Week of February 10, 2012

It will be more necessary than usual to steer clear of the confusion, heresay, and popular opinion. While those conjectures may seem convincing enough, it's actually just a severe case of monkey see monkey do, with no clear origin or valid point. Jump not on the packed/high speed bandwagon, rams. Take your own car, bike, or roller skates. Ot just walk the whole way, checkin out the scenery, and inhaling the limitless air supply.

Aries of the Week: Francis Perkins

If given the chance between taking revenge and taking a skinny dip, choose the latter. You're not the bull you once were. You no longer charge at the first sign of red. You're even wiser than before. This week you'll have an opportunity to show off your new skin. So just remember who you are NOW and when the time comes, reveal your sly new moves.

Taurus of the Week: Dylan Lauren

If you don't want to BE the president of certain enterprises, then give up the game twins. Choose a succcessor, electing the candidate you feel is most capable of handling what responsibility you have no interest in taking. Hand over the metaphorical reins this week Gemini. It's not an admission of weakness so much as an attempt to be practical, feel less isolated and more supported.

Gemini of the Week: Freddie Stone

You'll have to put the pieces together crabs. There are certain areas where less seriousness is required and then there are those topics which are in need of more specific attention. The question is, which is which,....Make the distinction this week by setting aside the time and reserving the focus that will allow you to clarify. Once you file things into their proper categories, you can then commence to building your upwards growing kingdom.

Cancer of the Week: Lana Del Rey

Consider the notion of "profit" lions. Deeply re-assess the meaning of capital. Expand your awareness of "currency". With what, exactly can a thing be bought, sold, exchanged, or hired out? Be unconventional in your thinking, so as to discover a new (and more efficient) method and system of bartering, purchasing, and owning.

Leo of the Week: Serena Wilson

Pour some extra soap into the bubble bath, virg. Take a load off of those servant shoulders. Relaxxxxxx this week, making it the start of a new habit of tender self care, which veers away from taking on stress or added pressure. Initiate an alternative approach which releases the strain of your daily burdens, by just totally spacing out.

Virgo of the Week: Ben Gazarra

Emotions are pervasive, scales. As much as you try to resist or divert them, they will inevitably prevail. SOOOOOO you might as well just give in and bear down. Whats been churning inside of you is set to boil over and out. Simply place yourself in a position receptive enough for that to occur, and the process will be one of gracious transmutation of mind/body/soul.

Libra of the Week: Margot Kidder

You're being given extra time to go back and fix mistakes this week scorp, to revise your thinking and re-negotiate certain long standing contracts. Such an opportunity could not have come at a better time, in my opinion. Those complete revelations are crucial to deciding your most powerful moves, the ones that will faciliate an evolution that is vital to your health and will to live.

Scorpio of the Week: L Sprague de Camp

Get fortified, centaurs. Spend the week gathering your footing. You'll need to be standing on solid ground to carry out your entire agenda. I can't predict what exact measures you should take to re-claim your territory, but by staying in the flow of things, you should be able to intuit the timing and preciseness of right movements.

Sagittarius of the Week: Aztec Calendar Stone

You shall stumble upon the equivalent of teeming fishing grounds this week, goats. Whenever you happen upon such a providential resource, bless the area. Offer your protection in return for that abundance. Begin to cooperate by making a generous gesture. Give gold to get it, cap. Make your best offer.

Capricorn of the Week: Seth Meyer

There IS no ending, water bearer. It has yet to be written. That's where you come in. How do you forsee a resolution, conclusion, cliffhanger...etc. Does the plot thicken, spiral out, come to a head, abruptly close, peacefully resolve itself. Weave the tale for your ever present audience. Let your imagination be the light that guides us forth.

Aquarius of the Week: August Coppola

There was a brief time a few months ago where every thought I had rhymed. At first I guessed It was just a fluke, but the pattern continued, and the poetry flowed out in cute and clever couplets. Even if no one else appreciated the lyricism, it was a nice break from everyday analysis, fish. As we approach your season of birth, settle into a similar groove, which is less about making sense and more about enhancing it.

Pisces of the Week: James Merrill