Week of January 9, 2012

Take advantage of the extra emotional charge with a full moon in cancer this week, rams. Let poetry drip all the way out of you, thick like honey, fluid like rain. This exercise may set you to spinning, but that's a part of the ride you need to take right now. As you give way to your own raw sentiments, vision explodes into an array of clear sight and effervescent sound.

Aries of the Week: Julia Alvarez

Remind yourself of who you are working so hard for, and why. Re-connect to the source of your motivation this week bulls. Recall the reason for your solidest convictions. I predict that as you return to the origins of your project, you will gain new fuel to live by, expanding your electrical prowess, increasing your muscular stamina, while maintaining the chemistry between you and your environment.

Taurus of the Week: Thomas Pynchon

In new age theory, the element of air is the oxygenating force, which intellectualizes, expands, lyricizes, and communicates. From this state we emerge and to it we eventually return. Re-familarize yourself with yourself this week twins. I suspect that if you're waiting for or wishing upon miracles, any high dose of the properties mentioned above will most likely blow the doors of possibility right wide open.

Gemini of the Week: Gail Godwin

Typically, you're not one for semantics. But in this case, they could save your life. As you surf the wild seas of human nature, the tides will swell to dramtatic proportions this week. You will find refuge in posture, perfunctoriness, and postulating, crabs. All you're actuallly being advised to do is add focus to your soulful intutions. You'll still have an ultimate experience while remaining totally safe and sound.

Cancer of the Week: Nathaniel Hawthorne

I offer to you lions the same advice I'd give to our current president, who's also a Large cat possibly in need of added perspective. Take care of the ones that take care of you. Replenish the source of your provision. Create alliances by first acknowledging and then looking out for, lending a hand to, honoring, and graciously extending thyself to those MOST worthy of your deepest respect.

Leo of the Week: Sue Monk Kidd

Use your clean slate wisely, virg. DON"T re-sign the contract you just struggled so hard to be free of. DON"T enter back into the chains of oppression you just broke from. DON"T retain loyalty to the old way of thinking, being, and acting. TURN towards the open horizon, the potential of which is limitless. Embrace its uninhibited yet calm vibe.

Virgo of the Week: Richard Wright

The good news is you are ready to introduce your style-y style. The not good but not bad either news is that you'll have to replace the figurehead which is hogging your place by the force of your own will, determination, and desire. To have full access to the ship, you'll have to take it over, in the manner of a punky pirate. I figure better now than later, scales, especially because you're so ripe for the cause, rearing to go.

Libra of the Week: William Faulkner

This is just a friendly reminder, scorp, which lets you know that you aren't required to engage or feed any sources which you feel are no longer worthy of your time and energy. According to Buddhist tradition, true marriage is not formed out of fear, but is based on the relatedness of love. So keep it simple, scorp. Like what you do, and ditch what you don't. If you aren't feeling it, breeze on by baby-cake.

Scorpio of the Week: Albert Camus

The season of Capricorn is an ideal time to map out plans, archers. Their innate fortitude combined with their eerily accurate calculations combined with your own bright ideas and willful approach is a recipe for evolution. So take advantage of the power within you as well as that which is in the air from now until further notice.

Sagittarius of the Week: Madeline L'Engle

Make "random" and "arbitrary" moves this week, goats. You've done your homework. So you can trust that as you go, your intentions are being carried out. You don't have to concentrate so much capricorn. Trust your slides and shakes, and that whether or not you state it outright, your agenda is made clear.

Capricorn of the Week: Rudyard Kiping

The sooner you realize you are not an island unto yourself. the smili-er you will be. To convince yourself that it's totally true, may you actively seek the company of others, willingly participate in a back and forth exchange of ideas, and openly seek the support of friends, family and community. You'll soon discover the worth of this process as certain long standing dreams begin to manifest within a circle of helpful hands.

Aquarius of the Week: Michael Morris

The Indians of northeast america tell a legend of a woman who fell from the sky and gave birth to twins. The indians of the southwest tell a similar story of twins born to a virgin mother. The point is, pisces, throughout history there is the concept of poles, opposites, good v evil and light v dark. However, you double fish know better than to classify and stratify. It all comes from the same wild sea, and no side is more predictable than the other. The best you can do is stay in the moment, which reduces shock, and trust the natural course of things.

Pisces of the Week: Chuck Palanhiuk