Week of December 10, 2011

As the year comes to a close, aim for a blank canvas, rams. Seek to start a-new. While you shed yourself of oldness, dream of what's next, indulging fully in the fantasy of what's to come while letting go entirely of what's past. That's not to say that what experiences you've already had will not influence the ones which are yet to happen. What strengths, truths, and inspirations you gathered from those lessons will just naturally insert themselves when the time is right/ripe.

Aries of the Week: Gustave Moreau

Know who you ARE as well as who you are NOT, bulls. Admit your talents as equally as you do your weaknesses. See the angel and the devil in you, and then embrace them both. Let the notion of "virtue" fall by the wayside. Discovering your power as well as certain answers is more entirely dependent on your ability to acknolwedge and eventually appreciate the duality that will cease to be a struggle at all once it is just accepted for who it really is.

Taurus of the Week: US peace society

In honor of a full moon solar eclipse in your sign this coming December 10, I urge you Geminis to get fully into the twin mood, by nerding out on your favorite topics, taking mini trips through time and space, communicating with the cosmos at large, and tuning all the way in to the galactic radar. In the meantime, you are guaranteed to: learn a lot, see a bunch, and evolve to the next level of conscious being, just everything a dude like you is into.

Gemini of the Week: Chicago "L" system

I advise you to shake hands with your partner this week, crabs, looking them directly in the eye without flinching or flailing. Make your loving intentions overtly, abundantly and specfically CLEAR, leaving no room for interpretation. I predict that taking such measures to be understood has the potential to transform any situation from one of emotional stagnation to that of rapid growth.

Cancer of the Week: the US dollar

According to my crystal ball, the universe intends to shake up your world a bit this week, cats, which for all intensive purposes could mean: to magnify it, seal it shut, break it down, smooth it out, crack it up, etc etc. Whatever it takes to dismantle your level of comfort is one hundred percent likely to occur. Given it's strength and relentlessness, I think it's best not to fight, and just let it happen. Anyhow, once you let go of any need to maintain things in such a way, you'll discover it's not there to destroy you, but to launch you into an even greater greatness.

Leo of the Week: Harry Houdini performs his greatest feat, spending 91 minutes underwater in a sealed tank before escaping

Whereas others can remain stumped and perplexed by the mysteries of the universe, you Virgos at your best can solve most puzzles with an a-typical ease. This is one of those weeks where your ability to discern truths, ascertain solutions, decipher hieroglyphic codes and comprehend patterns will be at a record high. Take advantage of the fluidity of thine intellect and do enjoy yourself.

Virgo of the Week: Cherokee Nation West

My grandmother Birdie and namesake was a flagrant, fantastic, far out Libra. She never failed to make her point, and always in a totally unique and extra cool manner. She was a legend in the eyes of all who knew her, a gifted songstress, talented orator, sharp witted and tongued, righteous and poetic. Like the rest of you, she was more like an immortal God than an actual human, here to bestow her charm and knowledge on us, elevating average being towards levels we never even knew existed.

Libra of the Week: American Library Association

Action alone will not make the cut this week, scorp. Your fervor will only be as effective as it is married to the detail. Only once your moves are so clearly focused will they make any real progress. So take a pause before you proceed this week, to re-center, re-collect, and re-navigate. If it means hitting your target with total precision as opposed to having to continually re-negotiate your terms, then it's worth the extra reflection.

Scorpio of the Week: Mike Nichols

While some of your own personal feelings are useful pathways to greater motivation, other of those emotions are standing in your immediate way, archers. A certain amount of your flare can healthily contribute to furthering both your fun and functionality. But too much of it will work directly against your actual goals. So shave off some of the extra heat if/when things don't seem to be going your way. Instead step back and take a breather.

Sagittarius of the Week: Peter Buck

Gaze deeply at the intricacies of the design, goats. As you embark upon the building of your own magical, mystical structure, observe the blueprint of those that went before you. Learn from those examples, so as to become even more clear on what of those models you would seek to duplicate and which of these parts you would NOT intend to repeat....

Capricorn of the Week: Leadbelly

The BAD news is-the road is super long and winding. The GOOD news is-it's not really a road at all but a swirling galaxy which floats around and about. Within it, there are hidden doors, secret chambers, inner valleys, heavenly isles, and hellish caverns. It's all a part of a wild existence, water bearers. It's not to you to judge or try to preserve it, but just to take part!

Aquarius of the Week: Minoru Yamasaki

I've been trying to invent a dance that is just as intimate as a couples, but which involves three partners at once. I was hoping to get your professional opinion on the matter, fish. What would such a feat look like, conceptually, theoretically, emotionally, logistically, lingustically.... ? Given the width of your heart and smoothness of your soul, I thought you'd be the perfect person to ask...

Pisces of the Week: Erika Hess