Week of February 27, 2012

This week I received a manicure with "Pistol Pink" nail polish. About halfway through, the young fellow began to apply decals-not my typical choice of decoration. Just as I was giving him the instinctual go-ahead anyway, the constestant on the Price is Right won the 10,000 challenge-a most unusual feat. I took it as a sign, and I suggest you follow the abundance of omens with a similar abandon, rams. Trust that the signposts are just confirming the direction you most want to take, and that if you follow, the universe will immediately align in your fortunate favor.

Aries of the Week: First 3-D surprise

Last week I fell head over heels in love with the clouds. I was impressed and obsessed with the symphonic arrangement of their movements, the magic of their abstract state, the uplifting tableau of their shifting shapes...Romance can take place any time/ any where, bulls. This week there are a variety of possible love affairs that could emerge, so be more open than usual to a most extra-ordinary chemical fusion.

Taurus of the Week: Canadian Tulip Festival

Be like a mountain, twins, unshakeable in your philosophy and determined to remain poised in your position. Move from deeper within you, getting grounded before you attempt to fly or flow. I predict that doing so will ease the pain, clarify your sense of self,re-instate your boundaries, validate your desires, balance your spirit, and temper your emotions with a calm determination.

Gemini of the Week: Whiskey

The french decided to get rid of the term "Mademoisselle" this week, crabs. Thats the kind of thing you should do. What definitions, terms, forms of address no longer apply to you? Make it clear and don't hold back your real feelings for the sake of any crowd. Be so tedious in your re-organization of self, telling the world exactly who you are and who you AREN'T.

Cancer of the Week: Julia Lathrop

This week I was lucky to have the opportunity to receive a history lesson from my highly informed and intelligent Leonine sister. She enlightened me on the ways of the warring world, spewing out facts and tales which brought me to a greater awareness of the state of things today. Her lecture altered my understanding of the world in general, lending a vital perspective to my artistic, political sentiment. I advise you to keep your own ears open for what news you need to operate more effectively, and also offer what info you have whenever you get the intimate chance.

Leo of the Week: Edward Furlong

You won't be getting away with any half-ass attempts this week, Virg. Much to your at first chagrin, then shock, and eventually pure relief, the pendulum will swing in a way that forces the issue, putting you in a position where nothing less than pure admission, total forthcomingness, and absolute honesty will do the trick. So don't be shy. You have everything to gain from your own nakedness, including sweet liberty et al.

Virgo of the Week: Ashanti

Sing it like you mean it this week, scales. Approach the obstacles with a cheerful but certain heart, which can be neither silenced nor swayed. Put your foot down while at the same time stepping light. Swim through the waters with an extra battery this week, motoring on through the thickness, swiftly discarding the force once its no longer needed, then floating merrily merrily merrily merrily down the stream.

Libra of the Week: Robert de Sorbon

While it's admittedly so awesome inside of your little world, it's also very radical OUTSIDE of it, particularly when you are locked into the loving stare, tender embrace of another being, who is equally fascinating yet strikedly/ excitedly different from yourself. Try to get with that this week, scorp. Go ahead and open up your privatest doors. As soon as you do, a much needed light, love, and lusciousness can come on in and get ya.

Scorpio of the Week: Lucia Popp

It's necessary to take off ALL your current clothes before you can put on new ones, right? That only makes sense, yes? So do that then. Disrobe entirely of the old garb before you try and step into the next one. Maybe it's tougher than you thought it would be to peel off the dead skin? Well take your time, archers, keeping in mind that what lies beneath is fresher, cleaner, more glistening AND sturdi-er.

Sagittarius of the Week: Burt Baskin

Seek the nearest exit/entrance, goats. In other words, skiddaddle on to your next location. The less you hesitate in the departure, the smoother and more certain the arrival will be. When the time comes to scoot, gallop forth this week. Hop along until you are in another zone-one which is less resounding with tones from the gray dull past but replete with colors and rhythms of a new, more flavorful dawn.

Capricorn of the Week: Mona Lisa is first exhibited in the US

As the emotional roller coaster ride continues this week, just sit back, relax, enjoy and learn from the sometimes excruciating, other times ecstatic, sometimes monotone, other times explosive ups and downs. Let the waves take you where they wanna, water bearers. I predict that the less you try and control the undualtions, the richer, more educational of an experience you are likely to have.

Aquarius of the Week: Lisa Marie Presley

Be straightforward, fish. Follow through on your words, actions, and promises. It's not so much for the sake of others, but more for the sense of self accomplishment which you are guaranteed to have after being so clear and consistent. Prove to you that you can stand by your intentions and see them through to their ultimate realization. It's more representative of what's actually true, anyhow.

Pisces of the Week: LeToya Tuckett