Week of April 20, 2012

Where others fear to tread, you do NOT. So If, dear rams, you should find that you aren't as motivated as usual to leap, then you probably just require more of a challenge. Your fire is fueled by passion, the type that propels you towards that which is not so much out of reach as it is refreshingly wild and wide enough to permit grandness of possibility.

Aries of the Week: David Cross

There are soooooo many questions, bulls. As tempting as it may be to "demand" the answers, the universe turns the choice back upon you, in honor of your up and coming season of birth- requesting a personal wish list from you- for you- by you.

Taurus of the Week: Nelson Mandela becomes president

You're a fantastic multi-tasker, twins. That said, don't over extend yourself. To take it all as it comes and one step at a time will lessen exhaustion and increase vitality. Without having to divide your attention so much, focus is simpler to maintain, other dimensions better accessed, inner voice more easily heard.

Gemini of the Week: Nikki Giovanni

There are blue skies ahead, crabs, clearer ones than you've seen in a while. Switch into lower gear, in preperation for smoother sailing. Whereas the last few months have been like trying to navigate through hurricanes and hailstorms, the ones ahead are more akin to a canoe ride-serene and unstressfull.

Cancer of the Week: Tijuana, Mexico

Flexibility is best lions. That's the least painful and less dramatic way of acclimating yourself to the circumstances. Whether you willingly board the ship of change or not, you'll likely be dragged out to sea anyway. The water beckons you to it, eager to teach you certain tricks about following rhythm, i.e. when to alternate pace, shifting with the switches like a seasoned surfer, no matter the tides.

Leo of the Week: Dj Spinderella

WARNING: The more you seek to bypass the burning bush in the road, the more absolutely it will ignite. As sincere and skilled as your efforts may be to calm the flame on your path, the brighter it will burn. The greater your attempts to divert from the blaze, the more potent it shall grow, seeking to warm and rekindle with an even fiercer intensity,

Virgo of the Week: Berne Convention for Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

To look as deeply as you need to and discern the fine print, you'll need space, time, and courage. It's better if you enter the void of knowing alone, so that there are less distractions. Then once you've received what intimate knowledge and healing you need, we'll be waiting outside with a hug.

Libra of the Week: Hugh Jackman

We all know well how easy it is for a lover like you to become a slave to your strongly beating heart. But you're also ever swiftly evolving TOO. At the present moment, you've got all the tools you need to refuse captivity. To consciously choose involvement of your precious self as opposed to being held emotionally hostage is the wave of your personal future.

Scorpio of the Week: Venezuela joins the United Nations

Life and its rewards are not so much magically produced as they are farmed and harvested, archers. Miracles are only the result of cultivation, certain gardens requring more patience and attention than others. Regardless of the "opportunity", abundance can be yielded by what energy, tenderness, dynamic, and fortitude you put into it.

Sagittarius of the Week: Alex Grey

Communicaton goes far beyond the bounds of human language goats. In some instances, gestures, actions, and deeds can express an idea or emotion way more accurately and effectively than a diatribe of words. A mountain climber like you has learned there are many different ways to scale the mountain. Experiment with all the "ways" to reach the top.

Capricorn of the Week: Robby Krieger

You aren't necessarily used to being surrounded by others as brilliant, clever, and hilarious as yourself. You will discover that there are those that not only understand but care. After you get over the initial shock, aim to enjoy it as well as be thankful. That will improve the sweetness of the already groovy connection.

Aquarius of the Week: The american society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

Mystery is only eluding when we have not the time, patience, and enthusiasm to make sense of something, fish. I therefore adamantly suggest you seek solution by way of travel, inquiry, meditation, and study. The efforts are worth the consequential illumination.

Pisces of the Week: the first automatic street light