Week of February 18, 2012

Learning true partnership is an artform like any other, requiring practice. The trick, dear rams, is not in the sleight of hand but in the dedication. Devote your valuable time and give your most precious energy and only then will "magic" occur. Be disciplined as opposed to making demands, rely on dogma rather than drama, and access will thus be more easily gained.

Aries of the Week: the Suez canal is cleared and open for shipping

May you laugh in the face of doubt, in order to maintain your most sacred place in the universe. May you openly defy any person, place, thing who seeks to rain on your parade in the style of a rebellious but carefree teen. May you be as relaxed as a wise old grandparent who has no need to prove your story. Let the tale tell itself, bulls, while you just hold hands and smile back, thrilled at the prospect of learning even more than what you already know.

Taurus of the Week: Victoria Woodhull becomes the first woman nominated for President

According to my crystal vision, you are at a psychic threshold, twins. So for godess sake, please let yourself off the proverbial hook. Speak your truths, and refuse to give a damn whether anyone hears ya, believes ya, or understands ya. Your eyes, ears, and throat need you to acknowledge what you see, hear, and are moved to speak. Doing that will most definitely "save" you and (as an added bonus)at least one million others will stand to gain from your super keen awareness.

Gemini of the Week: Queen Elizabeth I reopens the Globe theater in London

If there were ever a portrait of pure and perfect enlightenment, that's you right now crabs. So take a moment to experience a more inspiring, uplifting, state of mind, roll around in the open spaces it creates, drink of its rejuvenating nourishment, turn towards the horizon it illuminates- the limitless expanse of which is now immediately in your view-and finally rest your bones upon what solid, stable ground you worked so hard to get to.

Cancer of the Week: first banknote in Europe issued by Swedish bank

It'd be in your best interest, short term and long, to align your will completely with the intentions of the most powerful powers. That's the way to take extra precautions that you attain certain goals, big and small. Specifically, attempt to join your fire to the prim and prudence of the intellect. It's necessary to not only shake hands with but put your whole faith into the ice cool waters of wisdom. That's the ONLY way to overcome certain mountainous obstacles.

Leo of the Week: Suzi Gardner

The truth is: I've just been buttering you up for the last few weeks, suggesting you take it easy, be extra nice to yourself, etc. The universe has been courting you, Virg, wooing you so that it's easier to take the credit that is due to you, accept the throne which is being relinquished to you, and are not so surprised at the props that are being given. If you've been as good to yourself as the universe has been advising then the transition from pauper to prince/princess will be much smoother.

Virgo of the Week: Takao Doi

HOW important is wealth and comfort, scales, as weighed against the freedom of pursuing your own ideas? When you are most centered, the answer should not be so hard to come by. This week put the question on the table, noticing what emotions it brings to the surface. Let both thought and instinct provide a response, striking an appropriate and satisfying balance between your dreams and your practical needs.

Libra of the Week: Brian O'Nolan

The month ahead will be an invaluable one for scorpio, as we enter the season of the sea, i.e. the esoteric and transcendental. Those of your tribe will remember your power, re-explore the vastness of the heart's terrain, and thereby recover what answers are embedded within you. Nothing could be more personally exciting for a sailor like yourself. Deep insight and electric current will be equally present and available to you as a special gift from your beloved fish.

Scorpio of the Week: Gettysbyrg Address

The degree to which you are able to connect to the strength and fuel that lies within you will determine the energy and resources that are returned to you from the outside, archers. So consider it not a wate of time to gather your wits, courage, skill and charisma. The best way to harvest what you wish to make happen in the world is by first fully recognizing and understanding the intimate self.

Sagittarius of the Week: Mighty Mouse Playhouse

You have everything you need to perform alchemy, cap, turning base metals into valuable goods. Be not overwhelmed by the size of the project. More weight will yield more profit too. Spend the week reducing the pile though, organizing things into categories. Deciding what will go where is more than half the labor required to transform energy, and cultivate fields of wealth. Distribute the goods and then gather your own spoils with which to concoct an enchanting yet utilitarian life-form.

Capricorn of the Week: Dabney Coleman

As a very special thank you for all that you are and do, water bearer, the universe is poised in your honor. So set aside your power tools, and put yourself in a position to receive things such as a lengthy embrace, joyful appreciation, AND a direct signal that your ideas have been fully translated and understood. The seeds which you are daily planting have begun to ripen in the world. Take time to smell and marvel at your healthy flowers.

Aquarius of the Week: Louisa Lawson

Shape shifting is a normal part of ancient mysticism and tribal survival. It's a way to visit and gain access to other worlds as well as to avoid enemies. As the zodiac's most natural cyber-swimmer, I urge you to slide into the space of romance and mythical-ness, taking on the form of creatures such as the sacred unicorn not just to escape the boringness of everyday events, but also to recall, be inspired by, and re-instate the powers of fantasy.

Pisces of the Week: Zico