Week of March 29, 2012

Rams, in the auspicious season of your birth, there are powerful forces at hand. They mostly seek to assist you in channeling your fire in the most assertive, productive, enjoyable, and uplifting manner. That your energies can be directed in a way that cultivates joy as opposed to fostering anger and frustration is the main objective these weeks. That you may come most fully alive, dancing within the holy flames of existence, leaping about in ecstatic but purposeful reverie...

Aries of the Week: Francis Drake is knighted for completing circumnavigation around the world

Self care is crucial bulls. Bad habits don't cease to exist simply because you do it when no one's around. Soooo you'll have to act as your own boss in the weeks ahead, being extra discriminatory in your choices, and more laid back than usual as you attempt to do more for yourself. Whatever time, energy, and TLC you typically devote to any shallow concerns you should try and devote to the crucialer personal items at hand. It's an ingenious notion, one which, if well practiced could alter your entire way of relating to and inhabiting the universe.

Taurus of the Week: Tabatha Coffey

The omens stronlgy predict that certain obstructions shall forever be banished from thy path, dear twins. That's a result of a combination of your prayers being heard, and a particular cosmic timing which allows for the alignment of the super-powers of the galaxy to facilitate the removal of whatever evil, necessary or not, has been eluding you. Enjoy the renaissance of your spirit, Gemini. Be not afraid to ascend towards the more appropriate heights to which you deeply aspire.

Gemini of the Week: Mickey Finn

Pursue the spiral of increasing inertia. Though doing so may take you far from your comfort zone, it will also put an end to certain long-standing cycles of "grief" and "poverty." To completlely take control of the wheel of personal fate will require your consistent wakefullness. By early summer, you will begin to notice the results of your conscious efforts and by autumn it will be hard to even recollect the routine of the old life, such a cakewalk will be the new one.

Cancer of the Week: French acrobat Charles Blondin crosses Niagara falls on a tightrope

To land a specific opportunity you'll have to come down from your protective throne, mighty lions. Your intentions must be clearly stated, leaving nothing to be assumed or inferred. You should elimimate the middle man and speak on your own behalf. Lastly, it would be better if you directly handled your business, without any abstractions, philosophical references or scientific musings. So as not to confuse the important point, skip the frills, and get real. (Hope that helps.)

Leo of the Week: Ana Matrovic

Perspective, perferably one that is as far as possible from your own, is DIRE in the weeks to come, virg. The less you listen to your own mo-NOT-ony, the more access you will have to what knowledge you need to grow as well as gather what nourishment is now crucial to releasing you from what holding patterns have lately been preventing you from swiftly progressing. Be not deaf, dumb, or blind then to the ways that elude you. Instead, open yourself entirely to such foreign tongue, letting it's unique translation shake up your ground and eliminate the parts of it that are stale.

Virgo of the Week: Chris Tucker

Lifes sometimes ironic in the way that it will require us to blatantly surrender certain unsustaining hopes for the dreams that are actually fulfilling. Wait, when you think about it that's just logical, right? To give up the mediocre for the whole enchilada? Don't sweat the sacrifice, scales. When you "weigh" the options, it's overly obvious. Whereas one side demands a lot and gives so little, the other side feeds you back, and then some...

Libra of the Week: David Lee Roth

I pity the strange fool who tries to smush you inside of any cramped box this week, scorpio. Because that just aint happenin. Your strength, which is already naturally remarkable is quadrupeled in these weeks, as Mars, your co-ruler, takes the spotlight. My only advice is to handle it with as much grace as you can stand. In other words, if someone, person, thing simply isn't letting you "be." then keep moving towards the opener spaces, beyond their limitations with the smoothness that you posess. Use your muscle to cruise on, sailing past all attempts to curb your expression or doubt your re-birth.

Scorpio of the Week: Josh Duhamel

Can you concentrate without being controlling, do what needs to be done without overanalyzing? That's what type of challenge the universe presents to you in the next several weeks archers. To be clear and driven while at the same time working in conjuct with and trusting the powers outside of yourself, to give each day all your efforts and then when the proverbial sun goes down, letting the matter rest. Such a job can only be done if you are entirely present, archers, infused in the moment, acting not one step beyond or behind, but perfectly in tune with the rhythm of NOW only.

Sagittarius of the Week: Daryl Hannah

Let your most protective instincts take over this week, goats. Use your brain and heart to represent not only those you care most deeply about but also those folks and creatures that are in need of being heard. Get not only loud and stubborn about it but also specific. Be clear, forthright, determined, and energetic, to say the least.

Capricorn of the Week: Amelia Earhart is first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to California

Treat the next few weeks like a honeymoon, water bearer. Go on an extended vacation, which allows you not just to check out uneccesarily but to tap into the more pervasive rhythms of the universe, which speak to you not of the trivialities but of the immortalities. The thing is, the less you can manage to worry about the day to day the more easily you can assimiliate into it, having gained access to the bigger, resounding-er picture.

Aquarius of the Week: Galilieo Galilei

Karma will show itself to you in a multitude of ways in the days ahead. As it does, try to seriously learn from the success as well as the mistakes. What actions and/or non actions produced which results? The more clearly you are able to note and digest the differences, the greater the glimpse you will automatically have of your own personal plans. Attempt to grasp the intricate construction as well as timing of the paradigm so that you can more effectively devise your own.

Pisces of the Week: Wanda Sykes