Week of January 25, 2012

Go ahead and trade those obligatory chains in for a purer (though not necessarily less laborious) existence. A total reversal of fortune is both possible and likely once you surrender the smaller comforts for the greater expedition. Sacrifice the material so that you can begin your spiritual journey rams. Even if what you are being offered is more predictable and therefore stable, it's also stifling and contrary to your evolution.

Aries of the Week: ACLU announces it will defend Allen Ginsberg's HOWL against Obscenity charges

You've got a LOT of power right now, bulls. And you've rightfully earned it too, by way of mostly consistently communicating with mind/body/spirit, your deepest wishes. So now just take the advice of philosopher Alduous Huxley, who suggests that once those energies of the universe are set in motion to formulate your plans, it's best not to worry about the "future" so as not to "lower the effectiveness" of those forces". I agree with the notion one hundered percent, and believe that if you just lean back and accept the greatness at hand, the entire world shall open before you, like a flower unfolds to its mistress gardener.

Taurus of the Week: New Orleans

According to the stars, you are about to be pleasantly surprised and enraptured, twins. Because it's been sooooo long since someone/thing grabbed your attention in such a genuine, dramatic, and uplifting way, I just wanted to give you the heads up, and tell you that NO this is not a prank. If that does happen this week, it's really really real and you should open up all the way so you can totally experience the effects of being so deeply and thrillingly engaged, without concern for what it could possibly mean.

Gemini of the Week: Disneyland Monorail System is first in Western hemisphere

According to lore, when negotiating even the smallest deal, Italians must always look at each other's faces, so that they can read the eyes of their opponents, to be cued on either his stubborness or timidity before deciding whether to increase demands or stand back and accept the condition of the other. You will have to do the same this week, crabs, when handling your business. Rely on your observations and your gut. Let evidence as well as your senses determine the best move, i.e. what strategy is most likely to land you an opportunity.

Cancer of the Week: Netscape

The Queen of Swords is a figure from the tarot. Unlike many of her royal counterparts, she does not face us directly but gazes out and over us, revealing only her profile. She is poised with a hand outstretched, looking beyond, modeling the endlessness of her perception. She does not carry anything with her, therefore she is capable of residing in the clouds, where there is plenty of space to breathe, and ample opportunity to see clearly. She is removed from and thus free of the restraints of physical attachments. She is totally ethereal-istic in the way thst she sees through all illusion, and chooses liberty above all. I think she's the perfect comrade for you right now, lions, the ice that has enough strengfth to over-rule your raging fire, the unemotional verdict that could smoothen youir personal waters.

Leo of the Week: Michael Bivins

This is an excellent time to make the distinction between worthless education and incalculable forms of learning. Whereas one method and content simply clogs the brain and thickens the haze of confusion, another type of schooling can BLOW your mind in a good way, releasing false beliefs and exterminating negative thought patterns. Let the light of true illumination shine all the way in to your noggin, virg. Speak less of that same old tired jargon and more of the funky fresh new lingo that's just now starting to rolllllll off your tongue.

Virgo of the Week: first ascent of Piz bermina, highest summit of eastern alps

Go with it, scales. Follow your inclinations through the roads, even if they aren't necessarily paved with gold at the moment. Some of the trails you are blazing yourself. They have never been traveled before, in fact, so it's up to you to form a path. No one said you had to stick to tradition, either. So take full artistic liberty, by all means. Folllow your bliss. Pursue your inclinations, inspirations, and inventions fiercely.

Libra of the Week: Dominic Aitchison

Your supreme sensitivity combined with your extra cool demeanor mixed along with the high altitude of your personal intelligence and awareness is probably the reason why you're such an amazing caretaker, shaman, doctor, and defender of the people and their wellbeing. Your methods are neither chastising nor barbaric, and so stand in direct contrast to the rest of society's rules. Regardless, you have the antidote, or several- in fact-a treasure house of personal medicines that can cure what ails you, honey.......yaaaaaaaaaa.

Scorpio of the Week: Peter Green

There's a certain type of "truth" that is priceless archer. Drink of that wisdom and also let it pour forth from you without abandon. Like the dragon whose year we have just now entered, you have the potential to breathe fire as well, a potent display of all the illumination that's been forming inside of you for a while. Imagine yourself to be a similar type of mystical creature, batting your otherworldy eyelashes at any chance you get, milking the moments for all they are worth....

Sagittarius of the Week: Jane Cowl

Look deeply enough that it becomes easier to bridge the gap between reality itself and what only APPEARS to be true, goats. Now that we are in the midst of the season of truth revealed, it will be easier than usual to decipher, determine, distinguish, discern, and, if necessary dis-engage. Take full advantage of the cold winds, cap. Let them rip away the safety blanket, throw back the curtain, unveil the naked blaring light.

Capricorn of the Week: Irish Free State

What do you see, water bearers? According to my crystal ball, you're about to observe some unusual and exciting phenonmenon. So feast thine eyes, taking in the richness of sights and sounds. Imbibe those the way others take in food and water. Let the new vision replenish your senses, the unique flavors nourish your aching palate.

Aquarius of the Week: Placido Domingo

Robert Sardello, an american psychotherapist claims that "By soul wisdom I mean the development of a capacity for self knowledge in conjunction with an objective sense of the inner qualities of the outer world." In other words, fish, a solid sense of your own environment and your own place within it, complete with an awareness of how the atmosphere corresponds to, enhances, and/or challenges your pure being. To attempt such a task is to increase the chances of peace, love, harmony, and transcendence.

Pisces of the Week: Arthur Murray