Week of February 2, 2012

Chances are if you can manage to value the good as well as the bad this week, keeping in mind both the power of divinity as well as the folly of human-nes, then you can more likely benefit from your originality but stay relaxed while you initiate. Poise will be easier to maintain and also more fun to attempt with such breathing room. Keeping perspective that wide will prevent any further "delays".

Aries of the Week: Arturo Toscanini

Face the heat, bulls. Let it's warmth break down the walls that stand between you and the bliss of togetherness. Allow the flames to rescue you from isolation. Melt into the blaze. Burn away the blues, and the rest of you too. It's necessary to first be reduced to ashes before you can be REBORN.

Taurus of the Week: Shawn Drover

Imagine you're the star of your own reality TV show, twins. Now that you've got the audience's full attention, what do you wish to say to them, show off, demonstrate, etc....Take the chance to entertain as well as educate, inspire and of course set the record straight.

Gemini of the Week: Bill Hader

Stock up on extra garlic this week, crabs, or whatever it is you typically use to ward off vampires. Because your juices are so super deilcious right now, beggars shall appear in higher than average numbers, entreating you for your personal and precious time and energy. At least remember that the choice is yours, to give of yourself to those people, places and projects YOU consider most worthy.

Cancer of the Week: Ringo Starr

Embrace the emotions you are having. Let the feelings move through you, capsizing your agenda, working WITH and not AGAINST those tides. Accept the power of those untamed forces which are upon and within you for what they are so that instead of taking you under, you can align yourself with their potent-cy.

Leo of the Week: Daniel Radcliffe

Just when you thought you'd had it all figured this week, plans will shift and shift again. Thats partly because Mars is in a retrograde and it's also becasue the universe seeks to keep you virgos particularly on your toes. The best stance to take, as the drama of certain scenes unfolds and expands beyond climax is one of BOTH friendliness and awareness, remaining amiable yet conscious of whats going down.

Virgo of the Week: HP Lovecraft

If some random thunder and lightning should strike upon you and bust up your world, then just be sure it's only to get you moving, scales. Because there are certain motions which the galaxy feels can be postponed no further, just in case you need the extra electricity, it's being sent your way. On the other hand, if you can shake a tailfeather ASAP, such extreme efforts to awaken you shall no longer be necessary...

Libra of the Week: Mike Singletary

Few people know the secret of the scorpion is that it never stops DOING. In its own fluid way, this is a sign of ceaseless motion. This week, however, you dudes will be lovingly stopped dead in your tracks. I advise you to give in to the sentence, laying still for longer than usual, trying a lot less to meet your goals, and being lazier than what is typical of you. If you can hang back like so, there are MANY psychic, emotional, artistic, and bodily benefits.

Scorpio of the Week: new constitution of Greece

The less blame you attempt to place on yourself or anyone else, the greater the possibilities. Let your mind be a source of inspiration as opposed to examiniation, archers. Even if you, he, she is "guilty" that won't change anything really. So be cool, and have the courage to come up with and then make an effort to execute what new ideas are overly abundant once you quit playing who-dun-it.

Sagittarius of the Week: Katie Holmes

If you're feeling cut off from love and/or good times, make a compromise, goats. Things can easily change once you are willing to meet em halfway. Communicate, at least, a sincere interest in considering the other side of things. You don't have to sacrifice your entire way of being. It's just a small concession in the grander scheme of things, perhaps at first more symbolic than literal, which has the power to bridge the metaphorical gap.

Capricorn of the Week: Lincoln's Inn, London admits the first female bar student

Certain fruit can only bear once you surrender a certain amount of control, water bearer. I know it's not easy for a cookie as smart as you to trust the notion of letting go of your own mental hold on things. But it's the only way you can receive a different but valuable and nourishing point of view, gain some appreciation, and drink up what extra TLC is specifically meant for you alone.

Aquarius of the Week: Mantra Rock Dance, San Francisco

To step beyond the limitations of the mundane world of projections, and elevate your consciousness towards the spiritual state, keep letting go fish. Don't fight the small battles. Watch the parade of strife march on by, while you ponder the shapes of clouds, tuning in to the sights and sounds of the ether until the dream becomes loud enough to drown out the illusion of earthly struggles.

Pisces of the Week: Method Man