Week of December 19, 2011

Like Rudoplh you also have a very shiny nose/noise. So come out of the closet this holiday season, rams. Be not shy about spreading joy, sparkle and bright. Let your topmost prioroty be the revelation of what shimmer lies beneath the surface, letting others catch a glimpse of how illuminating ( but also sturdy!) your glow.

Aries of the Week: Aurora, TX UFO incident

Even if you don't literally hit the road this week, bulls, it's more important that you grasp the metaphorical significance of an upcoming journey. Though you may not yet be freewheeling, you ultimately WILL BE, and the actual time is not that far off. SO more than anything, let the vision of this all unfold before you, without any objection from or disbeilef of.

Taurus of the Week: of the Week: Torbjorn Brundtland

Every twin has two, if not more identities. This week is one of those particular moments where you will be asked (not forced) to reconcile the differences, for the sake of authentic happiness. According to the planetary omens, you are long overdue to experience more genuine bliss. But of course in order to guarantee the gift of such sincerity, you'll first have to give it.

Gemini of the Week: Tamara Dobson

Stay cool, be calm, and maintain gratitude towards the appropriate sources, crabs. Let such chillness guide you past the obstacles, ease the hectic ness, erase tension, and protect your peace. Assume those postures with a tenacity this week. Live life on your own vibrant terms, despite any resistance.

Cancer of the Week: George Washington Carver National Monument

Living in NYC is a uniquely humbling experience. You are never the best around, as there are a million and one others who are also experts, professionals, etc. I find it relaxing though, to be submerged in a sea of folks so able bodied and mega creative. Anyway, it's not so much about winning or losing as it is about allowing oneself to be challenged to live up to and beyond full potential.

Leo of the Week: Olympic Games In athens

Virgo, this week prepare to unveil the contents of your secret lab, reveal the hidden elixir, present the potent antitode. It's been a long time coming, my friend, and it is with both your pleasure and our own that we embark upon your private seas/ enter into your saced territory. It's so good to be in your holy, happy home.

Virgo of the Week: Tokyo DisneySea

Let the words, images and sounds pour out of you scales, in an uninterrupted stream of thought. With total abandon, may your sentiments hang all the way out. The omens predict that doing so will : increase your evolution, spark the minds and hearts of all those listening, and incite bravery among the masses.

Libra of the Week: Gerard Diego

Take an extra long moment this week to honor your own self scorpio. Whether or not others take notice, you're in posession of the holy grail, so to speak, protecting it in times of despair, and feeding it to ones who are truly starving. No mission is more worthy of such total respect. May you remember your worth, precious lover, and simply expect to be acknowledged for what gifts you are ever bringing to the table.

Scorpio of the Week: source of the Nile

Your serenity will take place in direct proportion to your centeredness this week archers. So whenever you are feeling a need to quiet down, go low, surrendering your mind, body, and spirit to the earth itself. Stay in that position until you feel at one with physical life. Give in to the sensations, and try not to move around much. Stillness will foster health and prosperity.

Sagittarius of the Week: Cathy Moriarty

Step directly into that place of power, goats. Practice spending time in the spotlight, which pours forth with the light of what sacrifices you made along the way. In return, you are granted the privelege of understanding, as well as the opportunity to lay down your personal law, loving and light filled.

Capricorn of the Week: Jean Toomer

Instead of being trapped in your mind, how about sharing those unconventions with the rest of us? That takes care of two birds with one stone, water bearers. In the first place, we can be inspired by your uniqueness, and motivated to asprire towards our own individual point of views. And in the next place, you will realize that your sentiments are welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged...

Aquarius of the Week: Pete Willis

No matter where you are at in your personal birthing process, just remember fish, things are just born when they are ready to be. The most you can do, especially at the "end", is stay open enough for that to happen. Consider yourself a vessel, through which life, in all of its magnanimous-ness can pass easily through.

Pisces of the Week: Kepler's 3rd Law of Planetary Motion