Week of January 17, 2011

Take the lead of Joseph, a popular figure from the old testament, rams. As the story goes, even after he is sold into slavery, he returns to his family and forgives them their terrible sins. I'm not so concerned with you being the nicer person, but I think that's a totally cool response to the situation, as it allows Joe to get on with his life, wasting no more of his precious time on such fools, and letting him focus on his own present, which is glorious and rewarding. By letting it go, he can actually be totally free of their graceless influence and be fully able to enjoy his own distinct karma.

Aries of the Week: Annie Lennox's "DIVA"

Inhale the light, ASAP, bulls. Let it do what it's meant to, which is overwhelm and overpower the darkness. Let it reveal good fortune, illuminate the rainbow of being, triumph over moods, emit hope, rise above the clouds, inspire you towards the freedom which is promised. Let it clarify your perceptions, penetrate past your doubts, fears, and illusions, liberate your existence, radiate JOY.

Taurus of the Week: The Great Comet of 1861

Witches suggest that all those about to venture on a journey should take "magical precautions", specifically advising the preparation of a small bag of dragon's blood powder, frankincense, rosemary and vervain to take along. Then, once you are in the vehicle of travel, you should close your eyes and visualize a huge gleaming sword in your hands, mentally circling the vehicle three times clockwise with the sword, By the third pass, a wall of blue flame will be visible. After that, mentally stand the sword at the front of the vehicle and leave it there. That's just one way to protect yourself, twins, as you bravely leave your zone, No matter what the protocol, I'd recommend any ritual which re-affirms and also shields your personal power.

Gemini of the Week: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Be in touch with rhythms, interior and exterior, crabs. I advise you to abide by those without wavering and exercise patience in executing your plans as well as poetry. Let color reveal itself to you in time, at its own pace. In the interim, roll along without worry. If you stick to the natural course, the tones will be more authentic anyway, the path will be less rough and tough, and in the end your cooperation will provide EXACTLY what you asked for.

Cancer of the Week: Law Of Return grants jews right to return to Israel

To native americans, dogs were among the most noble of all animals in the kingdom. They were protectors of the tribe, warning them of approaching danger, embodying both the lovingness of a best friend, as well as the wildness of a territorial canine. Use this medicine to be the guard and ally of your own life, cats. Be compassionate and also fierce in regards to the people, places and things you care for most. Re-introduce the concept and re-institute the power of loyalty, with specific aim.

Leo of the Week: first ever Youth olympic games

To the Buddhists, the discovery made in Quantuum physics that nature is discontinuous would not be surprising. They had reached the same conclusion in regards to the mind, and by the same process. Just as those scientists examined the universe only to find out that it only dissolves into fields which are impossible to pin down, grasp, or define, the ancient masters of meditation experienced the same to be true when examining the mind, and its processes. Those ever shifting fields of awareness apparently never stopped moving at all, even at the level of "concrete" reality. Keep it in mind, Virgo, as you try to nail down ideas and come to conclusions. Let this evidence be a reminder of why it's important to remain fluid, and how true knowledge is also dependent on constantly surrendering to the force of the flow.

Virgo of the Week: Roy Ayers

If you were doing a scavenger hunt, I'd say you still have one small, but important item to attain. If you were looking for a buried treasure, I'd tell you that the fortune was ALMOST complete, but that one crucial thing was necessary to recover your full power and retrieve total awareness. So keep searching, continue the hunt, looking especially in the places most exotic/ least expected, using your recentest accomplishments as fuel for the last leg of this life changing expedition.

Libra of the Week: Las Cruces, New Mexico

The sixth principle of hermetic philosophy asserts that Law pervades the universe and nothing happens by chance. Something which occurs outside of this order is feared to plunge the cosmos into chaos. Your mere existence outright and immediately disproves the notion, scorp. As the resident outlaw of the zodiac, the sign which fears not the magic of transformation and is more certain than anyone of how and when to take the risks that could change the dynamic permanently, I urge you to seize your power to change the game, and throw us a surprising curve ball.

Scorpio of the Week: Emma Stone

Get carried away if you feel like it archers. No direction is specified. Be overcome by either glee, fury, excitement, sorrow, wisdom, etc etc etc. According to myth, January is the wolf moon, so howl along. Wolf medicine is the teacher in ancient folklore, and you too have only to learn from your own ongoing soliloquies. If you must, build some extra time into your schedule, where your emotional rampages can go uninterrupted enough to fully transform before your blooming eyes.

Sagittaurius of the Week: Gianni Versace

Kerista is the name of a utopia on the West coast, based solely on LOVE. Follow their hippy-ish lead and have a party, goats. Invite all your favorite people. Spread hugs, kisses, thoughts and notions like wildfire. Re-kindle one another by the light which you collectively create. Any time or day will do. The schedule is not as crucial as the agenda, which is to form alliance, exchange ideas, and create a new wave world of progressive togetherness.

Capricorn of the Week: Royal Aeronautical Society

In the fiteenth teaching of the Bhagavad Gita, on the "True Spirit of Man", Krishna claims- "Roots in the air, branches below, the tree of life is unchanging, they say, its leaves are hymns, and he who knows it knows sacred lore." That's reason enough to make contact with the forces of nature. If I know you like I think I do, water bearer, you'll do whatever it takes to expand your vocabulary and enahnce your knowledge. Just remember there are soooooo many details to a living organism, each distinct yet entirely dependent on the other forms for existence. So examine the ecosystem in its parts and then as a whole.

Aquarius of the Week: Miranda July

To make a winter warmer, find a school of fish, pisces. You need not return to the same gaggle necessarily, but stick together with the new crew, join forces, nourish and empower one another. Chances are HIGH there is a perfect "family" out there for you, just jumping at the chance to get to know and love you. Be receptive to the idea, at least.

Pisces of the Week: Rashida Jones