Week of December 29, 2011

Skip the "disclaimer" rams. Speak directly from your heart, letting feelings bubble over and out. Allow sincerity to tumble through the new year, sentimentally uninhibited. Make no excuses. Don't even mention 'em. Leave the emotional safety net at home this week. Flip into a forward projection of inner truths.

Aries of the Week: Gabriela Mistral

This is one of those weeks where you won't have as much control as you're used to. But this will only seem like a drag if you resist the momentum. As the force of the tides tosses you into its tumult, keep in mind that there is no price too great to pay when it comes to L.O.V.E.. Even being the boss is not as awesome as receiving such sweet rewards. No structure is more vital than the glory of that boundlessness.

Taurus of the Week: Olufar Ragnar Grimson

The omens predict that you twins will enter back into your own bodies this coming Winter. To prepare, you won't need to do any packing. In fact, lighten your luggage. Reduce the baggage as much as POSS. That way the full purity of your newfound soul and the total beauty of your resurrected spirit can be more easily glimpsed, grasped, understood, and experienced.

Gemini of the Week: Checker TAXI

The new year will be all about ridding yourself of excess weights, habits, addictions, negative thought patterns, etc etc. There is new life to breathe in crabs. The more you exhale, the deeper you'll be able to inhale. The more you let go, the easier it becomes to imbibe what freshness surrounds.

Cancer of the Week: Mindy Kaling

You will find and also FEEL the answers to questions you may not have even realized you had, cats. Let the news you receive be a victory, whether or not you expected to hear that. Watch illusions shatter. You'll be glad you did. That which lies beyond is a greater truth with no strings attached. Once you make contact, fear will vanish and fun will hold court.

Leo of the Week: Santa Claus Land, the world's first themed Amusement park

You're due for a metaphorical divorce this week, virg. To usher you into the rebirth of 2012, just go along for the ride, refusing to refuse the natural magic of the transformation at hand. Be piloted past fatigue unto a fairy tale of sorts. Relinquish the struggle to enter a blissful void.

Virgo of the Week: Fabio Taglione

Take a breather scales. If you didn't have a winter break, it's not too late. Besides, it will also give some of your ideas time to develop, allowing those seeds to ripen without any un-needed interruption from yourself. Go to the party this week and stay there. Take a hiatus from strategizing and equalizing. You might just find that with a more laissez faire attitude, such solutions arrive a lot more naturally (and swiftly)

Libra of the Week: French Women gain right to vote

This year the tides will shift into your favor, scorp. Even though it will seem like a miracle, it's actually just a result of all the time you took and energy you used to re-negotiate the terms. Remember not only the weight of that load but also what it specifically required of you. Let those moves be the blueprint for any future attempts to maintain more conscious control over your life.

Scorpio of the Week: Maxine Hong Kingston

Give form to your thoughts, sag. Add definition to your rays of understanding. Now is the time to build a sturdy house which is square enough to contain your creative fire but which also has plenty of space needed to grow, expand, and expound upon the already firm foundation.

Sagittarius of the Week: Petrified National Forest Park

To tame the wild beast at hand, you'll have to be as heartfelt as you are pedantic, haughty, dogmatic, even. That shouldn't be a problem for you goats, given your capacity for both even temperedness and wild displays, always portraying/ modeling a wise but determined point of view and way of behaving, dead set on reaching the "goal."

Capricorn of the Week: L Douglas Wilder becomes first African American governor in Richmond, VA

There is actually no "judge" who will decide whether your actions are right or wrong, water bearer. Your wish is your own command, in other words. So first name your desires. That should keep you busy for at least this week, if not longer. (Since it's been a while that you've allowed yourself unconditional dreaming rights)

Aquarius of the Week: Santiago, Chile

A wise friend once advised me simply not to give the reaction I was used to having during a particularly annoying situation, where I was being specifically provoked, old memories and feelings being triggered, projected and played out. I took his counsel and it has turned out better than well. Because as it turns out, I am NOT the dog that responds to Pavlov's bell. But I AM the animal that knows the tricky sound when I hear it and who can smugly but confidently ignore such obvious temptations to regress. The truth is, fish- me and you have been around this block enough times to try another route... you pickin up what Im tryin to lay down?

Pisces of the Week: Kingdom of Italy is proclaimed