulations are no longer valid. You've simply endured those long enough. However, I'd advise you not to dismiss the idea of law altogether. As you start to plant new seeds in the week ahead, you will need to make your own rules about things in order to bring such potent forces all the way under your control. While divorcing yourself from certain team-mates is necessary, you will still need allies to complete your mission. Make the distinction scales. Determine which contracts to definitely make and which to swiftly break.

Libra of the Week: Graham Greene

A full supermoon in your sign this week is meant for your total self expression, scorp. So let your wild waves wash over the profanities, insanities, and negative cavities. Don't hold secrets. Watch as all depression and/or tension is magically undone as you let it all literally hang out. Clarity regarding past, present, and future too is also immediately restored.

Scorpio of the Week: Stoughton Musical society, oldest in US

The secret to your "success" is a simple but precise mathematical equation, archers. Assume full control of your resources. Reel in your assets and take total inventory. It's not so crucial that you decide upon the distribution and application of those valuables at this time. Re-claiming the full gamut of your collective powers and tools is, however, a necessary first step in the direction of pure abundance.

Sagittarius of the Week: "Gone With the Wind"

There are two messages in your mailbox from the cosmos this week goats. The first is that you should rely more on wisdom than force. That said, you are also reminded that you still have a reserve of physical prowess and athleticism which lies within you. As you consider what steps to take in the weeks ahead, tap all the way into both your sharpest vision and your strongest stance.

Capricorn of the Week: Titania and Oberon-Uranus Moons

There are no scheduled glitches in the system this week, water bearers. You are standing on solid ground, a certain work having been completed. No meteors will come suddenly from the sky to un-fasten the structure. So you can relax, lean back, and marvel at what stability you have recently cultivated.

Aquarius of the Week: Maxime DuCamp

The sacrifice you make will be worth what you gain in return, fish. As you surrender some of your "playtime" for more focused study, you will be less at the hands of an unknown fate, and more in charge of the way things go. According to the omens, you are ready to take control of the wheel. So don't be coy. Seize the moment.

Pisces of the Week: L'Orfeo